Why Balance Is The Key To True Health

Balance is a fundamental and recurring concept in my work as a holistic health coach.

Finding balance in our inner world emotionally, biochemically, and energetically is what our bodies need more than anything.

When we live out of balance with life’s natural rhythms; like when we eat when we’re not hungry, work when we need rest, live too much in our heads instead of follow our hearts, our health suffers.

Our nervous system needs balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic; our gut microbiome needs a healthy balance of microbes to support healthy digestion, detoxification and immunity.

Our hormones need balance, especially critical ones such as cortisol, insulin, serotonin, melatonin, estrogen and testosterone.

When our hormones are balanced we feel emotionally calm and mentally clear and our metabolic health is in order.

We need to find balance between effort and surrender; between holding on and letting go.

And of course there’s our subtle body governed by the balance and flow of our life force energy via the chakras; the energy centers that correspond to certain nerve bundles and major organs, which need to be balanced to promote our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Lots of other things can throw us off balance:

Unresolved Past Trauma
Undetected Food Sensitivities, Pathogens or Infections
Unhealthy Relationships
Eating the Wrong Foods For Your Unique Constitution
Nutrient Deficiencies
Unfulfilled Dreams and Desires
Lack of A Spiritual Practice

Balance is essential for our body and soul. We all need balance and sometimes that means re-establishing it.

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