The Essence Of Life Is Inner Balance

All traditional systems of healing share a fundamental wisdom that healthy, balanced, conscious living is really a way of life.

It’s shaped by the foods we eat, our relationships, our job, our creativity, spirituality, joy and all the numerous activities that make up our lives.

Health is not merely the absence of disease or being free of physical symptom. And it’s certainly not simply being a certain body weight or body shape.

It’s a state of balance among body, mind and consciousness.

As a holistic health coach for ten years, I’ve grown more and more aware how health struggles are an invitation for self transformation, an opportunity to evolve our way of thinking, feeling, eating and above all, tending to the parts of ourselves and our lives with greater clarity for what really matters.

It’s why cultivating awareness of the potential causes of imbalance and tuning in to our moment to moment state of being are fundamental skills for maintaining health.

So when our body is really struggling to find balance, when we feel like we’re living out of sync, we must consider that maybe it’s time to look for the deeper soul lesson.

**This week’s Soul Science Nutrition Podcast is “Listening To Our Body’s Messages So We Can Heal Our Life.”

I spoke with fellow health coach and yogi, Petra Rakebrandt, author of YIN IS THE NEW BLACK, whose journey to find lasting health is a testament to the need to nourishing all aspects of our being.

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