Do You Need An “Emotional Detox?”

It’s the beginning of the year and you’re probably being bombarded with all those detox and cleanse programs. And don’t get me wrong there’s definitely a lot of benefit to rebalancing our bodies with an extra boost of plant rich, nutrient dense eating.

But I think what all of us can equally use these days for long lasting relief is an emotional detox. Just as undigested food and toxins can weigh our bodies down, we need to recognize that unprocessed thoughts and feelings can be wreaking havoc on our health as well.

What are some signs you need an emotional detox?

Low motivaion
Feeling Overwhelmed
Can’t Recharge Even After 7-8 Hours of Sleep
Ruminating Thoughts
Poor Sleep
Dwelling on the Past
Chronic Irritability

Emotions can get stuck due to trauma, burnout, unhealthy attachments, limiting beliefs, or just plain old resistance to feeling stuff.

But unresolved negative feelings don’t just go away, they fester within and impact both our mental and physical well being. In the last few decades, there’s been an explosion of research proving the links between our emotions and metabolic health, brain health, immunity and more.

Here are my personal Top 10 Ways to Emotionally Detox (all year round):

1) Yoga and Meditation
2) Chanting Sacred Mantras
3) Walking In Nature
4) Inner Child Healing and Visualization
5) Mindful Self Compassion
6) Get Support From Professional Coach, Therapist, Healer
7) Get Support From Trusted Friends
8) Hot Baths With Epsom Salts and Essential Oils
9) Have a Good Cry
10) Have A Good Scream

To learn more, check out this week’s podcast, “The Cleanse We All Need More Than Ever” – With Emotional Detox Coach, Sherianna Boyle, MED, CAGS

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