The Self Esteem, Digestion and Self Sabotage Connection

As a health coach, I’ve become more and more aware of the fascinating intersections that I see when it comes to self esteem, excess weight, body image, digestive issues and sustainable lifestyle change.

By now most of us are familiar with the gut brain connection which helps explain the psychobiology of our food issues – i.e. the very real food and mood connection.

But exploring this connection through the lens of our subtle energetic anatomy is equally empowering and adds even greater depth to our ability to enhance our vitality.

I’m referring to the chakras, the ancient healing system of energy centers in the body that maps out our mind, body and emotions.

It’s a powerful framework for working with some of our most prevalent food related health challenges:

Low Self Esteem
Negative Self Talk
Self Sabotage
Body Shame
Self Doubt

Our 3rd chakra is known as the energy center of our personal power. It encompasses all our digestive organs and can be seen as the place where we digest life, both physically in terms of the actual foods we eat, as well as how we “metabolize” all the situations that life gives us. ⁠

Want to learn more? Listen how clearing our 3rd chakra issues goes way beyond healing our gut and deep into the realm of healing our most precious relationship, the one we have with ourselves. ⁠

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