Why Knowing Yourself Is Healing Yourself

Discovering the “why we do what we do” is fundamental if you’re serious about genuine health and long term vitality.

Only when we are genuinely curious about ourselves do we have the opportunity to get underneath behaviors that can seem illogical or self defeating.

Beating ourselves up over our shortcomings or bypassing our discomfort, or recurring struggles just keeps us more stuck.

Ultimately, having tools to help us recognize what what’s really going on below the level of our conscious awareness is the key. Left on the default settings, our limiting beliefs and deepest fears can color our perception of who we truly are.

And at the same time sometimes even with all our best efforts to know ourselves, it’s not possible to see what we most need to see until life gives us a life altering opportunity to do so with blinding clarity.

It’s during those moments when we can observe ourselves, acknowledge our vulnerabilities and those not so healthy aspects of our psyche that we can embody self compassion, which gives way to self acceptance – which gives us the capacity to make real positive life changes.

My message is this; there’s tremendous potential for personal liberation when you understand yourself better and focus on ways of being that might be holding you back. Only when you can name the obstacles can you begin to transform them and heal what needs healing.

For more on this listen to this week’s podcast: “How Knowing Your Enneagram Personality Type Can Impact Your Relationship With Food”

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