Not Feeling At Home In Your Body? – Could Be Your First Chakra

As a holistic health coach, I’ve realized that at the core of many of our food, weight and body image challenges is the inability to feel at home in our bodies. There’s a certain degree of survival mode or fight of flight living that happens which prevents us from feeling a calm and steady energy within ourselves. It’s this lack of inner stability that is often the greatest obstacle to our health.

Viewed through the lens of the Chakra System, we can better tend to this this lack of inner stability by exploring the First Chakra, aka our “Root Chakra”.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Chronic Busyness
Resistance To Change
Low Motivation To Care For Your Body
Rushing From One Thing To Another
Restless With Low Energy
Self Doubt
Low Self Esteem
Weight Issues
Adrenal Imbalance
Disordered Eating
Bladder Issues
Lower Back Pain
Hip and Pelvic Issues

If so, these are just a few signs that your Root Chakra is out of alignment.

Our Root Chakra is the energy of grounding, feeling welcome and at home. Located at the base of our spine, the Root Chakra literally serves as the root of the body. connected to the earth element. It’s linked to our capacity to feel firmly rooted in our lives. It embodies our sense of security and stability.

Early childhood wounding, emotional or physical trauma, anything that we experienced in our developmental years that threatened our sense of safety or belonging can cause blockages in our Root Chakra and have significant effects later on our psycho-biological health.

Balancing our 1st Chakra offers real benefits inside and out:

Self Trust
Inner and Outer Stability
In Tune With With Our Body
Strong Ability To Prioritize Self Care
Feel Calm, Grounded, Supported By Life
Physical Vitality
Strong Digestion
Low Inflammation
Sense of Belonging
Authentic Relationships
Living With Presence

Want to learn more and some easy ways to balance your Root Chakra?

Listen to this week’s special solo episode of my Podcast: Not Feeling At Home In Your Body? – Could Be Your First Chakra

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