Why You Should Care About Your Third Eye

When it comes to our health and well being, learning how to harness the power of our minds is fundamental. Because the mind can heal.

An empowering path to understanding this fact is learning about our 6th Chakra aka The Third Eye.

Located at the brow point, where the root of your nose meets your skull bone, the Third Eye is the single most important link between the mind and body because it encompasses the brain and governs the pituitary gland, the master gland of the endocrine system.

It’s the unique confluence point of the physical, psychological and spiritual processes that make up our experience of life.

On a purely physical level, imbalance in the pituitary can result in a wide range of metabolic issues : thyroid dysregulation, insomnia, impaired libido, headaches, anxiety, depression.

Dysfunction in 6th chakra can also result in memory issues, and other cognitive or brain disorders including Alzheimer’s.

On a psycho emotional level, our 3rd eye is the energy center where we can work on releasing old patterns and embracing new ones.

When you balance the energy of your Third Eye, you are working on:

Balancing Hormones
Dissolving Limiting Beliefs
Feeling Calm
Increasing Mental Clarity
Building Self Trust and Intuition
Living A Conscious Authentic Lifestyle

Want to learn more?

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“Why You Should Care About Your Third Eye”

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