Stop Blaming the Quarantine-15…It’s YOUR EMOTIONS

Positive thinking can be a valuable tool for our health and happiness but not if we use it to avoid dealing with life.

How well we navigate these changing times will be directly tied to our ability to channel tough emotions such as anger, grief, worry or guilt into constructive action.

The mindless eating, stress snacking, overeating is not about the food or lack of willpower.

The real “self discipline” we need to cultivate is confronting the difficult things in our lives that we instinctively want to “stuff down” or “numb out” from.
Begin with a wilingness to acknowledge that ALL emotions are important messengers. When you get curious, name the emotions and connect them to the thoughts you’re having, you can arrive in a place of CHOICE and renewed clarity to how to meet your TRUE NOURISHMENT NEEDS.

“I’m feeling so angry about this” becomes “This is wrong and I want to do something about this”.

“I’m feeling so overwhelmed” becomes “I can start with making my self care a priority.”

“I’m so sad” becomes “I can reach out for support from family and friends.”

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