Do You Trust Yourself?

I’ve come to know in my coaching work that one of the biggest obstacles to caring for ourselves is a lack of Self Trust. What’s hard for us to trust: Our Emotions, Our Body, Our Appetite, Our Choices, Our Commitments and ultimately Our Ability To Know What’s Best for Ourselves.

A life not rooted in self trust can cause us to feel quite literally weighed down by life and be at the root of our resistance to change.

A life not grounded in self trust can have many health de-railing side effects:

Self Sabotage
People Pleasing Behaviors
Suppressed Emotions
Unexpressed Truths

After all, how much energy is drained by our subconscious sense of impending doom; fearing rejection, being judged, being criticized, making a mistake, etc…

Self trust is not having an inflated sense of confidence nor is it a about eradicating self doubt, but rather being guided by a deeper sense of knowing within our own heart.

If you could more fully trust in yourself, in your growth and your integrity wouldn’t this naturally lead to consistently having more ease and flow in life?

Want to learn more? Listen to this week’s special solo podcast episode: Why We Need To Develop Self Trust.

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