Trouble Meditating? Try Mantra Meditation

If the idea sitting in silence to meditate has felt really challenging, why not try Mantra Meditation. Mantra chanting is a sacred and beautiful practice.

Mantra comes from the the Sanskrit word “Man” which means Mind “tra” means “instrument” or “freedom.” Thus, mantra, a word or phrase you repeat during meditation is a tool to free the mind. It’s a combination of sound, breath and rhythm designed to release the mind from all the stresses that come from being a human on planet earth.

It’s based on the science of sound and its complex effects on our neuroendocrinology, psychology and behavior.

Some of the health benefits of mantra mediation include:

Stress Reduction
Reduced Anxiety
Less Fatigue
Lower Blood Pressure
Stronger Immunity
Increased Self Compassion
Positive Outlook
Better Concentration
Better Memory

When I first discovered the technology of Kundalini Yoga, the practice of chanting mantra was the most unique and foreign aspect. But as I quickly experienced, it was the most powerful and transformative part. A bridge to our subtle, energetic body, sacred mantras have the power to dissolve emotional blockages, clear the subconscious mind and recalibrate your entire perception.

Want to learn more? Listen to this week’s episode of The Soul Science Nutrition Podcast: “How Mantra Meditation Can Heal Your Body and Mind”

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