Your Body Is Speaking, But Are You Listening?

Your unwanted health issues are your body’s way of communicating with you and asking for your attention:

Your body speaks in the language of feelings and sensations.

It’s messages always usually start out as soft whispers, nudges and inconvenient symptoms like:

Chronic fatigue
Acid Reflux
Sugar Cravings
Back Pain
Weight gain
Frequent colds
Low Mood
Poor Concentration
Memory Challenges
Emotional Reactivity
Feelings of Anxiousness

If we ignore them, override them, or cover them up with medication or quick fixes, the body gets aggravated and begins to yell; symptoms intensify and can pave the way for more serious conditions.

The process of listening to your body is innate but it requires a commitment to self awareness and an appreciation for the intelligent design of our body, mind and emotions.

A body in balance feels good to live in! As you begin to go out of balance, there’s pain, contraction, heaviness.

Listening to your body wisdom is genuine preventative medicine because the feedback your body gives you can’t be replicated by a lab report, textbook or your doctor.

What if you started to view all the sensations you experience throughout your day, pleasant and unpleasant, as not just random, but rather purposeful feedback on what’s working and what’s not.

Every other creature on the planet does this but unfortunately somewhere along the line we were taught that we can’t really trust our bodies and that the “expert” is out there somewhere.

Not to say that there aren’t external sources and information that are valuable but connecting to our internal wisdom is fundamental.

We can learn a lot from ancient healers and sages that viewed health to be a dynamic journey in self understanding.

For more on this listen to this week’s podcast: “You Are Not Your Diagnosis” With Lyn Del Mastro-Thomson, MA, CBP.

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