What Do You Want To Let Go Of in 2021?

Instead of doing the usual New Year’s Resolution thing and feeling like a willpower weakling when you become part of the 80-90% that fail, I want to suggest something much more effective.

I invite you to ask yourself the following question:

What would you like to let go of in 2021 that you know, down deep, is no longer serving you?

It could be anything, but I would like you to consider going a little deeper than say: eating sugar, late night snacking, drinking soda, or staying up late.

Take a moment to reflect on something that is habitually ingrained, something that is keeping you from moving forward in the direction that you currently want to go.

Something in your being that weighs you down, causes you inner angst and is depleting your vitality.

It could be:

a thought
a judgment
a belief
a fear
a way of being
a goal
a memory

We all have something that we’re holding on to that’s blocking us from creating the health and well being we desire.

It’s important to identify these things because they’re what’s underneath our resistance to positive change and self sabotage.

There is a life force that naturally flows through each of us. Some call it prana or qi, other names are universal consciousness or divine intelligence.

The untamed mind tends to interrupt that life energy from flowing naturally.

Health happens when that life force energy is strong and flowing with ease.

If you want to experience something new in your life you have to make space. You have to find tools to dissolve those blockages and make your body and mind a good vehicle for the flow of vital life energy.

This process involves 3 main things:

1) Embodiment – You have to get out of your head and into your body to connect with your intuition so you can discern what is real and true for you.

2) Being Comfortable With the Uncomfortable – Building mental caliber builds a whole new level of fitness. It’s all about stretching and growing past the familiar.

3) Embracing the Mystery of Life – Get out of one dimensional problem solving mode and open to being in harmony with Life’s constant unfolding. When we learn to do this, we become receptive to endless possibilities for having what we truly desire.

If this resonates with you, join me for my group experience that starts Jan 20th.

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Hope to see you there!

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