Marianna M

An upcoming shoulder surgery was going to affect my ability to exercise and take care of myself. I wanted to prepare for the surgery and use healthy nutrition to help me heal faster and manage my weight without exercising while in recovery mode.

I have been studying about wellness and nutrition for a while, but did not know enough about healing foods that could help control inflammation.

Working with you has expanded my knowledge in many areas, not just nutrition, and has enriched my life tremendously enabling me to take better care of myself and those around me.

Getting to know you, discovering my inner self and becoming your friend.

If you are looking for a comprehensive coach that will help you explore beyond food and help open doors you never knew existed, Christine is the person for you.

This program is not about a fad or crash diet, but about taking a holistic approach and learning who/what we are and everything that affects us, and acquiring tools to help us achieve our goals and enjoy the journey.

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