Back To Basics

I think we can all agree that the world of health and wellness can feel wildly confusing and overwhelming these days. With 24/7 social media feeds jammed with “wellness gurus” pushing detox kits, weight loss powders, miracle oils and exercise regimes all promising to deliver the perfect, age defying, energized version of you, it can feel like the odds of being healthy and happy are like winning the lottery.

And ironically, despite our modern day wellness obsession, much of this is not translating into good health.

When you feel the pressure to stay on top of the latest diet and exercise trend, find yourself constantly questioning every bite of food you eat or comparing yourself to what you see in the media, you generate unnecessary, harmful stress on your body and mind.

Bottom line, I’ve come to see, it’s such a waste of energy making things way more complicated than they actually are.

Because contrary to popular belief, you don’ “NEED” green juice, a gluten free diet, MCT Oil, Matcha, Bulletproof Coffee, My Fitness Pal, Bone Broth or a special name/label for your way of eating.

You actually don’t “NEED” yoga, meditation, pilates or cross fit. No shame in any of these things at all, of course you know I’m quite passionate about many of them. I just think somewhere along the line we’ve lost our way, getting pulled farther and farther away from the fundamentals of health.

The basic tenets of what it takes to keep ourselves healthy and happy aren’t very sexy, but they’re backed by thousands of years of practical wisdom and experience.

And the more I do this work, the more I realize that there’s a lot of power in first and foremost getting back to basics.

Health and wellness doesn’t have to be a privilege or a luxury.

Here’s what actually works:

1) Drink More Water
2) Eat More Fruits and Veggies
3) Be Outside In Nature
4) Become Conscious Of Your Breathing
5) Move Your Body Everyday
6) Get More Sleep

Imagine what it would look like if we diverted all that energy away from chasing the latest quick fix and instead focused our day to day efforts on implementing simple changes towards these objectives.

Let’s not underestimate how some common sense and basic changes can go a long way in reversing and preventing chronic disease and supporting an overall healthier way of life.

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For more on this, listen to this week’s podcast guest interview with Richard Hobday, PhD, internationally recognized researcher, writer and leading authority on “The Healing Powers of Sunlight”

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