Eating As a Form of Self Love

When we embrace eating as a form of self love, we have the opportunity to liberate ourselves from the unhealthy obsession with weight, body shape and perfect eating. We have the chance to build the foundation for sustainable habits that support where we want to go for the long haul.

So instead of seeing food as carbs, calories and fat grams, good foods and bad foods, or getting caught up in all the dogma, what if there was a different way?

A way to love and appreciate food as a form of nourishment; a way to use food to heal your relationship with your body and your Self.

You see, eating as a form of self love means not seeing your body, your appetite or the food itself as the enemy.

It means bringing a gentle and curious attitude to how you are feeling in our body, noticing the negative self talk in your mind and choosing to dig deep to discover what you’re truly hungry for.

Eating as a form of self love goes way beyond choosing the healthiest foods or even the foods we deem “good”.

It means getting excited about your meals, feeling captivated by the colors, flavors, aromas and perhaps even reveling in their origin, tradition or artisanship.

It means not allowing guilt, shame and perfectionism inform your choices.

Eating as a form of self love is choosing the piece of dark chocolate melted in coconut butter for dessert or relishing an artisan sour dough crust pizza with a glass of wine at your fave farm to table cafe — just as as much as it is enjoying green smoothies and kale salads– the key is that all your choices stem from joy, a place of genuine care for yourself and a heartfelt intention to treat yourself with kindness.

Bottom line, when it come to making wise food choices, it’s not really necessary – nor is it sustainable to ever come from a place of “should” or “have to”.

Simply remember, eating as a form of self love is when you give your body the attention and care that it deserves.

I promise you that it’s the path to the freedom and peace you’re looking for around food and beyond.

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