Why We Need Our Intellect And Intuition For True Health

When we connect our head and our heart; intellect and intuition we get wisdom. It’s this delicate balance between logic and intuition that sets us up for making the best decisions for our health and well being.

Sadly, most of us have been conditioned to equate intelligence with reasoning alone and see intuition as something magical and unscientific. But the truth is that learning to listen to those gut hunches means stepping into the higher realms of our humanness.

Our intellect, intuition and emotions are meant to be an integrated system. Our thinking mind is great for processing information, seeing patterns and taking action. But you can’t think your way out of past emotional wounding or feelings of shame, anxiety or insecurity. This is the realm of our heart, our subtle emotional body.

And when we do the work of healing this part of our being, we arrive in a place of clarity where we can better hear and trust our intuition and more consistently make decisions that are truly aligned with our highest good.

What’s needed are contemplative tools such as meditation, yoga, mindfulness, breathwork, journaling, spending time in nature. All these mind body practices are designed to help you:

1) Feel more calm
2) Step out of auto pilot living
3) Tune in to your body’s sensations
4) Build emotional awareness
5) Give you a deeper sense of self

When you develop a healthy partnership of head, heart and emotions you activate the innate healing intelligence of the body.

You create more ease, flow and authenticity in your life.

What if THAT became your #1 health goal?

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