Julie F

I wanted to lose weight and had gotten to a point where I wanted help doing it.

I received an email from Dr Jones office about a group class you were holding that caught my eye. It seemed like it would be different than going on a standard diet. I liked that it included working on the inside as well as the outside.

I have lost some weight. I’ve incorporated a lot of your healthy recipes into my daily life. The routines including mindfulness and healthy eating have helped me to be calmer and more grounded.

I have found that the self love and care is actually more important to me than trying to diet, which I never would have guessed before i started. You are very compassionate and friendly , and I’ve found its been helpful to get to the root causes of why I’m not happy with my weight and myself.

I would tell them that you are inspiring to work with, that you have many ways to help with stress, diet, life in general and that it really is important to work on the whole body and not just weight loss.

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