Why I Am So Passionate About Kundalini Yoga?

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I became certified to teach Kundalini Yoga and am currently in the process of becoming a Yoga Therapist.

This somatic component has been the missing piece in my 10 year journey coaching people to make positive changes in their food and lifestyle.

Knowledge about how to care for ourselves is fundamental, whether that’s understanding what foods to eat to bring down inflammation and balance blood sugar; or recognizing how our limiting beliefs and negative self talk causes us to self sabotage.

But knowledge will only take you so far. When you have an embodied systematic practice, you can shift your physiology and psychology in extraordinary ways.

But more significantly, the tools of Kundalini yoga give us a path to experience our true state of health, which is ever present, an innate sense of essential wholeness and indestructible well being, no matter our state of body and mind.

I hope you’ll take this journey with me in my upcoming 7-Week Group Program. “Find Calm and Restore Vitality” starting Jan 20th.

Gentle Postures, Breathwork, Meditation
Inspirational Discussions
Nutrition Guidance
Self Reflection Journaling Exercises

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