Re-Write Your Story, Change Your Life

In the ancient healing system of Ayurveda,the sister science of Kundalini Yoga, they say that the number one thing that derails our health is a “misuse of our senses”.

Another way to say this is our minds play tricks on us.

When we’re going through a rough time, in order to cope, we all go in to some degree of fight or flight mode. We lose connection with our intuition and the wisdom of our bodies.

And we get lost in a personal story about who we are and about our life circumstances. It’s usually a very old story with deep roots in our subconscious that’s very disempowering.

Here are some common themes:

“I’ll only be loved if I’m accomplished, self sufficient or attractive”

“I don’t belong”

“If I need, others will suffer”

“I cannot survive conflict”

“It never works out for me”

“I will live without love”

“It’s up to me to make it okay”

Our false inner monologue can have very real effects on our physical and mental health.

It also hurts our ability to set healthy boundaries in relationships, drains our creativity and hinders our personal growth and evolution.

No one can change or re-write our stories except ourselves. And It’s not about simply putting a positive spin on things. It is about doing the inner work of cultivating awareness and reminding yourself you were doing the best that you could at the time.

Self compassion, self forgiveness and self responsibility are all necessary to help us create a new empowering story:

“Simply who I am is a gift.”

“Having needs, wants and desires is safe and good.”

“Emotions are good things, they let me know I’m alive.”

“It is my birthright to love and be loved,”

“Things are always working out for me.”

Want to learn more: Listen to this week’s special solo podcast: “How Our Story Influences Our Health and Happiness.”

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