Being Grateful For the Difficult

It’s one thing to practice feeling grateful for the blessings in our lives, but it’s a whole other thing to also appreciate life’s challenges and disappointments.

I believe that it’s actually the difficult times that have the greatest potential to evolve us.

Our hurts and struggles can stop us dead in our tracks or they can be a portal to discovering our greatest strengths. It is our life choice.

It’s the hard stuff that gives us the chance to:

Fine tune our mindset
Tap into internal resolve
Live more on purpose
Experience humility
Open are hearts to family and friends
Deeply connect to spirit
There’s so much gold in life’s challenges if we can keep our hearts open.

The science of happiness reveals that one of the most effective ways to expand our happiness even when life is not going our way is to be thankful.

Truly grateful people are the happiest folks around. What are they truly grateful for? Actually, for everything.

There’s nothing that softens life’s trials, cuts through negativity and empowers us to see more clearly than the power of gratitude.

Oh it’s been a year! Heck, it’s been longer than that…..

So during this extra special holiday season, I hope you’ll join me in having gratitude for the gifts in it ALL.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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