New Year, New Ways To Heal

What discipline will you put in place to direct your energy in the coming year?

Because if there’s one thing we all became aware of in 2020, it was our habitual responses to stress. Notice what habits and behaviors drained your energy.

How did you find equanimity? What was in your self care toolbag that helped you stay connected relatively consistently to the deeper wisdom of life?

These are important questions to ask yourself if you’re committed to true health and well being in this time of rapid change.

You don’t have a willpower problem. You have an energy problem. At the core, you are vibrating pure creative intelligence, but the chronic stress of modern day living has caused you to blow a fuse here and there, resulting in an experience of yourself as less than what you actually are.

When you know how to restore your internal circuitry and get your life energy flowing, toxic fear thinking dissipates and you can develop the capacity to hear the wisdom of your body over the chattering of your negative mind.

You get back in the driver seat of your health and life.

The science of Kundalini yoga and meditation helps you conquer lethargy and complacency by building and circulating your life force energy.

It uses the diffrerent parts of our physical body to alter the pysche toward a better flow of life.

It trains you to see your Self as the ultimate refuge.

You tune your mind and body to have an actual experience of self love and self acceptance – not just some fluffy philosophical ideas of them.

You tap into an innate source of strength to remain balanced in moments of great difficulty. You activate the body’s innate healing powers.

Imagine what it would be like if these became the predominant settings in your psyche.

You would be unstoppable!

Are you ready? Join my live online “Find Calm and Restore Vitality” 7 Week Group Eperience Starts Jan 20th!

Hope to see you there!

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