Your Body As Your Partner In Health

When it comes to food and weight struggles, living disconnected from our bodies is almost always the case – after all being in our bodies can feel uncomfortable, perhaps even painful or scary – this makes caring for our bodies feel even more like a burden.

So much of diet culture perpetuates this disconnection – it has you living in your head / counting calories / itemizing / measuring your food / logging your food / being a slave to the scale – conditioning you to default to all these externally focused ways to gauge your progress, have a sense of control and tell you how to feel about yourself.

Over time, feeling inferior because of our weight or body shape creates a desperate need for external validation that leads to: people pleasing behaviors; not speaking our truth, self neglecting behaviors like overworking, overachieving, inability to feel satisfied with our accomplishments, …all these ways of being move us further away from what we truly want which is to feel whole, comfortable in our skin and ultimately that we belong.

In my own personal experience, I can tell you that the moment I committed to the process of healing my relationship with my body – it unlocked me from a cage I didn’t even know that I was in – it freed up so much energy – unlocked a genuine desire to care for my whole self more effectively and sustainably.

I’ve made it my mission in life to guide people to embrace their body as a divine portal to healing, growth and transformation.

How do you cultivate seeing your body as your partner?

EMBODIMENT – – Practices that are focused on re-establishing our connection with our bodies – heightening the feelings and sensations of BEING IN your body – strategies that slowly re-establish Self Trust by connecting head and heart.

Here are my Top 5 Embodiment Strategies:

1) Movement (Dance, Yoga, Walks In Nature)
2) Conscious Relaxation (Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork)
3) Mindfulness (Present Moment Awareness)
4) Positive Self Talk (Affirmations. Self Compassion)
5) Touch (Self Massage, Bodywork)

Want to learn more? Listen to this week’s episode of my podcast: “Why Embodiment Is Key To A Healthier and Happier Life – With Julia Paulette Hollenbery”

Want to experience more? Join me for one of my weekly Saturday morning Kundalini Yoga and Meditation classes.

**Watch this Video: “What Is Kundalini Yoga”

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