Before You Set Those New Year’s Resolutions

How’s your energy level these days? Feeling lethargic? Weighed down? Tired and wired? Winter blues plus quarantine getting the best of you at this point?

This past year has put unprecedented pressure on everyone’s central nervous system and depleted our vitality, our life energy force.

EVERY THING s affected by our level of VITALITY: Mood, Mental Health, Physical Health, Relationships, Eating Habits, Sleep Schedules, Focus, Productivity and more.

You know what else is affected by our level of VITALITY? Our ability to change habits and achieve goals like: eat less sugar, have more vegetables, go to bed earlier, drink less alcohol, exercise more etc…

We can have the strongest intention to do all these wonderful things for our health but if our vitality is too low, we just won’t have the capacity to sustain them.

Our life force energy won’t be strong enough to deliver what you want to deliver.

When your vitality is too low, the tendency to move away from your good intentions increases and self sabotage happens.

That’s why before you jump on those new year’s resolutions or sign up for the next punishing diet, you need a path to restore your vitality.

You need effective tools to prepare yourself before you embark on the changes you want to make. If you don’t what inevitably will happen? The pressures of life, overwhelm, boredom, negativity will easily de-rail you.

My new 7 week group program is based on this fundamental therapeutic yoga principle of raising vitality so that you have the internal momentum, inner resilience and mental calm you need to carry you through the process of achieving your health goals.

I would love to be your guide to creating an entirely new way of caring for your body, mind and spirit.

Find Calm and Restore Vitality – Yoga Therapy For Balancing Hormones

Dates: Jan 20th – Mar 3rd
Meets on Zoom: Wed 11am-12:45 or Wed 6pm-7:45pm

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