Dianne P

I came to Christine feeling out of control, tired, overweight, post menopause, etc.. My son was graduating high school and I wanted to look and feel better

I tried every diet in the book over the years and nothing was working anymore. I had started eating healthy, reading labels, and basically not eating much out of a box. But I still felt not myself and my doctor recommended I meet Christine. I liked that she has a natural approach to healing.

I’m much more educated of how my body works and how food can either heal or destroy me. I eat Organic whenever I can, read every label before I purchase something, and I work on being mindful and present. It wasn’t a quick fix but I can say that the migraines that I suffered with most of my life have diminished. If I do get one, it is manageable with over the counter medication and I can usually pin point something that went wrong prior. Most now are just a “bad headache” and if you are a migraine sufferer, you know it’s nothing like a bad headache! I’ve also become a better cook and my family has benefited from my new healthier cooking skills. Cooking healthy can be delish!

I call Christine my guru, my life coach. Meeting with her is more like a therapy session and digging into much more than “what” I eat but the “why” I make some of the choices. Food is not always the culprit, but knowing what’s going on inside my mind is most important in finding my “why”.

She is the most knowledgeable person I’ve met in teaching nutrition and life coaching. Her book and her recipes are amazing.  Although I don’t get to see Christine too often now, she is always with me.. Through the years of knowing her, whenever I see her, it’s like seeing a close friend who knows me so well!

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