A Radical Approach To Health – Being Your True Self

The central principle that runs through my entire health coaching practice can be summed up in two simple words:  True Self. 

Regardless of the  “problem:” that my clients want to solve the answer lies in this spiritual realm – not necessarily because there’s a belief in a higher power – but because the True Self,  once realized, is the ultimate source of solutions that emerge from within.  

Who is the True Self?  Your True Self; aka your Authentic Self,  is the REAL YOU – the YOU that was you BEFORE the world told you WHO you HAD to be.  It’s your inner wise one;  the voice inside that understands what you really want and what you really need to be joyful and fulfilled.   

Your true self lies underneath all the masks you wear to comply with the demands and expectations of our family, bosses, friends, partners, society etc.  

Your true self is the constant, the steadiness below all the drama of all your thoughts, feelings and emotions.  

It’s so easy in today’s society to lead a life of disconnection; always doing, achieving and accomplishing, overworking, stressing, worrying, and living in our heads, and very seldom slowing down, being present. 

When you are feeling overwhelmed by stress, self doubt or negative self talk, you are cut off from your true self.  

When you’re spending all your energy trying to control and fix your body, you are disconnected from your true self. 

When you’re wrestling with your mind or focused on willpower and external motivation, you’re experiencing a contracted sense of who you really are.  

But when you do the internal work of connecting to your true self, you ensure a life of truth, peace, fulfillment, purpose, freedom, ease, and joy.

Because your true self sees see you in your highest possibility.  Your true self is the very source of creativity, love, acceptance and equanimity that you’re seeking in your every day life experience. 

This is why I propose a radical approach to creating the body, health and life you love;  I invite you to make it your mission to discover and re-connect to your true authentic self.  

Because from that sacred place real transformation happens. 

Are you ready? 

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