Why Embodiment Is Key To A Healthier and Happier Life – Ep #055 With Julia Paulette Hollenbery

When it comes to food and weight struggles, living disconnected from our bodies is almost always the case – after all being in our bodies can feel uncomfortable, perhaps even painful or scary – this makes caring for our bodies feel even more like a burden.

I’ve made it my mission in life to guide people to embrace their body as a divine portal to healing, growth and transformation.

Today’s guest is a passionate expert when it comes to guiding people to the power of fully inhabiting their bodies. She’s Julia Paulette Holenberry, author, speaker and personal transformation workshop leader. We dive deep into her soon to be released book, The Healing Power of Pleasure, 7 Medicines For Rediscovering the Joy of Being, a step-by-step journey into sensuality to rediscover the delight that lies just below the surface of everyday experience. In this soulful conversation, we explore strategies for body awareness, dealing with emotions stored in the body by coming home to the pleasure of discovering our true selves, our bodies and the world.

Learn More About Julia: https://universeofdeliciousness.com

Upcoming Workshops: https://universeofdeliciousness.com/working-together/

Get Her Book: The Healing Power of Pleasure. 7 Medicines for Rediscovering the Joy of Being

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