Finding The Sacred Is Medicine For These Times

Modern day living has us hyper focused on the material world.  We’re encouraged to value how we look, our bodies, our possessions, what’s trending on social media etc. Over time this pre-occupation with the physical and mundane drains our life force.  We are left feeling disillusioned and uninspired with ourselves and even life itself.  

What’s missing is not readily found in yet another diet, cleanse, supplement or exercise routine.   The remedy for the mundane and busyness is connecting with that which gives meaning and purpose to our lives. 

I call it “finding the sacred”.  The sacred is anything that opens you up to to see the world from your heart’s perspective.  The sacred is not subject to the mind’s analysis or judgment.  

Some find the sacred in meditation or prayer.  Others in art, poetry, music, yoga or dance.  We can find the sacred in relationship when we’re with a cherished friend in conversation that nourishes you to your core. 

Many find being in nature is what fills them with a sense of peace and enchantment.  For me, hiking in the woods with my dog or sailing on the Hudson is equally as sacred as meditation. 

Connecting to the sacred is anything you do with your complete awareness.  Gazing at a full moon, listening to the birds in the morning, snuggling with your dog, even cooking or savoring a delicious meal are all sacred acts.  

Rituals and practices can be a pathway to the sacred.  Starting the day with meditation, motivational reading or burning incense are ways we can connect with our more subtle, substantive selves.

Reflect on where you experience your deepest feelings of awe, gratitude, mystery, timelessness and love. Emotions like these provide clues about where you might find the sacred and might try to spend more of your time.

Finding the sacred in your life is doing what strikes a cord within your heart, inspires you to choose love over fear and gives you a sense of deep connection with yourself.  

Finding the sacred in our lives is the medicine most needed in these extraordinary times. 

For more on this, listen to this week’s podcast, “How Awe and Wonder Heals” with Fabiana Fondevila, writer, speaker, ritual maker and teacher. 

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