Are You Leaking Energy?


If you are experiencing any of these feelings more than you would like, before you’re tempted by the next magic bullet diet, supplement or exercise gimmick, consider this simple fact.

Everything we do is either increasing or decreasing our energy. And by energy, I’m referring to our vitality. prana, spark or life force.

Now of course there are plenty of physical, physiological and lifestyle related reasons for feeling energeticaly drained. But I wanted to share my reflections on some of the more subtle habits that can sap our deeper well being.

Learning to identify and plug the energy leaks in our life is fundamental.

First and foremost, it’s about becoming conscious about where we’re directing our time and attention.

Here”s My Top 10 List:

1) Being a Slave to Perfectionism
2) Overanalyzing Everything
3) Comparing Yourself to Others
4) Engaging in Negative Self Talk
5) Suppressing Painful Emotions
6) Reliving a Past Hurt
7) Tolerating Demeaning or Toxic Behavior
8) Feeling Responsible For Other People’s Happiness
9) Saying Yes When You Really Mean No
10) Believing You Are A Never-Ending Problem To Be Solved

If any or all of these resonate with you, it’s good news actually, because in order to heal, you have to understand where you’re leaking energy in the first place.

Here are some general strategies that can help stop the leaks and replenish our much needed reserves:

1) Honor How You Feel – Make time to check in with your emotions; they’re the greatest indicator of when you have an energy leak and function as your internal GPS telling you what you need to pay attention to. By noticing how certain thoughts, situations, relationships, activties make you feel in your body you can strengthen your inner wisdom.

2) Engage In Mindful Inquiry – Ask yourself; “What choice in this moment increases my vitality?” “Do I want to invest my life force energy here?”

3) Practice Self Compassion – Being kind to ourselves is at the heart of empowerment, psychological well being, resilience and personal growth. If we do the work to improve the relationship we have with ourselves, we can build awarenes of our needs and experience genuine Inner peace. …And ALL good things flow from that.

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