Health Is A Participatory Sport – You Are the Power You’ve Been Seeking

Last week, I wrote about the wisdom that comes from integrating our head and our heart. This week’s Soul Science Nutrition Podcast guest was my dear friend and fellow holistic health educator, Denise Schwendeman, whose journey to help her son heal through severe challenges is a living testament to the power of using our intellect and our intuition to navigate our health.

As I say often, health is a participatory sport; caring for your body is your personal responsibility. In other words, you can’t simply hand your health over to anyone else and expect to stay vibrantly well.

Studies show that people who take control of and responsibility for their own health ā€“ physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually ā€“ tend to live longer.

Thinking about your health only when you are feeling sick; taking meds to treat the symptoms; or going to someone with the attitude of “I have this problem – fix me” – these are all ways that we give away our precious healing power.

Health practitioners are guides and partners – the real healing happens within; it’s deeply rooted in our perspective and how we’re relating to ourselves.

When we accept where we are with compassion, let go of shaming, blaming and do the work of dissolving limiting beliefs that maintain a sense of helplessness, we can become the most powerful agent in our own healing journey. We can be in a space of clarity that gives way to empowered decision making.

It’s time we stop defaulting to looking “out there” for health.

YOU are the power you’ve been seeking.

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