The Self Love Fix – Ep #021 Interview With Beatrice Kamau, MS, RD

When it comes to taking care of ourselves, prioritizing our health and well being I’ve found that the most significant obstacles are rooted in how we’re relating to ourselves, our beliefs and perceptions of who we are, in relationship to others and the world around us. I talk today with life coach Beatrice Kamau whose passion and expertise is helping people let go perfectionism, people pleasing, shame and guilt by healing inner child wounds and codependency.

We get to the origins of why we struggle with unconditional self love, make our worth dependent on external validation, overextend ourselves in relationship, or find ourselves making our emotional well being dependent on the people around us. We explore how the gift of awareness is the doorway to breaking these self harming thought patterns and learning new coping strategies to forming healthier ones so we can develop a strong sense of self.

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