New Fall Group Coaching Program Starts Sept 12th

I hope you’ve been soaking up the summer season. This is my favorite time of the year when I feel like I really come to life. The longer days and summer sun definitely give me a boost of creative energy.

And that’s exactly what I’ve been up to these last couple months developing inspirational content for my sister coaching business, Unlock Magic and researching and writing my next book: The Mind Body Metabolism Cookbook, which is due to come out early next year.

For awhile now, as many of you know from my previous blog posts, I’ve been passionate about exploring who we actually are in these physical bodies and understanding more and more how our thoughts and emotions literally shape our metabolic reality.

It’s such an exciting time to be a health coach! There’s an explosion of research going on that shows that our physiology, hormones, neurocircuitry and even our genetic expression are the direct result of how we are thinking, feeling and reacting. So what if I told you that you possess the ability to change your physical state through the power of thought alone?

That’s what I’m so excited to share with you in my new Mind Body Weight Loss Group Coaching program that starts next month.This brand new program will focus on the specific tools you can use to shift the mental and emotional habits that keep you from having the health that you deserve.

5 Week Mind Body Weight Loss Starts Sept 12th

Explore the Missing Piece in Weight Loss

We spend so much time focused on our body when there there is a ton of evidence that a negative mindset is ultimately what keeps us from having what we want. There’s a lot of “doing” when it comes to weight loss plans, focusing on what foods to eat, the best way to exercise – but ultimately what makes or breaks our best efforts is how we are thinking, feeling and reacting throughout the process. Without the emotional and mental preparation, the unwanted weight and habits will come back. Because even beyond the physical and logistical obstacles we grapple with, it’s the emotional habits and reactions that can be the most difficult to overcome.

It’s not calories that’s at the root of your struggle with weight, it’s the faulty programming in your Mind and how your body’s been responding to it.

When it comes to our health and weight challenges psychology AND biology are both playing a role. Our minds possesses an untapped capacity to rewire and reprogram the inner workings of our bodies down to the cellular level. Discover practical guidance on how to access the power of the mind body connection to promote hormonal balance, boost immunity and enhance your central nervous system.

This workshop will show you hands on strategies to apply what the science reveals about the way your brain and body works so you can make lasting positive changes in your health and your life.

Meets 9/12, 9/19, 9/26, 10/3, 10/10 (Wednesday Evenings: 6:30p-8pm)


Want to chat and see if this program is right for you? Call me at 201 889-5001 or email me at

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