How’s Your Intuition? Why It Matters For Health

Learning to navigate your life from a more intuitive way of being may not be at the top of your New Year’s health goals, but I believe in these times of uncertainty and information overload, it’s what most needed.

Our intuition is our internal GPS, it’s that inner knowing lets you know beyond the level of the intellect what needs your attention and what you need to take action on in the present moment.

Intuition is not simply a woo-woo concept; intuition is very much body-based, rooted in our biology and supported by an abundance of scientific research.

Developing a deeper awareness and sensitivity to your body’s subtle cues, mental and emotional and patterns are examples of tapping into your body’s intuitive wisdom. Combined with logic and input from your rational brain, developing your intuition, enables you to take a comprehensive view that can help you get to the root cause of your situation and make health promoting changes with genuine confidence.

When we don’t have a strong connection to our intuition we can get easily overwhelmed and struggle with indecisiveness when it comes to caring for ourselves.

Here are just a few of the benefits of learning to work with your intuition to improve your health and overall happiness:

Less Anxiety
Genuine Motivation
Increased Creativity
Mental Clarity
Self Trust
Self Confidence
Emotional Resilience

Want to learn more? Listen to this week’s solo Soul Science Nutrition Podcast episode: “More Than a Feeling – The Importance of Intuition for Your Health.”

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