Nourishing Our Internal Terrain, Body Mind & Soul – Ep#060 Interview With Christopher Vasey, N.D.

The human body is a system where all our cells are constantly communicating with one another maintaining a dynamic response to internal and external demands. The inner workings of the cellular environment make up the terrain that is maintained with food , water, breath, physical activity as well as our thought, emotions and beliefs.

Today’s guest is a well regarded expert in the field of whole body health whose life work has been helping people understand and care about their “inner terrain”. Christopher Vasey, N.D., is a naturopath specializing in detoxification and rejuvenation. He is the author of over a dozen best selling books including The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health, The Naturopathic Way, The Water Prescription, Spiritual Mysteries of the Blood, The Detox Mono Diet and his soon to be released book, Restoring Your Intestinal Flora – The Key to Digestive Wellness. He lives near Montreux, Switzerland.

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Podcast Transcript

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Welcome to the Soul Science Nutrition podcast, where you’ll discover that when it comes to your health, you’re so much more powerful than you’ve been led to believe. And now your host, she’s a holistic nutrition and lifestyle coach, chef author, and Yogi, Christine Okezie.

Christine Okezie (22s):
Hello, hello, and welcome to the Soul Science Nutrition podcast. I’m Christine Okezie. Thanks so much for listening today as a holistic health coach, as well as a devotee of the teachings of Ayurveda and yogic science. I recognize that health is not just the absence of disease, but the complete physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of the person. As you know, if you’ve been listening to the podcast, my passion is exploring healing strategies that favor natural remedies and lifestyle interventions, all designed to help the body heal itself. Well today’s guest is a well-regarded expert in the field of natural and holistic medicine whose life work has been helping people address the root cause of some of today’s most prevalent health challenges.

Christine Okezie (1m 8s):
He’s Christopher Vasey, naturopathic doctor specializing in detoxification and rejuvenation. He’s the author of over a dozen bestselling books, including the Acid Aalkaline Diet for Optimal Health, The Naturopathic Way, The Water Prescription, Spiritual Mysteries of the Blood, The Detox Monitor Diet. And his soon to be released book, Restoring Your Intestinal Flora, the key to digestive wellness, Dr. Vaizey lives near mantra, Switzerland, and I can’t wait for you to listen in on this informative and inspiring conversation. And if you haven’t already hit the subscribe button, please do so it helps me keep the podcast growing. Thanks so much for listening again and enjoy the episode.

Christine Okezie (1m 51s):
Okay. And hello, Christopher, thank you so much for being here today on the soul science nutrition podcast. Welcome

Christopher Vasey (1m 58s):
Christine all the way from Switzerland today. Yes. Yeah. It’s a long way, but with technical means it’s very close. I love

Christine Okezie (2m 7s):
That. I love that. Thank you. So let’s begin at the very beginning. So for our understanding, can you please just educate our listeners and explain what exactly is a naturopathic doctor so that we understand?

Christopher Vasey (2m 23s):
Well, the naturopath is someone who helps people get healthy again, but with natural means, and this kind of work is very often not understood. People think that we are doing the same thing as a doctor, but using remedies, which are natural, that is herbal remedies by two minutes, so forth, but this picture is, is wrong. It’s not like that. We don’t do the same thing as doctors. We do something else with other means because the doctor functions in the following manner matter first, he has to Jack knows the illness.

Christopher Vasey (3m 3s):
So he looks at the person and Ally’s all sorts of things. And then he has the name of the illness. And once he has this name, he then can prescribe a remedy, which has been made specially in a laboratory laboratory to cure this illness without the name of the illness. He can, he doesn’t do anything. He can not do anything with naturopathic. It’s different when we are not so interested to know what is the name of the illness. We want to know how it manifests, how it has taken place, because there are causes to illness.

Christopher Vasey (3m 44s):
And because the way we eat the way we think and so forth, if we are stressed and not, and that’s the important thing, and the therapy is not giving a remedy, which would supposedly wrap out all the problems that we want to act on the cruises of the illness by suppressing them, we will also suppress hopefully totally, but maybe not totally the symptoms of the illness and the illness itself. It’s holder, it’s a deep process, complete process and not only a superficial process.

Christine Okezie (4m 30s):
Yes. Yes. Okay. Thank you. So getting to that root cause I love this. So from a natural pathic perspective and approach, what is the root cause of most disease?

Christopher Vasey (4m 42s):
The route goes is to be found in the internal cellular environment. What is called also the terrine am I pronouncing it correctly? And the terrain is all the liquids, which are around the cells and inside the cells. And it’s the environment. And if the environment of the cell is good, has a good composition, not too many waste products, not enough vitamins and so forth, then the cells can work correctly. And the problem is that this internal cellular environment, it’s usually not in a good state, it’s accumulate too many waste products, toxins, and can also be lacking in minerals and whatever other kind of nutrients.

Christopher Vasey (5m 38s):
And when it is the case, then the cells cannot function anymore as well as they should. And the organs which they built cannot either, and we become ill. And the work of the natural path is to find the causes. Why are there lacks of vitamins and why are they so many and to help to cure the person to act on these coasters? The nature of all the illnesses, according to natural petty is to be found in the the internal cellular environment. But of course you mentioned at the beginning body, soul, mind, and soul, our psychic attitude towards life has also of course an influence because if we are very excited and stressed, then we will, whether the digestion and so forth will not be taking place in, in a good manner.

Christopher Vasey (6m 37s):
And that’s why we produce a lot of waste products, for example, how we can be very sad or under shock and so forth. And it has an influence on the, the bodily functioning. But of course, if we have good, a good attitudes, we want, we have loved to our neighbor. We have good thoughts. I mean, salts, which are constructive, beneficial, that also helps the body to function better. It’s a whole, yeah,

Christine Okezie (7m 6s):
Indeed. Okay. So when it comes to the process of detoxification, the eliminate, the proper function of the elimination of wastes at that cellular level, you are an expert when it comes to the gut, right? The health of the gut microbiome, our intestinal microbiome. How can we know if our gut health, if the imbalance in our micro biome is really the root cause, what are some signs and symptoms that we want to pay attention to looking through the lens of this naturopathic holistic approach,

Christopher Vasey (7m 43s):
The toxins, which accumulate in the body have, can only go out by four or five different exits, which are the liver, the guts, the kidneys, the skin, when we went the skin and when we sweat and, and also the lungs, those are the fives. Usually what we do when we detoxify someone, we stimulate one or several of these exits to accelerate the elimination of toxins, not to bring it to the normal level, but higher than normal.

Christopher Vasey (8m 24s):
So that’s more toxins come out every day of the body. Then usually it’s the case. So that’s, the accumulation can decrease. And the more toxins come out, the more the internal cellular environment is clean and the more the cells can function well and so forth. And then health is we can make the person healthy again. So now the intestinal, flora is something which contributes to our health because the interest in Natura is made of many microbes or germs, which are beneficial because they help us digest the food that we eat.

Christopher Vasey (9m 10s):
So the sign, as you were asking, what are the signs that this intestinal flora is not in good order? The sign is that we don’t digest correctly. The person has pains. He has nausea. He has gases, bloating, it’s aches. And well, it takes long to digest and so forth. That’s a sign that the intestinal flora is not functioning correctly, which can manifest also in the fact that the person has urea because the food is not digested. It’s irritates the, the guts walls.

Christopher Vasey (9m 51s):
And then the, the cats wants to get rid of it quicker in the quickest way. And he brings water in the gap and everything becomes liquid and it comes out lighter. Gerrier the opposite also possible. The guts will kind of specimen the paralyzed, not that really paralyzed, but stop moving as a church. And the stools get hard and constipation takes place. It’s a bit strange because it’s two opposites signs, but they can be found when someone doesn’t have an good intestinal for

Christine Okezie (10m 32s):
Yes. So there’s digestive symptom and, you know, to give us an indicator, but because, and this is where the thank you for bringing into the other elimination systems in the body, because it becomes a systemic issue. This internal cellular environment can affect other areas of our functioning, right? So we can affect beyond digestion. We might be looking for this root cause. What are some other areas that, you know, again, you know, some people these days, I find they don’t know how kind of mediocre they’re feeling until they start to understand there’s actually higher levels of vitality that they can be experiencing.

Christine Okezie (11m 13s):
Right? So it might just be fatigue for example, or when we can talk about, you know, kind of sugar cravings and, and just sort of, you know, inconsistency in their appetite or their energy level, right. Would this also be something to understand at this root cause?

Christopher Vasey (11m 34s):
Yes. As I said, the, the someone who’s, well, someone who’s has sugar cravings or just general cravings to eat will eat too much food too much will be giving too much foods to the body more than its needs. And it first, it will be difficult to digest all those sugars or fats and so forth. And that will give a lot of waste products. But when the waste products increase in the body, the person doesn’t feel well. Therefore, the person is not satisfied or irritated or impatient, and everybody knows how to count down by eating something that’s again, even worse than before unwell and eat again.

Christopher Vasey (12m 28s):
And it goes on like, it’s, that’s one possibility other people don’t is lacking in water to function correctly. And the enzymes cannot work well, the, the slow down. So that’s again a cause of an increase in the production of toxins. The transformation did not take place and that stuff, different materials stage that just there and it’s considered as waste products. Basically what I’m saying is that on the physical level, it always comes to the body functions and in not correctly. And there’s a production, an increase of production of waste products.

Christopher Vasey (13m 12s):
And to map too many toxins in the body will make the blood too thick. It will not circulate well. It will deposit in the different organs, the liver or kidneys and so forth and all the problems come from that. So that’s very physical. That’s all the, the emotional states, someone who’s always jealous the whole day challenges about things or interviews. He is disrupting the functioning of his body, which is, and his soul, of course, on the soul level, you will not feel well. And he will be aggressive, accumulate, bad sorts, bad feelings.

Christopher Vasey (13m 54s):
And we can say the same thing, which happens on the body level, physical level accumulation of waste product on the, in the internal Tara also takes place on the level of the soul, the soul accumulate, bad salts, bad feelings, jealousy, and so forth and not feel well

Christine Okezie (14m 15s):
Amazing. Yes. Yes. Thank you. So again, looking at a truly holistic perspective of the accumulation and the impairment, essentially of the deep, the overall body mind spirit detoxification system is I think what your expertise is pointing to here. So you wrote one of the many books, you’ve written spiritual mysteries of the blood. And you, you mentioned just a moment ago about the, the impact of processed foods and toxic thoughts and emotions and how that might hinder the bodies and the souls elimination or proper circulation for good health.

Christine Okezie (14m 56s):
Can you talk to us about that?

Christopher Vasey (14m 58s):
Yeah. Well, in this book,The Spiritual Mysteries of the Bloods or the subject is that we as human beings, we are not only a physical body. We are a soul or a spirit, depends who’s talking, which is incarnated in the physical body. And this soul is the one who directs the body. And in order to do that, it has to be linked to the body correctly. And it is linked by the blood. And if we have a good blood composition, then as a spirit or a use, usually spirit, our spirit is correctly linked to a body and we feel well, we feel that we are, we can use our body.

Christopher Vasey (15m 54s):
Well, everything is under control. We feel strong, capable of resisting acting and so forth. Now the problem comes when the composition of the blood is not correct is impaired by lax or of different nutrients or other things that maybe we don’t even know now abouts or is too full of waste products. Then the spirit is not linked correctly to the body and it can not act and resist and so forth correctly. And that’s where the people are unwell. They feel they’re always full of fears or anxiety, or they feel depressed.

Christopher Vasey (16m 39s):
Sometimes of course, depression, anxiety sometimes caused by physical poses. That’s a situation. Someone is coming and is angry with us and all that, but some depressions and anxiety, if yours are not caused by external situations, but it’s just an inner feeling which has built up in the person without the person, knowing why. And that’s the great help of the knowledge about the blood composition as a link between the spirit and the body. Sometimes these people depressed, depressed, people are only depressed or full of fears because their blood composition is snitching, not in order.

Christopher Vasey (17m 24s):
And the good point of this is that first we can understand why the person is in that we’ve found the coast. And it’s also possible to act on the emotional level on the mind, the soul, through the blood composition, we it’s easy to change the blood composition. It’s it’s. We have to eat in a different way, and the blood will be having another composition, for example, and, or taking vitamins, which are lacking that composition will change or detoxifying. The level of toxin will find it, go away, go down. And the blood composition will change, and the person will feel much better just to give you an example.

Christopher Vasey (18m 9s):
Some people came to me and they had eczema or pain in the joints and so forth, and they follow the cure I suggested. And then when they came back, they said, well, I have no pains anymore, but you know, it’s strange. I was a cluster phobic or I was always depressed and now I’m not anymore. And in fact, the treatment was not specific against depression or so forth, but it had an effect on the blood composition and it changed the state of minds.

Christine Okezie (18m 44s):
Brilliant, brilliant. Thank you for sharing that. They’re very powerful example. And I think that was really the motivation right behind you writing this book and, and, and, and, and, and researching this, this connection because the remedies, so to fix so called the physical symptom in the body, right. Had this wonderful kind of side benefit working on the mental and emotional health of the individual, right? So what was the connection? And so the composition of the blood, and, you know, you call it the bridge between body and spirits, quite fascinating. What exactly are we looking for in terms of the composition of the blood? Is it an acid alkaline thing?

Christine Okezie (19m 24s):
Cause this is another area of expertise you bring in. Is there are certain nutrient deficiencies. What, what are the properties of good blood composition that we want to support in a healthy body mind substances?

Christopher Vasey (19m 38s):
Well, the blood composition has, it has different red cells, white cells, placate, and so forth. And, but that has also a certain level of vitamin C vitamin B calcium potassium and so forth. And as I said before, maybe other things that we’re not aware of yet, but it’s to see in the future, but I’m already just on the level of what we can eat. What we eat gives us the vitamins, which are, or don’t eat, gives us the vitamins, or don’t give us the vitamins. And then we are lacking in the vitamins.

Christopher Vasey (20m 20s):
And what we eat is also has an influence on the toxins, which are produced. So the food is a very important issue because a lot depends on it’s in relation with the blood composition and therefore by acting on the blood compositions shoe foods, one can have a good effect. This knowledge, I have not found myself. I found it in the book, which is a spiritual book, which is called in the lecture of choose a great message. And it talks, it talks about all sorts of spiritual topics, but among all those, there is also this knowledge about the blood and the author sets that’s to change the blood composition.

Christopher Vasey (21m 7s):
The great thing to do is basically to change it by checking the foods that the person eats one has to lower down the intake of certain foods items and bring up the quantity of others well chosen, according to the, the, the person to in fact, give the bloods all it needs to, to produce a good blood composition.

Christine Okezie (21m 39s):
Yes. Thank you. Again, just, I think it’s really useful to understand there might be another motivation for eating a more balanced nutrient dense, you know, fiber plant, rich diet going beyond, I think what, you know, kind of the conventional thoughts are, but to really understand that it really is getting to the S the, the, the more subtle aspects of our nature in this, in this kind of interesting way, you know, it’s really fascinating. It’s a, it’s quite a bridge. Sorry,

Christopher Vasey (22m 9s):
Just the good, a good point is that when someone feels, always feels depressed or anxious or has fears and so forth, the solution is not to take pharmaceutical remedies or one sort of another, that’s not the only possibility. There’s also the possibility to act on the blood composition, which will make themselves put them in a better state of mind and, but also have a good influence on their physical health. Yes,

Christine Okezie (22m 46s):
Yes, yes. That’s absolutely. Yeah. And again, looking at it, it’s, it’s getting harder and harder, and I’m sure you know, this in, in your experience, it’s getting harder and harder to separate the physical, mental, and emotional health of, of the person, right? I mean, we really, it’s, it’s, it’s a false separation at this point. So the remedies that we talk about with good food, good lifestyle habits there for the whole person, right? The very hard to help the physical body and not help the emotional body and so on. So forth. Beautiful. I’d love to ask you, you know, specifically, there’s just a lot of questions and, you know, there’s a lot of confusion, you know, in terms of good foods, bad foods.

Christine Okezie (23m 27s):
So your expertise in the other book is one of the other books is good sugars, bad sugars. Right now we know a lot these days about how toxic, you know, white refined sugars can be now with the diabetes epidemic, but speaking from your expertise, you know, you know, what, what, what should people really understand about the effects of, you know, the quote unquote, the bad sugars, maybe you could help us understand your distinction.

Christopher Vasey (23m 55s):
Yeah. Well, good sugars are those which are offered by nature. That’s fruits, vegetables, and honey, and also hold Samuels. These are all give sugar, the energy we need. And, but the batch of goods are produced by man. And just to be more precise, up to 200 years ago, a human, the human beings only add good sugars because there was no white sugar and no whites flour from so, but let’s talk about white sugar because that’s the worst of the two white sugar was invented well, two years, 200 years ago.

Christopher Vasey (24m 44s):
And at the beginning, it was very precious and expensive, and then it was cheaper and cheaper. And then people add more and more of it. And it has been calculated that here in Europe, each day, in average, people eat a hundred grams of white sugar. And in the United States, it’s worse. It’s 120 or something, six gram, I think. And it’s, it’s only an average. So some people don’t eat much white sugar, but so others eat more than 120, maybe 150 or 200 grams of sugar. That’s more than more, more materials.

Christopher Vasey (25m 27s):
Then they eat more sugar than they eat eggs or, or other things, which is really incredible because it’s not a food. It’s a fake foods. We talk a lot about fake news, but there are also fake fake foods, energy. Yes. White sugar is one of them. White sugar is 99.6% of sickos in usually in each food item, there is a different, they are sugars, but also vitamins proteins fats. But then what you get, it’s only one thing sucrose, and that’s all, and that’s really difficult for the body to digest, to use correctly and what it does it’s as you said, when people eat too much of those white sugars, then it can give them diabetes.

Christopher Vasey (26m 19s):
That’s one thing, because the pancreas gets weaker and weaker, fighting against all this quantity of white sugar coming in because the, the, the work of the pancreas is to see when the sugar level is too high in the blood. It will secrete insulin to lower down this level. And it has to do with so many times during the day. And so in such harsh manner, producing a lot, because there’s so much sugar that’s with time, it will become so weak. Then it cannot do its work anymore. So that’s one thing, but those white sugars, when they come into the body, they are difficult to metabolized because they don’t bring any vitamins and enzymes and so forth as all the other foods.

Christopher Vasey (27m 7s):
So they, they are not correctly digest decomposed. It’s not cashing of digestion. It’s not in the gut. It’s in the, in the cells, the, the sugar is not decomposed correctly. And it stays in an acid. It states in the states of as pyruvic acid or, and so forth. And someone who eats a lot of white sugar has a lot of assets in the body and assets, as we all know is aggressive. It attacks the tissues, the organs, the, what they do is that the trigger information’s all over in the body and many illnesses are characterized by inflammation, but also to fight against all those assets, the body will take alkaline minerals to neutralize the assets.

Christopher Vasey (28m 5s):
And therefore, the result of that is that the assets are utilized more or less, but the, the body will have lost a lot of minerals. It will have the mineralized, and that’s also very bad because many illnesses can come because of that. That’s the question of the theme of the acid alkaline balance, which is also subject of one of my, one of my books. It’s very common. It comes with sugar, but with the other foods, also, the sugar is one of the big codes of this imbalance between acid and alkaline.

Christopher Vasey (28m 48s):
And many illnesses are triggered by that. And the solution is not taking a pharmaceutical remedy. There’s no remedy against it. The only thing is to change the way we live, what we eat to cut out all those white sugar for Wednesday and all the other foods, which can

Christine Okezie (29m 10s):
Bring the problem then thank you. Okay. So, you know, keeping in mind again, the, the proper balance of that internal environment, what are your thoughts on over the counter and acid over the counter and prescription frankly, and acids. And we can actually, if you could go into the over-the-counter laxative products that, you know, these are some of the most highest selling drugs on the market, because they may sort of what’s going on in the standard American diet and obviously in other parts of the world as well. But, you know, people are kind of grown accustomed to, you know, popping pills, you know, taking an acid because they think they have too much stomach acid treating acid reflux, treating constipation.

Christine Okezie (29m 59s):
How do you advise your clients and patients?

Christopher Vasey (30m 3s):
Yeah, he had, there are two kinds of anti acids when someone has a problem with the stomach to match acids, of course it’s not comfortable and it will can lead to irritation, ulcers and so forth and reflux acid snap. And that there are certain remedies which are anti acids, which will neutralize the acids in the stomach. But what we, I was talking about just before was the accumulation of assets in the internal cellular environment that is in the tissues. And that’s a different story, but there are also assets to help the body get rid of the extra acids.

Christopher Vasey (30m 47s):
And they are powders or pills of calcium, sodium potassium in a certain form, which is easy for the body to metabolize. And when you, the people swallow it, then it will dissolve the, go into the blood. And then it will help the blood and the body to neutralize the acids, which are in the tissues, the depths of the body, nuts in the stomach. And by following a cure for many weeks months, the person can de acid defy his internal terror. And what, by doing this, the first thing he will notice is that he’s not tired anymore because lack of energy fatigue is caused by an excess of acids, but also then where, if he has eczema joint pains and so forth, the pain will work.

Christopher Vasey (31m 43s):
That blower become smaller and smaller and can disappear totally in the best cases, but fairly often. And just because it was the assets, which were the cause of the problems,

Christine Okezie (31m 58s):
A lot of questions on what to eat these days. And so much controversy again, from this lens, looking at the whole environment, what are your thoughts on dairy and meat?

Christopher Vasey (32m 11s):
Yeah, well, it meets is a food is, which is rich in proteins and we need proteins. And of course we, we have also proteins in eggs and cheese and some vegetable plants, foods, but my practice and what I’ve learned in my naturopathic studies and being able to observe is that we Europeans and probably Americans too. We are used to use proteins from animal sources. So that is meats, eggs, fish, and cheese.

Christopher Vasey (32m 54s):
And our parents used to eat it and grandparents and for us, our body is used to it. And if we stop eating totally meats and the body is in a difficulty because it is lacking something, which is, it is used to, to employ, to function. And that’s a problem. One should never cut out too quickly or completely one kind of foods we are used to now, someone in, let’s say in India, whose diet was always vegetarian without meats, for example, but let’s not problem.

Christopher Vasey (33m 35s):
He doesn’t eat meat and his body is used to it and can function with other kind of products. So it depends on where you come from and what kind of which race you are from and so forth. And that’s for me, it’s so I think it’s good to eat less meats, especially less red meats, but as we are used to it, we should still keep some meats every few days to be sure we are not lacking something. And yeah, I can. I’m going to bring the subject of the blood composition. Again, the body is used to use meats to produce a certain blood composition when the meat doesn’t come anymore, the blood and composition changes and the spirit is not so well, incarnated in the body, the person will a bit floats near his body, but not completely in it.

Christopher Vasey (34m 35s):
And this feeling of floating is the situation of many people who have changed drastically and too quickly. The diet by suppressing completely the, the meats suppressing meat is not only a problem for the functioning of the body, but also the way we feel because of the blood composition. And now you said about milk product also. Yeah. Yeah. No. The big craze is that to say many people say, oh, I do not mil product. As don’t agree, I’m allergic to them and so forth.

Christopher Vasey (35m 18s):
What I can observe is that many people are not in that situation at all, but they think they are, and they have suppressed cutouts, the, the milk products, cheese yogurts, and so forth, and they feel better and they have the impression, well, I’ve cut out cheese and I’m feeling better. I don’t have Coles anymore or pain in the chart. Sorry, XMR that was the coast, but not, it was not necessarily the coast. And the reason is that that if someone is overeating and he becomes sick because of it, he is, is ill.

Christopher Vasey (35m 60s):
If he cuts out the meats, it will, he’ll be eating less and he will feel better if he doesn’t cut out the meat, but he cuts out all the cereals, grains, pasta, bread, and so forth. He will also feel better because there’s less food to digest. They will be better digested. They will be less toxins produced in here. And the same thing happened when he cuts out the milk, he feels better, but in some cases, the person are really allergic. But when it is the case, as soon as they eat milk products, they, they feel unwell or the pains increase, or the XMR increase.

Christopher Vasey (36m 47s):
It’s quite quick. And quite demonstrative. You, you can see that something is taking

Christine Okezie (36m 53s):
Your, what, you’ve, what you practice and what you studied is that there’s no kind of, there’s a, tends to be a rigidity and a kind of a one size fits all approach these days to nutrition, to making changes around our food habits and routines. And I guess what I’m hearing is because we really do want to pay attention to what’s going on at the root cause. So much of this. And we talk a lot of bets in the show is being able to listen to your body, being able to really tune into what your energy level is, what your, you know, what your mental state is, right.

Christine Okezie (37m 34s):
How you feel, you said, you know, how certain eating certain foods make you feel it’s so important. It brings up an interesting, you know, idea is in, in, in the work that I do. I, I help people. I like to say, I help people make peace with food because food becomes sometimes so overwhelming or so difficult to navigate. And what you bring when I’m hearing about understanding how this is all bridged, mind, body, spirit, perhaps you can share with us your thoughts on, I think you write about it in one of your books, you call it the spiritual purposes of eating. Can you tell us a little bit about what you mean by that?

Christopher Vasey (38m 15s):
It was in the book, the spiritual mysteries of the blood? Yeah. Yeah. Well, some people eat because of physical reasons. They want to be healthy. They want to be more, have more weight, or they eat less to have less weight and so forth. But we, on the religious grounds, people stop eating animal foods because before Easter or because there’s a certain or the Muslims also, they don’t eat some fruits. It’s because it’s all traditions which were builds started because it was when someone eats less or fast doesn’t eat anything.

Christopher Vasey (39m 5s):
The whole situation change. The plan, position changes in different and they feel much more open to spiritual things to more subtle. If there are things then when they eat a steak and fries and so forth, someone who, depending on what you eat, you are very incarnated in the body and very rough and maybe aggressive. And if you eat less your normal, and if you eat even less of those, then you can to begin to float. And so there is this, those recommendation, which come from one place to another.

Christopher Vasey (39m 46s):
If you eat less of some fruits, you will feel differently and it’s good for your spiritual approach of life or religious approach. But the explanation has never been really given. And it was with the secrets of the bloods when the real reason of the blood, as a link between the spirit and the body, not, we can understand why food can have an influence on the spirit, the way we feel and so forth. It will not transform the spirits and may transform it into a danger.

Christopher Vasey (40m 26s):
If we are aggressive, it will not make us less completely non-aggressive, but it will put us in a state of mind, which enable we as a spirit to control ourself better so that we can be less aggressive or not aggressive, but full of love and respect, so help it to help the spirits help itself.

Christine Okezie (40m 52s):
Beautiful, beautiful. Again, you know, becoming, you were appreciating that the qualities of the food are actually pretty interesting to look at in terms of the states of being they can create in our, in ourselves, you know, amazing to think about. And, and to your point. So if we’re eating, what, what, what has been called here, the standard American diet, which again, is a lot of sugar, a lot of refined sugars, a lot of meat, a lot of alcohol. It’s so curious to look at the effects again, from an acid alkaline balance to use your area of expertise, to look at that from inflammation, gut health, and ultimately, you know, are, are more subtle, sensitive nature, right?

Christine Okezie (41m 36s):
Are more spiritual if you will nature very interesting to look at all these foods through different lenses.

Christopher Vasey (41m 43s):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And basically the question of foods is quite simple. We are here on the earth need nature, should we say, or the creator of nature has created, man, we also created or produced the food. It needs. Nature gives us the food we need and we should eat it as it gives it to us, or only slightly transform by cooking or by making bread, rich fermentation. That’s also possible. Yes. Yes. As soon as we try to extract part of the food and mix it with other extracts and we add extra to normal food and four, we are destroying the balance of the food and the vitality of the foods, and we are on the wrong, wrong roads.

Christopher Vasey (42m 40s):
In fact, we’ve got, if we eat the basic diet to be healthy is to eat fruits fresh or dry or chooses and vegetable in raw or cooked or soup or chooses cold cereals that is a whole rice or whole breads or pasta and so forth. And what else? Well, eggs for the proteins, eggs and fish in normal that is not big quantities and meat can also be eaten, but not in big quantities. It’s all question of eating the food nature gives us in a sensible way,

3 (43m 28s):
Eating or eating

Christopher Vasey (43m 31s):
Because both problems are can arise by doing that. We always, always on the correct and with our instincts, that is the body intelligence of the body or our intuition, the, the intelligence of the spirits or the intelligence of our brain by with those three means we can then adjust needs accordingly. It’s more of this kind of food. It’s a grease better with me. It’s better for me or, or less of that one. In fact, it’s not so difficult, but as people have lost this kind of knowledge, there are people like you and me who explained these things again,

Christine Okezie (44m 15s):
I love this, the intelligence of the body and your intuition, and that’s a key component, right? For being able to not feel overwhelmed or, or get too caught up in, in all these diet, crazes and fads, you know, which unfortunately is, is what I think the, the most disempowering thing around food these days, you, you say it’s so simply, and it brings to mind, you might be familiar. I just had a thought, there’s an author, an American American author who writes a lot about food and healthy lifestyle, Michael Pollan. And he says, eat food, not too much, mostly plants, you know, and it’s essentially what you’ve said, which is, you know, and also I like the fact that it’s really important to emphasize your culture, your, your ancestry, you know, your, your, your, your, your actual history, your origin of nature, right.

Christine Okezie (45m 8s):
Plays a part in what makes your body thrive too, and what makes your body being balanced? So this, again, if you grow up in, in places where vegetarian diets have been there for thousands of years, then important to honor that, right. And important to honor that in your, in your blood and your overall composition. So that’s a really, I think, missing component in modern nutrition. So thank you for bringing that up. So obviously in the last year or two health has been at the forefront of everybody’s minds, can you offer Christopher your best strategy or a best tip? Maybe you’ve already shared it because you’ve shared so much, what’s the best tip for navigating our best health during these very challenging times?

3 (45m 54s):

Christopher Vasey (45m 55s):
There’s a microphone, a virus going around and the possibilities that we will, it will enter about the, but then the body must is capable normally to, to fight against it. It’s the immune system. And to, to just neutralize destroy the virus. And then we are not infected. We don’t get ill, but for a virus to be having a harmful effect on a body. And that’s true also for all the microbes, there are two conditions to help a virus or microbes to get us ill.

Christopher Vasey (46m 36s):
The first one is to have internet internal cellular environment that is this Tara we were talking about, which is full of toxins and lacking in different nutrients. That’s the ideal place for microbes to develop. So if we want to resist to give a hard time to microbes, we have to have the best Tara. We can. The most healthiest, the most clean that is without toxins and the most well fed, not overfed fit with vitamins minerals and so forth. When the microbes come in such a terror, it can not live.

Christopher Vasey (47m 17s):
It’s, it’s too healthy for him. It’s not the good conditions for him. So that’s one point. And then the, and I should add here that there’s a in natural medicine, that the microbe is nothing. The terror is everything, which means that what is basically the most important is the terror terror of most of the population is not in order. And therefore they’re too receptive to and too welcoming to the microbes. Yes, yes, yes. Yeah. And then the second point is that once the microbiome is in inside the body, the body can, is not passive.

Christopher Vasey (47m 59s):
It’s not without arms to fight against it. It has the immune system. And for many people, when you talk about the immune system, it’s more a words. Then they cannot represent themselves something that the immune system is made of different organs, the spleen, the lymphatic ganglions heart, you say. Yeah. And, and so forth, different organs, which are in the internal Tara. And just as any other organs, they will function well. If the Taha is in order and they will not function well, if the terrain is full of toxins and lacking in nutrients.

Christopher Vasey (48m 43s):
So to, to have a very strong immune system, one has to have a good Tara, which is where we’ve already talked about how you deal with that. And that’s, if everybody, that’s something the authorities didn’t talk about, they only talked about antiviruses and vaccine and so forth, which is fair enough. But if, and if they had talked about you should have a good Tara and I stop eating all this fake food and, and it’s natural food and so forth, many people would have felt themselves much better. They would have a better tomorrow and could not become ill because of this virus.

Christopher Vasey (49m 29s):

Christine Okezie (49m 29s):
Yeah. Thank you. Well, it’s a beautiful opportunity, right? To look at our health and the, and if I can say the control that we can have over our health, you know, that we’re more, we’re more equipped and we have more available to us to take control of our health, to manage actively our lifestyle, take care of our immune system. But I love this. Ultimately it’s an internal process, right? We have to turn ourselves and look not just literally at the cellular level and to your point with the internal environment, our terrain, right. Making it inhospitable for virus pathogen, but also the internal environment is useful to understand, again, from that holistic standpoint, right?

Christine Okezie (50m 18s):
It’s our, it’s our thoughts, emotions, our spirit, our, our attitude in life. And all of this is in your work love the way that it just together. So yes, we can talk about our immune system, but we have to talk about all the various types of toxins, right. That we’ve brought up. So there’s sugar and processed food, but there’s also, I think you mentioned fear and anger and, and aggression and how that’s all interconnected. So it’s really a beautiful opportunity. I think you’re right in, in for us to navigate from this more comprehensive lens of what is possible for us. If we really, really are interested in taking care of ourselves, what inspires you this day today, these days?

Christine Okezie (51m 2s):
What inspires you in the work that you’re doing? I know you’re busy writing and creating even more.

Christopher Vasey (51m 8s):
I’m interested in explaining things which are useful for, for the people to be healthy physically. That’s one kind of book I write and also to be, to be, to feel well on the spiritual level to be open spiritually so that they can see be in a state of mind, which is good because we’re here on nurse, not to be suffering and so forth, but we could, can be happy. And there’s no good reason that we should not be accepted when we act against law of health, for example, where we will suffer because in this will come, but on the spiritual level, we take decisions.

Christopher Vasey (51m 54s):
What we want to say is, think, or say, and do. And we think, well, it’s fine. We can, we have three. We can think and do whatever we want, but it’s not. If you have spiritual knowledge, you know that there is this big law of what you sow, you will reap. And everything we do is written somewhere written is not the correct word, but it’s inscribed somewhere. And it will come back to us in the form of situations, which will make us experience what we have imposed to others. And as those situations come in our life, and we don’t see the CO’s, we say, ah, it’s arbitrary, it’s blind fates falling on us and all, but in fact, we are just reaping what we have sown in that earlier in this life or in previous lives in these situations, fates is not something arbitrary, illogical without good reason.

Christopher Vasey (52m 56s):
It’s really reaping what we have sown in the past. And it’s not normally as it’s to just as illness it’s to confront us with a situation and people. And so that we can learn what we did wrong. We didn’t treat them well in one way or another. And that we have to learn and change in ward later, act in a different manner, the opposites. And in fact, I’ve got two kinds of books, the natural Patti books, and also on spiritual themes. And these books are on my website. They can be downloaded in fact for free because they’re not published in paper.

Christopher Vasey (53m 40s):
And they talk about well different things, which can be the laws of nature and different century can be interesting for people who are oriented in this direction.

Christine Okezie (53m 53s):
Oh, thank you so much. Thank you so much. I appreciate that. Such a beautiful knowledge and, you know, approach diversified approach to, again, being happy and healthy in, in the, in this human existence. So thank you so much, all these things so important for us to consider when we talk about health. Right. Okay. So I will make sure to include the links on your show notes, but thank you Christopher so much for your time and for all that you do in the world to keep us healthy. So thank

Christopher Vasey (54m 26s):
You for having invited me. It was a pleasure to talk with you really.

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