Finding Peace In Extraordinary Times

Stress, loneliness, anxiety, confusion. None of us are strangers to any of it, navigating day by day through this global pandemic, the tumultuous social and political environment, being bombarded by 24/7 media etc.

But give yourself a break. If overdoing it with wine, ice cream or the internet de-railed your health goals, remember there was no manual for living in these extraordinary times.

But here’s what I DO know. During extraordinary times, finding inner peace is even more critical. Otherwise, even the best of our intentions to eat better, exercise more, or have more patience with our loved ones will be short lived.

What do I mean by finding inner peace?

Well, first to be clear inner peace is NOT new age fluffiness, it doesn’t make you passive, nor is it about philosophy or dogma.

Inner peace is a state of emotional steadiness and mental clarity amidst the presence of stressors and potential stressors in your life.

Inner peace is finding neutral when negative thoughts and uncomfortable feelings arise so you can respond vs. react.
(Self Regulation)

Inner peace gives you a clear perception of your innate beauty, power and self worth. (Self Compassion)

Inner peace is the capacity to extract the “medicine” from pain and suffering in life. (Emotional Resilience)

Inner peace is showing up as your true authentic self by connecting to an infinite reserve of energy. (Vitality)

But here’s the catch. Cultivating inner peace must be a deliberate and active part of our lives. There’s no quick fix.

It requires strengthening the “muscles” of our whole psyche; re-calibrating our Body and Mind in order to alter our default tendencies.

If this is resonating with you. Please check out my new live virtual program that I’ve designed to give you the life changing tools to cultivate your inner peace in 2021.

It starts Jan 20th. “Find Calm and Restore Vitality – Yoga Therapy for Balancing Hormones”

I hope to see you!

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