Be A Human Being, Not a Human Doing

Doing is not all bad. Sometimes we genuinely love what we’re doing.

But so mamy of us constantly do because we’ve learned that as long as we’re accomplishing something, we have value, our lives have meaning.

Sometimes doing serves as a distraction, a form of avoidance of the things in our life that really need our attention.

Bottomline, in the cult of productivity that is modern day living, we’ve forgetten that doing is not necessarily living.

In the process of filling our days with endless tasks or staying uber focused on our next goal, we’ve forgotten the importance of our “being-ness”.

The ability to “just be”, to pause, to immerse ourselves in the present moment is actually the most “productive” thing that we can do.

Because the present moment is the only place where life is truly happening, it’s our greatest point of personal power. We can be in tune with our emotions and see the bigger picture so anything we want to change when done with presence creates the higher outcome.

Living in the present moment makes us aware that we are always in choice how to respond to stressful adverse situations. When we honor our being-ness, we stay connected to our inner guidance and keep our ego in check. As we begin to live more in the NOW, the pain of the past can dissolve and we become free of anxiety about the future.

Why not take a moment now to pause and take a few conscious breaths. You can do this several times a day, just 10 – 15 seconds to observe your breath, then resume what you’re doing. Mindful breathing is a great way to interrupt the doing-ness and recaliabrate back to our natural state.

Looking for more inspiration on this topic? Listen to this week’s podcast: Why Non Doing Is the Most Productive Thing You Can Do – Jessie Kanzer, Author, Speaker, Intuitive

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