Why Love Is the Miracle Cure

Love heals. What modern science is mapping out now, ancient wisdom has known for centuries. When we embody the felt sense experience of love, we are connecting to an all powerful energy that restores and balances the body.

Every cell in the body is attuned to this natural healing frequency. In essence, healing is a return to the core of our being, to the True Self. The True Self is already perfect and whole.

Poets, mystics, quantum physicists and neuroscientists language it differently but they all share in the knowing that at the core of our being we are pure infinite love intelligence.

Healing happens the moment this realization becomes the dominant part of our psyche.

But all too often, we hold beliefs about ourselves that disconnect us from this universal truth. We feel undeserving of love and become over identified with our struggles, fears and worries. Over time, this distorted perception of ourselves gets internalized and becomes detrimental to our physiology.

How can we expect to thrive when the body feels under siege with negative messaging about being broken or flawed? Self criticism and self loathing disrupt the mind and body’s natural homeostasis. At the deepest level, it’s this separation from seeing our true nature that fuels dis-ease in mind and body.

My most successful clients are the ones that learn to embrace the wholeness of their being amidst their current circumstances and do the soul centered work of transforming thoughts related to their perceived unworthiness and imperfections.

Love is the foundation for transformation.

What can you do more of in your every day to attune your mind and body to the frequency of love?

For more inspiration on the healing power of love, listen to this week’s podcast: “Liberating Yourself From Lyme Disease – The Healing Powers of Love and Intuition With Vir McCoy”

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