Perfectionism and Dieting – A Recipe For Stress, Overeating and Self Sabotage

Do you pride yourself on being a perfectionist? You set the bar high, believe in doing things the right way or not at all, tell yourself that mediocrity is not an option for you. You have a hard time giving yourself credit for things and tend to obsess on what you could have done better.

Do you bring these same standards to your eating?

Maybe you’re like a lot of people that I see in my work; in search for the perfect body, perfect weight, perfect nutritional system, perfect diet.

It’s hard not to, especially when you hear about all the powerful stories of transformation of people who are able to get healthy and happy by changing their food. But the truth is that this quest for precision has a dark side and it’s actually what’s sabotaging your progress despite your best efforts and know-how.

Whenever you begin a new program, it’s normal to want to follow the rules exactly. But dietary perfectionism quickly derails your resolve when life serves up familiar speed bumps like a hectic day or overindulging on a weekend.

Dietary perfectionism never comes from a healthy place. It is not the same as striving for excellence or a quality result. It comes from a negative orientation focused on avoiding failure. Dietary perfectionism has you running from the fear of being judged by others for being flawed. It keeps your nervous system in chronic stress response which has a real impact on your physiology.

It has you living under the spell of not being good the way you are.

It has you believing that you can control absolutely everything.

When it comes to natural sustainable weight loss and healthy lifestyle change, this all too common attitude is a non-starter.

If you can answer Yes to several of these questions, you might be a Perfectionist Dieter:

Do you weigh yourself often and religiously?
Are you constantly counting calories and fat grams in your food?
Have you ever measured our exactly “9” almonds for your snack?
Do you tell yourself you might as well start next Monday after having an unhealthy food choice?
Do you constantly procrastinate starting a new weight loss program waiting for the right time?
Do you eat perfectly and then after an indulgence you figure you already messed up so you’ll eat whatever the rest of the day or night?
Do you tell yourself that your past attempts at weight loss were unsuccessful because of lack of self control?
Do you see yourself in the mirror and are quick to criticize and judge yourself?
Have you lost and gained the same weight over and over again finding the new changes you’ve made just aren’t sustainable with your everyday life?

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