Let’s Do A Happiness Check-In

It’s a heart centered inquiry:

What is the genuine state of who I am and how I am feeling/doing?

I’m not talking about the temporary “happiness” promoted by mainstream society that’s dependent on our external circumstances.

To me, my happiness check means knowing that I’m good just as I am and that I can trust the intelligence of life to guide me and get me where I need to go.

It can seem like a pretty high bar these days and make no mistake this level of well being requires real internal development; a commitment to consistently attuning your body and mind to a deeper understanding of Life.

Because, at some point, you realize that making your happiness contingent on anything outside of yourself (i.e your bank account, job promotion, relationship status, physical appearance, next vacation etc…) means embarking on a journey filled with dissatisfaction, disconnection and disappointment.

I’ve come to know that when it comes to health, at the end of the day, we all want to feel comfortable in our skin, live a life that aligns with what really matters to us and trust that the universe has our back.

Underneath all our striving is a desire for personal and emotional freedom.

Freedom from our harsh inner judge that fuels fear and self doubt,

Freedom from our limiting beliefs that drive self sabotage,

Freedom from feeling like a victim and battling life,

Freedom from our repressed hurts that trigger emotional reactivity,

Freedom from the need for acceptance that causes us to negate our true feelings, dreams and desires.

As a holistic health coach, I’m a big supporter of physical discipline, but I’m an even bigger fan of emotional and spiritual transformation.

If we want that deeper level of fulfillment, satisfaction and effectiveness in our lives, we need to look at these critical steps of being human and engage with our health as a journey of self understanding – not just for our personal liberation, but even more so for the whole.

Interested in the lifeschanging tools and practices to guide you on your journey? Let’s talk 🙂

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