You Are An Energy Being

Modern science proves that despite this seemingly physical body you walk around in, you and everything in this material universe is actually comprised of 99.99999999999% energy. Everything from your cells, tissues, organs, hormones, thoughts, emotions and beliefs is composed of dynamic integrated segments of vibration.

Moreover, the latest scientific discoveries point to a fundamental energy stream that works throughout the entire Universe connecting everything to everything else.

Every culture has its own name for this: Prana, Qi, Universal Intelligence, Source, etc..

and as long as you are alive, your body is linked to this source of intelligent Life Force energy.

Embodying this knowledge changes everything when it comes to navigating health, healing, happiness – frankly your entire existence.

It is the basis for ancient healing systems like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Qigong as well as the various applications of energy medicine. It is also the basis for more modern areas of study including epigenetics and psychoneuroimmunology.

Whatever context resonates with you: spirituality, psychology, mental health or metaphysics, I’ve come to appreciate more and more that the process of creating optimal health is a practice in energy mastery, which at the core boils down to cultivating deeper levels of self awareness.

This approach requires that we tune in to ourselves with great subtlety and sensitivity.

Healthy energy flows; when you are able to sense it, you feel at ease, radiant and clear.

Unhealthy energy on the other hand is stagnant and heavy. You feel blocked, out of balance.

Mastering your energy requires a 180 degree turn bringing your attention within. You need to care about your words, thoughts, emotions and sensations equally as much as you care about the foods you eat.

Consider that you have a physical self, but more significantly you have a higher self, you might call it your soul or your higher consciousness; that functions on a deeper level, on a higher energy vibration.

This infinite part of your being already knows what you need to feel at peace, joyful and free. We have access to this power always. It comes down to alignment or misalignment.

You bring the potent energy of your beliefs, moods and expectations into every situation you encounter. In this vibrational universe, these become the building blocks for creating your experiences.

Caring for our nervous system is the key to raising our consciousness and working on this higher vibrational level.

This means having tools to manage chronic stress, reduce emotional reactivity and engage in compassionate self exploration.

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