“Knowledge is power. Knowledge of yourself is self-empowerment.” -Joe Dispenza

The ancient Greeks knew it. They inscribed in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi in 300 BC.

When it comes to making positive changes the key is embracing health as a life long endeavor to know our true self.

Despite what mainstream diet and wellness culture wants you to believe, there is no quick fix, magic bullet or one size fist all approach. If we’re interested in genuine vitality and creating the life we truly want it requires a commitment to compassionate inner exploration.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why Knowing Yourself Is Key to Your Health and Happiness:

1) Being Able To Tune Into Your Body So You Can Give It What It Needs To Thrive and Stay In Balance

2) Knowing Your “Big Why” i.e. What Are Your Deepest Core Motivations To Take Care of Yourself?

3) Becoming Aware of the Mental and Emotional Patterns That Underlie Your Habits and Behaviors

4) Developing Self Trust – Belief In Yourself and Your Ability to Know What’s Best For You Empowers You To Make Choices That Align With What Really Matters

5) Worthiness and Belonging – Without self-knowledge we cannot have an internal measure of our own worth and appreciate that pleasure and joy are our birthright.

For a deep dive into understanding why we do what we do check out this week’s eye opening podcast: “Exploring Sexuality and the Enneagram With Ann Gadd – A Doorway To Personal Growth and Evolution”

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