How To Listen To Your Body


Learning to tune into your body’s messages is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle.   But chronic busyness can block that vital intuitive connection.  And over time, ignoring or simply missing signals from the body can lead to serious health problems.  Afterall, how can we know how to care for our body, if we’re unable to understand what it really needs.

True preventative medicine is a full time, dynamic engagement with the beautifully complex energy system that encompasses your body, mind and emotions.

Here are a few ways to step out of habitual living and practice inner listening. 

1) Become a curious observer of your body’s rhythms and routines (or lack thereof).  Notice your digestion, sleep, breathing, appetite, energy levels, moods.   Become interested in how your body is working, which will help you discern what symptoms or patterns are normal or irregular for you.

2) Pause, Breath and Feel – Take mindfulness breaks throughout your day.  Let your eyes close, breathe deeply and scan your body.  Take note of your physical sensations.  Sense any tension, contraction in your body, do some gentle shoulder or neck rolls;  try sending your breath into those spaces to soften and relax.  If you’ve been on Zoom for long periods of time, take a break, feel your body and move and stretch your body in a way that feels good.

3) Become Interested In Your Emotional State – Notice what  feelings arise when you get curious about what’s going on inside you.  No need to over analyze, simply acknowledging what emotions are showing up in the moment is  self healing.

Now once you cultivate deeper awareness of your body, the real magic happens when you endeavor to give yourself what you genuinely need.  

When you see taking care of your body as a a journey of self understanding, you access a deeper wisdom which gives you the mental clarity and inner confidence you need to create true well being.

Listen to this week’s podcast that dives deep into the importance of tuning into our body’s messages: 

“Energetic Cellular Healing And Cancer” – Explore insights into the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our immune system.   

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