“The Most Terrifying Thing Is To Accept Oneself Completely” – Carl Jung

One of the biggest misconceptions is that if we accept ourselves just as we are it will make us lazy and complacent.

Along with that is the belief that you can criticize and shame yourself into doing what it takes to achieve your health and weight goals.

But in truth, all the research shows self acceptance is what actually sets the stage for growth and real change.

Self Acceptance does not mean giving up on yourself. It’s not about giving yourself a pass on trying to do things that enhance your life. Self Acceptance is being objective about your strengths and weaknesses without attaching them to your self worth.

While self improvement is dynamic and future oriented; Self Acceptance is available to you here and NOW – no conditions, no standards – you’re not ignoring the things you would like to change you’re just no longer equating them with your self worth.

When you can see yourself as already whole, enough and complete, you tap into the power of self compassion, self respect and self trust.

From this empowered place, any changes you decide to make in your lifestyle habits, behaviors etc… are a matter of genuine personal choice – And NOT a requirement for being OK with who you are.

Want to learn more? Listen now to this week’s Soul Science Nutrition Podcast: “Why We Need More Self Acceptance and Less Self Improvement”

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