Take Control of Your Metabolic Power Now

The most effective weight loss tool is available to you right now in this moment. No super foods, crazy eating plans or fancy supplements needed.

Your Breath.

Conscious breathing shifts your body mind system out of the stress response into the physiological relaxation response.

The scientifically documented connection between stress and weight gain is compelling. A worrying mind and an overworked body generates a chronic low-level stress response, via cortisol and insulin, which decreases calorie burning capacity and can promote weight gain.

Slow relaxed breathing tells your central nervous system and thus your endocrine system that all is well. This shifts you from a state of low digestive activity to full digestive power. And your digestive power IS EVERYTHING when it comes to ALL aspects of your health.

Bottomline, breathe in more oxygen and your body burns calories more efficiently. It really is that simple.

Try This Simple Powerful Exercise To Shortcut the Body’s Stress Response in just one minute.

At every meal or snack, take a pause and ask yourself, “Am I about to eat this under stress?” “Is my mind all over the place?” If the answer is Yes:

1) Sit comfortably with a straight spine.
2) Let your eyes close.
3) Place your hand on your belly. Relax your belly.
4) Inhale deeply through your nose and feel your belly expand like a balloon.
5) Comfortably suspend your breath for several seconds.
6) Fully exhale through your nose, feeling your belly deflate.

**Repeat this breathing pattern ten times.

For more on the power of the gut mind connection, check out this week’s podcast: “Healing the Gut Microbiome With Eastern Medicine – Bridgette Shea L. Ac., MAcOM”

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