What if the food we eat is nourishing not just for the body but equally on the soul level as well?

When I went to culinary school over 10 years ago in NYC to become a Natural Foods Chef, I had a profound shift in my attitude toward food. I had considered myself a pretty healthy eater; but this experience took it to a whole new level. My menu of plant centered eating exploded with so much more color, taste and variety. Not only did my palate evolve but so did a whole new consciousness around food itself.

For the first time I related to the food I was eating not simply as a bunch of nutrients or calories. I understood on a visceral level how food was actually our most intimate connection to the earth, to all of nature, to all of life and its greater energies.

I awakened to the reality of the sacred in food. All indigenous cultures throughout history have understood this sacred nature of food. They understood that food was life force energy. In stark contrast to modern day living and western nutrition, the sanctity of food played a central role in the culture.

But I believe that there’s something in our ancestral DNA that we can tap into that can elevate our relationship with food. By embracing the sacredness of food and its origins, the less likely we will be drawn to chemically laden, highly processed, GMO foods that are destroying both personal and planetary health.

This shift in consciousness can be an empowering way out of the dogma that’s all around us in the diet and pseudo-wellness world.

I believe that the sacred within us instinctively resonates with the sanctity of food.

Through this portal we can all cultivate a much more nourishing relationship with food, our bodies and of course our Earth Mother.

We can begin viewing food and its cooking as an act of reverence instead of obligation.

We can live more in the healing energies of gratitude, intuition, and wonder thereby staying connected to the healing intelligence in and all around us.

I believe now more than ever we need to see the sacred in all things.

The food we eat just like everything in the universe is energetically and spiritually more than the sum of its parts.

As a coach and yogi, this is how I practice a genuine “Whole-istic” to health and healing.

If this resonates with you, I’d love to share some strategies to embody the experience of food as sacred.

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