Do You Feel Like You’ve Been Speaking Your Truth Lately?

Impaired communication can be the biggest obstacle to living a happy, healthy life because it affects our ability to freely express ourselves.

We will tend to bury our emotions, bite our tongue, tolerate toxicity in our relationships and minimize our needs and desires.

Viewed through the lens of the chakra system, we can gain insight into our unwanted habits and symptoms and explore life changing tools that bring deep healing.

Our Fifth chakra, aka our Throat chakra, located at the base of the neck governs our capacity for authentic communication.

The Fifth chakra gives us the capacity to ask for what we need in life. It’s connected to our ability to express our dreams, ideas and emotions in empowering ways.

When this important energy center is blocked it can wreak havoc on the physical and non-physical aspects of our being.

Signs of a Blocked Fifth Chakra:

Feel exhausted creatively, like you can’t follow your dreams
Struggle with self expression; avoid difficult conversations
Worry about being judged for speaking your truth
Have a hard time articulating your thoughts
Tendency toward dysfunctional or toxic relationships
Feel guilty about expressing your needs and desires
Experience loud critical inner voice
Low self confidence
Social anxiety
Frequent health issues: thyroid imbalance, neck stiffness, dental conditions, sore throat, ear problems, mouth ulcers

There are countless ways to bring healing to the Fifth Chakra and get to the root cause of what ails us.

To learn more listen to this week’s special solo episode of the Soul Science Nutrition Podcast:

Finding the Courage To Be the Real You – Healing Your Throat Chakra For Self Expression

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