Mastering Your Energy To Achieve Your Desires – Ep#042 Law of Attraction Expert Christy Whitman

On this show we go deeper into the Law of Attraction, looking once again into the relationship between consciousness and our health and happiness. Health afterall goes way beyond our physical body – we all know it’s not simply what we eat, it’s how we work with the more subtle parts of our being, our emotions, our mind and our soul — our ENERGY.

We can set goals, tick off all the to-do’s but if underlying all this doing is self doubt, fear, unresolved emotions of any kind our subconscious mind will always find a way to preserve the status quo. But the good news is that there are some very practical steps we can take to align with and have a more desirable experience of reality on a more consistent basis.

Today’s guest is a Christy Whitman, a leader in helping others to consciously create the reality of our dreams and desires. She is a celebrity coach, Law of Attraction expert, as well as the two-time New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All, Taming Your Alpha Bitch, and international bestseller Quantum Success.

Today, we are talking about Christy’s newly released book, The Desire Factor, How To Embrace Your Materialistic Nature to Reclaim Your Full Spiritual Power“a clear and empowering guide to consciously using our thoughts to create the world we desire for ourselves and humanity.

Christy has appeared on media outlets, including The Today Show, The Morning Show, TEDx, and the Hallmark Channel. She and her work have been featured in various publications, including Goalcast, People, Seventeen, Woman’s Day, Hollywood Life, and Teen Vogue, to name a few.

She is the CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy helping to certify over three thousand life coaches as well as helping countless others to unlock their power to manifest. Christy is also the channel for a group of ascended masters, a non physical energy stream of consciousness who call themselves the Quantum Council of Light, or “the Council.”

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Podcast Transcript

0 (1s):
Welcome to the Soul Science Nutrition Podcast, where you’ll discover that when it comes to your health, you’re so much more powerful than you’ve been led to believe. And now your host, she’s a holistic nutrition and lifestyle coach, chef author, and Yogi, Christine Okezie. Hello,

Christine Okezie (23s):
And welcome to the soul science nutrition podcast. I’m Christine Okezie. Thanks so much for tuning in today. So on this show, we’re going deeper into the law of attraction. Looking once again, into that relationship between our consciousness and our health and happiness health. After all goes way beyond this physical body, we all know it’s not simply just what we eat. It’s how we work with the more subtle parts of our being our emotions, our mind, and our soul. We can visualize set goals, tick off all those to dues. But if underlying all this doing is self doubt, fear, unresolved emotions of any kind, our subconscious mind will always find a way to preserve status quo.

Christine Okezie (1m 8s):
Our subconscious mind is simply trying to protect our view of how life works, our view of ourselves. And this gets to the root of why changing our habits. Behaviors. Current situations can feel really challenging, but the good news is that there are some very practical steps we can take to align with and have a more desirable experience of reality on a more consistent basis. We can do the work of consciously choosing our perspectives, feelings, and reactions. The more we dedicate to cleaning up our inner life, breaking out of our habitual stories, paying attention to our reactions in everyday situations, finding tools that break us out of our small sense of self and give us an experience of the vastness of what we really are.

Christine Okezie (1m 58s):
Well, this is the process and the goal, essentially, to clear out anything that keeps you from knowing and embodying an every cell of your being that you are deserving, worthy, lovable, desirable, capable, as well as smart enough, strong enough, good enough, whatever enough is in every other way, that matters to you. And so, as we on this special show today, we have an expert in this field, very well-known transformational leader, celebrity coach, and law of attraction expert, Christy Whitman, Christy Whitman is a two time New York times bestselling author coming out with her third book, the desire factor, which we are going to dive into today, Christy has appeared on media outlets, including the today show, the morning show TEDx and the hallmark channel she and her work had been featured in various publications, such as goal cast people 17 day Hollywood life.

Christine Okezie (3m 1s):
Just to name a few Christy is the CEO and founder of the quantum success coaching Academy, a law of attraction coaching certification program. She has helped certify over 3000 life coaches and has helped countless others to unlock their powers to manifest. Christy is also the channel for a group of ascended masters who call themselves the quantum council of light or the council. And I can’t wait for you to listen in on this juicy conversation. So I hope that you enjoy the show and if you do feel so inclined, I’d be grateful if you could leave a rating and review. And of course, please remember to hit that subscribe button so I can keep these inspiring messages growing.

Christine Okezie (3m 43s):
Thanks so much. Hello, Christy Whitman. Thanks so much for being on the podcast today. Welcome

Christy Whitman (3m 49s):
So much, Christine. I’m so happy to be with you.

Christine Okezie (3m 52s):
It’s a pleasure. And I want to dive right in. I know you’ve got lots going on right now with the initial presale for your next book, which we’ll dive into today. So I’m excited. So for the benefit of our listeners, we live in a vibrational universe. Okay. And we are energy beings. Now this is quite a paradigm shift for most people, but if you could, in your, in your words, sort of describe how that principle operates in our lives and how we can use it to benefit our health, our, our happiness.

Christy Whitman (4m 26s):
Well, I’ll tell you the way it shifted for me, shifted things for me to understand that and the way it shifted for, I mean, hundreds of thousands of clients is that I went from thinking that it was the conditions of my life. That made me feel a certain way. So instead of my body looking a certain way, then I’ll feel happy or my relationship or my husband showing up a certain way, then I’ll be happy. Then I’ll be secured. Then I’ll, you know, so the typical way that we live our lives is if I get this, or if someone shows up this way, or if I have this, then I’ll be, and then I’ll be usually becomes, you know, happy, joyful content, you know, free, whatever it is, right.

Christy Whitman (5m 12s):
If I have this certain amount of money, then I’ll feel successful, then I’ll feel secure. And so it becomes a very different understanding when we understand that we’re the ones that are attracting things to us, instead of things being asserted on us. Because the other perspective that all the conditions, all the circumstances of our lives they’re happening randomly. We don’t have any control over it, right? And that we’re in response like we’re reactionary to those conditions and circumstances. Instead of us being a conscious creator of it, understanding that, Hey, if I feel this way, then I attract different things.

Christy Whitman (5m 54s):
So it becomes a very much like from a outside in approach to an inside out approach to life. And when that happens, it then becomes I, if I create my own reality and it’s done through my, my vibration, my energy, then it’s not about controlling situations or changing things outside of me, it’s about mastering my own energy. So that the circumstances, situations, events, relationships, all form around it changed shift because I’ve made that internal shift.

Christine Okezie (6m 27s):
Thank you. Yes. So the seat of power becomes an internal one versus a dependence on circumstance or situations being the, then I will be, then I will have right outside of us. Absolutely. It’s a huge paradigm shift.

Christy Whitman (6m 44s):
It’s absolutely. It’s, it’s like coming a, for like a, like an alien landing on another planet. That’s what it feels like sometimes. Right. And then when you’re the one that kind of has you come into that and you’re like, okay, I’m totally shifting. And you’re shifting everything. And other people on this planet are still like that. It’s like, wait, am I the alien or them, you know, are they, ’cause, it’s, it’s funny because it’s like, if you would just change, then I’ll be happy. It’s like, no, no, no, no. You have to find happiness in yourself. I told that to my, I tell that to my son the other night, who has been very much raised with universal laws and law of attraction. And I got knocked off by something and he goes, mom, when you’re not happy, I’m not happy.

Christy Whitman (7m 25s):
And I said, max, that’s not true. I go, you have the choice to be happy. Even if I’m having a moment of not being happy. And he just went, Oh, like he got it. He’s like, in that moment, I’m witnessing you not being happy, but I don’t have to go with you in that. Not being happy. I can still choose to be in my joy. And I was like, exactly.

Christine Okezie (7m 48s):
Yeah. That’s, that’s a, that’s a big paradigm shift. And it goes to, you know, another one, which is in order to have what you want in this life. Well, no pain, no gain, you know, you, you, you, you know, you gotta, you know, pedal to the metal, you know? Yes. What about that paradigm?

Christy Whitman (8m 5s):
Yeah. So that’s a very old way of thinking. I mean, our parents, our parents’ parents, it’s all about hard work and effort. And you know, it gives way to the, it’s always the physical effort alone that causes a result. When in fact, I mean, I witnessed my father, who’s now 88. He retired at 86, probably the hardest working person I’ve ever met. He worked six days a week, you know, would leave the house sometimes five o’clock in the morning, four 30 in the morning just to get to his office sometimes come home late at night. If he had a, you know, a deadline on a project. I mean, he was a very hardworking man, but he believed in Murphy’s law, that things are always going to go wrong.

Christy Whitman (8m 46s):
And they’re probably going to be worse than it actually is. And you know, he, he is still, he’s always been very pessimistic expecting the worst to happen. And so what I know now to be true is that it’s both inner and outer. That creates the results. If you’re just efforting, efforting efforting, if you’re in this perspective of struggle, push drive strive, and your inner mindset in your emotions are of this has got to be hard. Life is hard. Life is tough. It’s so hard to make money. That will be your reality. And you’re having to put more physical exertion into something and it’s not physical action alone.

Christy Whitman (9m 26s):
That creates our reality. It actually, when you align, when you, we are aligned and when I mean aligned by pure positive energy, when you’re in the positive, joyful expectancy of something that you desire that energy fuels you, and it actually opens up doors, it creates this beautiful, energetic momentum. So that the effort that you do take is, is, is so much more, it results in so much more, right? It’s like when they actually have done tests in quantum physics that one hour of inner work, like seven hours of outer work. Yeah.

Christine Okezie (10m 4s):
Internal alignment for outer results. Right. And that’s the whole thing. Our mindset matters and how our, how we feel absolutely matters. That’s our frequency. So how do you suggest, or how do you help people work with that inner alignment? How do we clean up our psyche? How do we bring more awareness to the quality of our thoughts and our emotions?

Christy Whitman (10m 27s):
Well, that’s a great question because when you think about we create from our consciousness and what is our consciousness, our consciousness is what we say, what we think, what we perceive expect, believe what we feel, and then the actions that we take and because our me and I can, I can look at my family as much as they have been blessed and has as much that they’ve had and experience the perspective. And the mindset is always in lack, not enough, you know, got a struggle. Everything’s a drama. Everything becomes a really big deal. It’s like really the saying of making a mountain out of a mole Hill. And I grew up like that.

Christy Whitman (11m 7s):
So my perspective was seeped in never enough. Don’t do enough, don’t have enough. You’re not enough. And that’s the training that most of us got. And not even just from our family lineage, from our religious lineages, from my media, from, you know, like the whole into societal lineage. I mean advertising, right? If you don’t drive this fancy car, if you don’t have this night cream, you’re, you’re not gonna, you know, you don’t have, you’re not, yeah, you don’t, you’re not enough. So everything goes towards the perspective of lack. And that is a very old way. It was the truth for, you know, decades and generations before.

Christy Whitman (11m 48s):
But now we’re in it. We have been in the age of abundance where we understand that it’s energy, not physical action alone, that creates the results and that we always have access to higher energy. And that our source that’s breathing us is breathing in pure, positive energy. It’s unlimited. And there’s this understanding that we are in fact abundant. And so it’s like a spectrum on one side of the spectrum is lack and limitation, which always feels bad. It’s where all our level emotions come from. Right. And then on the other side of spectrum is the, what we’re moving into. And that’s the perspective and the mindset of lack that there is enough, there’s all sufficiency where gratitude and appreciation are well, how do you get from lack to abundance, right?

Christy Whitman (12m 32s):
It’s a, there’s a tipping point. Vibrationally speaking, that when you are in satisfactions called the law of sufficiency and abundance, when you’re insufficiency satisfaction, when you’re in a place of looking for the positive attitude or positive aspects, right. Then you tip into abundance and then your mindset and perspective shifts.

Christine Okezie (12m 55s):
Beautiful. Yes, yes. From the work that I do and the yoga perspective, we call that the neutral mind, we call that finding neutrality, right? And that’s, you know, new neutral, we get out of that duality, good, bad, positive, negative, you know, and we are able to see with the intelligent part of our mind, you know, just what is, and from that place, we can make informed choices and take empowered action and really see what’s really going on without the story, you know? Exactly. Yeah. So I think that’s what you’re getting at. So how, what’s your favorite tool for, and you give so many beautiful energy management practices in the book, which basically have you come into your body, use your breath, but you know, I find that, and that’s why your book is very complete.

Christine Okezie (13m 39s):
Most people don’t do that work. Right. They just want to jump into while additional good vibes, only, you know, kind of thing. Right. And, and there’s some

Christy Whitman (13m 50s):
That’ll help. Right.

Christine Okezie (13m 51s):
Right, exactly. Right. And, and the, and it’s flawed. And this is, I think one of the myths and the frustrations that people have about working with this system, you know, this, the, these laws, the law of attraction is that there there’s actual development that’s needed, right. To work on limiting beliefs. For example,

Christy Whitman (14m 10s):
It’s all about energy mastery. And so if we’re in the space of feeling less than good, right? Cause the divine in us is always in a place of thriving and feeling good. It always is in alignment with good feelings. It flows positive vibes to us all the time. If we’re not in alignment with that, then we’re out of alignment and we feel lower vibrations. Right? So if, if you can understand that if we’re feeling a certain way, force feeling bad, like the course of miracles talks about there’s only two primary emotions, right. There’s fear and love. We’ll go deeper. Where does the fear come from? It doesn’t just pop up. It comes from a perspective of lack. And if we can understand that and go, okay, I’m something, what am I fearing?

Christy Whitman (14m 53s):
I’m fearing a shortage of money. I’m fearing a shortage of support. I’m fearless. You know, then we can understand where’s that perspective. It’s kind of like cutting the roots of a, of a weed at the top or pulling it out by the roots.

Christine Okezie (15m 7s):
There you go. Yes, exactly. So getting underneath what the resistance is, is really key when it works, when you’re working with this, okay.

Christy Whitman (15m 15s):
You’re shifting the energy. You’re not just kind of like it. That’s why affirmations are great. Right? It shifts you from, from a thought of, I’m not enough to, I am enough. I don’t have enough to, I, I have enough. But if you keep having to say that affirmation, because the thought keeps popping up, it’s time to go under and literally pull out that thought of I’m not enough. And you do that by energy shifts.

Christine Okezie (15m 38s):
and what’s, can you give us an example of that?

Christy Whitman (15m 42s):
Yeah. So for example, if you have a belief, if you have a chronic thought that comes up, that I don’t have what it takes, I don’t know how to do it. You know, whatever that is, then there’s an imprint there. And, and let’s talk about an imprint. So, you know, people think law of attraction, you just like, think about what you want. You get it, you got to align with it. Well, all our lives, you know, we are all energy, right. And say, you’re going along and you’re feeling a good emotion. And all of a sudden you, something happens. I’ll give a perfect personal example. I remember when I was a kid, I was about five years old. I was at a day camp and I had never seen a horse before. My parents were not outdoorsy kind of people.

Christy Whitman (16m 23s):
And they brought this horse in and I love animals. And I was like over the moon, excited because I got to see a horse and the possibility that we were going to get to get on this horse, I was so excited. Could think about it right now. And just like come out of my skin. I’ve never been that excited in my right. So they say, okay, we can put you on a horse. And they put me on the back with two little girls in front, no saddle. It was just, we were bare back. And so I am on this horse and I’m looking around, I’ve never been this high in my life. I’m like touching the horse and feeding the horses hair. And the next thing I know, I’m on the ground. Two little girls are on top of me, man.

Christy Whitman (17m 3s):
Cause the dog came by, scared the horse, the horse bucked up. I was on the back. I fell down, hit the ground hard and I’m little. Right. And it was a big, tall horse. I was little. So it probably, for me, felt like a 20 foot horse. Right?

Christine Okezie (17m 17s):

Christy Whitman (17m 22s):
Couldn’t breathe because I hit the ground. And then the two girls landed on me. I literally, you know that like you got the wind knocked out of you. I couldn’t find any breath. Yeah.

Christine Okezie (17m 32s):
Yes. You’re being suffocated. Yes.

Christy Whitman (17m 36s):
Gasping for breath. And there’s nobody I know around there’s nobody to comfort me. Right. So this experience of IX of having that much excitement, you just shut me down and got me scared that if I feel level of excitement, I could die.

Christine Okezie (17m 52s):
Yes. Bad things will happen. Yes.

Christy Whitman (17m 54s):
Became an imprint for me. And I, and I could look back now at different parts of my life when I got that excited. And it was like put down the water hose, right? Like cool cult, cool her down. And I would always, I would cause that imprint said danger, danger, danger, you know, until I release the energy because what happens is in that bushwhack moment, that sideswipe moment, right. My energy collapsed around that thing. And I didn’t process my energy that creates an imprint because the energy continues to move and that becomes, comes a vortex within our subconscious and that vortex is what then attracts other things like it.

Christy Whitman (18m 37s):
Right. And that’s how we attract. But yes, yes. When we open up that energy, when we feel limited in some way, and we can find that in our own body and go, ah, like I did with that, I have an imprint of not being excited because of that. I was able to release it. And now I’m bouncing all around the place all the time. I’m allowed. I allow myself to be excited about life.

Christine Okezie (18m 59s):
Yes, yes. And you bring up an interesting distinction, right. So we’re constantly attracting cause we’re like, you know, tuning forks, you know, and, but what are we a, where what’s our point of attraction? Are we, is it conscious or is in the subconscious right. You know, vibration. Exactly. So, so that’s the idea is I think to your point is a lot of people think, again, it’s happening, you know, a hundred percent consciously, but if our subconscious is not clear, if it’s, you know, out of, you know, if, if it’s, if it’s dominant, if it’s dominating, you know, our, our actions and behaviors in life, then we’re not going to be attracting from our place of true desire.

Christine Okezie (19m 41s):

Christy Whitman (19m 43s):
I, for years I should, you know, I should like most women our age and you know, do this generation. I shut down my emotions because if I have big emotions, when I was a kid, I get yelled at, right. Yeah. If I’m the bird, when I would get hurt, I would get yelled at. If I, if I fell off my bike, I would get yelled at. So it was like, I couldn’t express any emotion. And most of my life tried to repress and suppress my emotions and did a really good job of it. I hid myself from myself and so I would get to a point and I’ve been practicing law of attraction for 25 years and it consciously, and you know, I’ve been teaching about it for 20 and, and I’ve had many progressions in my own understanding of it personally and what I’ve shared.

Christy Whitman (20m 27s):
And then it would get to a point where it’s like, wait, I attracted all these awesome things. And then it would get to a stuck point. Like why can’t I get over it? Right. Because my energy of anger, that was like my go-to emotion. That was my set point. I was angry about everything, but I would try to do affirmations until I was blue in the face. But the universe, if everything is, and there’s an intensification to my emotions versus the intensification, to my thoughts, if there’s a stronger signal from the anger, I’m admitting I’m going to attract more things that make me angry. Yeah. I mean, just from an scientific, energetic, like measuring vibration

Christine Okezie (21m 6s):
That’s right. That makes sense. Yeah. I love that. You used the analogy of us having radio stations, right. For our emotional bandwidth. And then we kind of think we’re kind of stuck on, you know, one Oh 1.5. I’m not enough. Right. And we just assume that’s just the way it is. So the encouraging thing is you’d inform people with tools and with consciousness is you actually can change the dial on that station. And it’s important that you do the work to do that.

Christy Whitman (21m 34s):
We’re the one that changes the station. I mean, it’s, you know, we’re the one that either keeps the emotions blocked or we release them. That’s the beauty of it is that no, we do not have control over anything outside of ourselves, but we do have an influence on how we think about it. What we talk about, what we say, you know, like all of that, what we perceive, what we process our emotions are not. And any action that we take, nobody else can do that for us. It’s within us. We’re the one that chooses the station. We’re the one that chooses where if we have free will, that’s exciting.

Christine Okezie (22m 7s):
Again, it’s a game changer and it puts us back in our sovereignty when it comes to this thing we do called life, you know, it’s pretty amazing. So how does someone release that stuckness? You know, like you said, you, you recognize, you go to the root, there was a story, there was an incident, but you know, how do, how do people do that? Like what do you, how does someone start to think about that? Because they all, this is this law of attraction. Things not working for me. Maybe I have some anger somewhere. What’s the next step?

Christy Whitman (22m 38s):
Well, it’s interesting because we have to understand that a lot of times people talk about mindset, right? It’s changing the mindset. Well, that’s only a portion of who we are. It’s only a portion of our consciousness, our emotion, and then other people talk about emotions and emotional intelligence. Right. But then they don’t bring in the mindset thing. So it’s, it’s understood. It’s not one or the other where it’s not a compartmentalized system where all of those things, what we say, what we think, what we believe, perceive what we emote and then what actions that we take. Those five things are the way we master our own energy and understand that again, we’re not compartmentalize. They all have an effect on each other. So what happens is someone tries to go and change the mindset.

Christy Whitman (23m 18s):
I did this, I bumped my head up against the wall for years, doing this, trying to change the mindset, doing visualization, doing the vision boards, do in the affirmations, but still see inside. Right? So your question is how do we change that? I had to literally take all my focus, all my attention into my emotional body, which is the gut, right? Whenever we feel something, whether we know it or not, it goes right into the gut. Boom. And then it’s like this whoosh all over the rest of our body. We have a visceral, you know, chain reaction of every single, all the 10 trillion cells in our body. It’s a full body whoosh, but it initially hits us in the emotional body. It’s usually where we hold it. If we feel the whoosh and then we collapse and close down, we usually hold it in our emotional body.

Christy Whitman (24m 3s):
So the energy, if we look at it just as energy light, like you would find your pulse or your heartbeat, that’s energy pulsating. So you could put your hand on your belly and without naming getting the mind involved, right. That’s telling a story, right? It’s like, cause we could go, Oh, that’s anger. Well wait, no, it could be frustration irritated. Now you’re totally out of it. Right? The mine has gone away down the road. Now it’s gotten, you got you eating ice cream. You know, now you’re tired. You’re going to go small. And like, you’re totally off of what you were trying to focus on.

Christy Whitman (24m 44s):
We’re exactly. Yeah. In, in your, in your head analyzing it and you know, needing to talk about it and justifying it. No. And tell the story about it. You don’t need to do any of that. So you put your hand on your belly and you just feel, feel yourself as energy. I like to think of it. I channeled it. Counsel. Yeah. So please tell us about the council. Yeah. So like, well let me finish this. And they’ll say of course, but with the council shares, it’s like, if you are in the ocean and you’re a surfer and you’re waiting for a wave, right? So you’re, you’re attentive. You’re actively waiting, right. And as you’re putting your focus and your attention just on the pulsation, trying to find the pulse, the heartbeat in your emotions, and you just allow yourself to be with it.

Christy Whitman (25m 30s):
You’re in acceptance mode of it. All of a sudden a wave comes and you just ride that wave. You’ll feel the energy and you can command the energy to start releasing out of your body. Now, if you have emotions that have been stuck in there, all of a sudden you can feel an intensification. You could have tears that come out, you could feel your body temperature changing, right. Colder or hotter. Right. But it’s like, it’s re it could get really big. And then it just, just robs. It takes literally about 90 seconds when full allowance to process an emotion. Once you do that, you can then ask the divine self to bring in a higher frequency of vibration.

Christy Whitman (26m 11s):
You can ask to be doused with a waterfall of light. And just imagine that you’re being filled up with the light of joy or peace or whatever it is that you’re wanting to feel. It’s about releasing the old, bringing in the new beautiful though. The council. Thank you. Yes. So, so the Council is a group of ascended masters there at collective consciousness. It’s interesting. Cause they’re 25 years in. My teachers have always been channeled beings for 20 years since I wrote my first book, all of my information has been downloaded, but in 2018, I got this presence that my consciousness went out. Their consciousness came in, called themselves the Divine Quantum Council.

Christy Whitman (26m 55s):
And they are the ones that downloaded The Desire Factor. And so now I know who channeled this book, right? Yeah. So they are. Yeah. So yeah, like law of attraction, many people know about Abraham Hicks with law of attraction. It’s like what Esther does with Abraham. I’m doing with the council. And the thing that’s different is it’s not just information and processes. They actually can holographically work with people to help them see their imprints and release their imprints. Hmm. That’s an, that’s powerful. That is powerful. I had a, I had a very well-known channeler. Tell me, yeah. It’s, you know, a couple of years ago. Yeah. It’s like, you’re a race horse ready to race.

Christy Whitman (27m 37s):
And you’re like at the gate, you’re at the starting gate. Nobody will open up the gate and I’m like, yes. Right. And then she didn’t, they didn’t do anything. They just informed me of the state of being that I knew I was already in. I’m like, yes, that’s exactly it. And then I was like, who’s going to open up the gate. Right. Counsel helps people open up the gate. Okay. Okay. And in your work, what is, what is the role of the council in the work that you do professionally and personally, I guess professionally now it’s everything. I mean, so everything has shifted from me being Christy, the coach to new now being Christie and the council. So we do healing sessions and group healing sessions and all my meditations that I do now, I, you know, ground people in and then they come through and do the processes.

Christy Whitman (28m 27s):
So everything I do now is, and I even teach quantum energy mastery, which is a class that, of course, that they hate. When I say that it’s an experience that all humans need to know how to do, but download it. Yeah. It downloaded through me when I first met them and been teaching it for two years now. Amazing. And you know, I teach and then they come in and we do see people get to do Q &A and a with them and ask them questions and stuff. So everything I’m doing now is with Christie and the council. And so that’s totally changed my heat. My personal life has completely changed. And I’ll tell you the biggest, biggest thing that’s shifted is that I feel viscerally.

Christy Whitman (29m 11s):
And I know that to be true when I hear them, because when I’m channeling I’m out. So I don’t even hear them, know what they’re saying, but when I’ve watched myself, which is so freaky, cause I have like a burden know, I’m not used to that. Oh no, it, the other day I’m like, seriously that’s me, but it’s not me. It’s yeah. I don’t know. Yeah. I don’t know if I’ll ever get you, but it’s like funny to tell people what I do. It’s like, Oh, I’m so nuts. Anyway. I, it, yeah, but what was I gonna say? Oh, so when I’m hearing them and feeling them, it’s like, I understand how loved we really are.

Christy Whitman (29m 54s):
Like truly, I mean, so loved, so adored, so accepted by their divine self. And that’s one thing I stopped judging myself, like on a much deeper level. And I really have learned to accept and appreciate all my parts, which has been, I mean, the level of like self-love and self-acceptance as just been such a gift.

Christine Okezie (30m 21s):
It’s the ultimate medicine. It really is for, for living in this physical reality. You know, if we can, my wish is that, you know, for, in the work that I do as well, is that if anyone can just have at least a taste, even if it’s just a moment in, you know, a contemplate of practice, just a taste of it, you know, it’s so healing and it change. It’s a game changer, you know, it really is.

Christy Whitman (30m 45s):
It is. And it does. Yeah. Really good. Yeah. That’s good. That’s beautiful. It does. It does change the lens completely. And that’s how it changed my life. It’s like, I, I just, I am in full faith now.

Christine Okezie (30m 59s):
So in terms of that faith and faith in the universe, faith in the, in the mystery, you know, just living in the mystery I guess, is really what I’ve come to call it. What do you think about the statement life? Doesn’t give you what you want. It gives you what you need.

Christy Whitman (31m 15s):
Hmm. Well, I would have to disagree with that because life is your, it’s your co-creative partner, right? It’s your, it’s your breath. It is. And it is the one that gives you all of your desires. And so it is the one that literally gives you the plants, the idea, and then you go, Oh my God, I’d love that. Right. And so you don’t need that. Yes. You get your basic needs met. It’s it’s a given, you’re your promise that when you came down, it was like, you always have, you will always have what you need if you allow that in. Right. Okay. Yeah.

Christy Whitman (31m 55s):
And like I wrote in the desire factor, you can also have what you want. So it’s, it’s not one or the other, it’s both

Christine Okezie (32m 3s):
In your chapter. I think this is where I was going with this. The chapter “when the gap is leading you to something bigger.” Right. Talk to us about that.

Christy Whitman (32m 12s):
Yeah. So there’s always going to be a gap always. Yeah. Right. There’s always the, the idea of the desire and then the path to fulfill it. Right, right. But here’s the thing for us as humans, it’s like, Oh, I want something. I need something. Or I desire something. I don’t have it. Let me move into action. Or let me move into alignment to go fulfill it. Right. Or the human being it, the focus of, I don’t have it. I want it. So let me move into the fulfillment of it. Whether it’s from an energetic perspective or dating it, spending it, it’s living in it, driving it, whatever the desire may be.

Christy Whitman (32m 52s):
Right? Yes. But for the divine that gave us that desire in the first place, it’s all about who we become in the process of attaining it.

Christine Okezie (32m 60s):
Thank you. Beautiful. And I think that’s what I took away from that chapter with regard to, it gives you what you need in the sense that it’s all about your ongoing personal evolution, right. At the end of the day, it’s the, you know, the cliche, it’s the journey, you know, that, that makes the goal, you know, that, that is the goal essentially. And I love the way that you highlight that in the work. Because again, one of the limitations of people who try to do use law of attraction in, in a more narrow sense is it becomes, it comes full of self-blame, you know? Oh, I’m, I guess my vibration is just too low, you know? And I brought this on myself, you know, and right, exactly.

Christine Okezie (33m 42s):
But the medicine or the, or the, or the, the growth is actually what is necessary for, in that desire in that co-creation process is what you’re saying.

Christy Whitman (33m 53s):
Yes. And it’s trusting, you know, I wrote about inclusion in the book that I had a desire and I won’t go into it because, but

Christine Okezie (34m 1s):
I love that story by the way.

Christy Whitman (34m 4s):
It’s awesome. I had a desire to go on a TV show called Beat Shazzam right. Followed all the steps. I was excited about it and it didn’t manifest the way I want it. So some people will go, Oh, well then this book doesn’t work. Don’t work. Right. Why did you write the book? Why did you have to get it published? Do you people, it, all the processes, you know, but the, the ex the experience of the energy that, that flowed through me and what has manifested as a result of that, my own human point of focus was beaches am going on, beaches. I’m having fun. What are your million dollars, right? Yes. But you know, what has that did not manifest it didn’t manifest because COVID happened and they stopped production.

Christy Whitman (34m 48s):
Right. Okay. Well, I don’t have no control over that, but all of that energy that was flowing towards that desire manifested that in spades.

Christine Okezie (34m 57s):
Wow. Again, you know, that’s the 10,000, 20,000 foot view that we can’t necessarily see all the time. Right? Yeah. They’ll trust is a big one. So trust in the process, trust in the universe, trust in the, you know, the mystery and the unfolding of life. That’s a big one.

Christy Whitman (35m 13s):
It’s everything. As the Council says, faith is the, literally are our superpowers. Faith starts off the, what we have 12 powers as human beings. And it is the first one that people need to master because it literally like a domino effect that domino each hits, you know, it moves into strength and strength moves into wisdom and wisdom moves into love and on and on and on it goes, it starts with faith.

Christine Okezie (35m 40s):
Wow. How did you get in on the journey? I mean, I know your path, but I, you didn’t grow up in a particularly spiritual environment. So, so to that point, I guess I want to say is,

Christy Whitman (35m 51s):
Do you need to be spiritual? I, you know, it’s funny. I, I, we are all spiritual, whether we’re conscious of it or not. That’s another thing. So I always say I started on my conscious spiritual journey 25 years ago, because whether we’re aware of it or not, we’re spiritual, we cannot be we’re all spirits. Absolutely. Yeah. No, I, I,

Christine Okezie (36m 12s):
I like that consciously spiritual. That’s great.

Christy Whitman (36m 15s):
Because I was living in Chicago. I had manifested didn’t have that language at the time. Everything accomplished as a better word back then stroke. Yes, yes. Goal or my goal, my goal that I achieved everything I set out to achieve. Yes. You know, that kind of conversation. And I was still like, what is this? All there is. I mean, what what’s this all about? And that questioning that thirst, that hunger for learning more like, wait, what’s the, Hey, the gig, the gig is the jig is up. I mean, I did all the things I was supposed to check the boxes. Yep. I got a degree. I got a high paying job, good, all these things.

Christy Whitman (36m 56s):
And I’m still not happy what gives. Right. And that’s where I started on my journey. And I happened to move to California. And I met a woman who was cutting my hair. And she had this joy about her that I’ve never seen in another human being I have since, but before this, she, she had this inner glow about her. And when she was cutting my hair, I just finally said, what do you do? And she just, she started laughing. She goes, I meditate. And now this is 25 years ago. There was no internet back then grow up with the conversation of meditation, yoga like yoga, wasn’t it.

Christine Okezie (37m 33s):
But I have to go, I guess, go to the mountains in Tibet now to be a monk, right. To meditate.

Christy Whitman (37m 38s):
And that’s it meditation. When she said meditate, I thought of a guru with a white beard and long hair and a light white robe sitting in a Yogi position or on a top of a mountain, I was like, well, you don’t fit that picture. You’re like living in daily life, your hairdresser, you know, you want a dog. I was like, that didn’t make any sense to me. And, and so she gave me her, her meditation teacher’s phone number, and I was dialing back then we had these big, huge boombox telephone, right? The shoe phones. Right. You remember the, the, what are they called? The boom boxes. It was like a boombox cutter. I’m dialing Melanie’s number.

Christy Whitman (38m 19s):
And I found myself within a week sitting in at her house. And here I go, I’m walking into her house. There’s clinky, clunky music. There’s incense. I’m like, what does that smell? You know, there’s all these different statues of angels and candles everywhere.

3 (38m 40s):
And I don’t sit on a chair. I sit on the floor on a cushion and I’m like, Oh my God, what are we doing here?

Christy Whitman (38m 47s):
It’s something that blew my mind away. Again, this is pre secret, all that stuff. She said, you create your own reality. And I was consciously born.

Christine Okezie (38m 57s):
Beautiful. Thank you for sharing that. I love that. Yeah. You know, and I think that’s it. It’s, it’s, that’s why I think, you know, it is a very accessible system. If we call it a system, you know, and it’s outlined in your books so beautifully, you know, I’m very, you, you present so many wonderful just as your now personal experiences, you know, and then at the same time, you back it up with sort of the explanation and the science behind it. And it’s really just this, you know, it’s, it’s very digestible if I can say that, but at the end of the day, it’s it’s for anybody who wants to learn and grow, you know, while they’re here. And, and why not? I guess that’s the question.

Christine Okezie (39m 37s):
Why not? Right. And so, however you come through, because in the work that I do, you, I always say you can come through psychology. We can come through spirituality, personal growth, you know, tragedy or bliss. It doesn’t matter. However

3 (39m 49s):
You want. Everyone’s always on that.

Christine Okezie (39m 51s):
What’s this all about, you know, and how can I learn more about what I’m here to do? And I think that’s, what’s in the book is it gives you some very good perspective, changing, you know, thing, you know, wisdom to kind of consider in our day to day, these days, managing our internal environment. As you say, our internal alignment, our energy system has never been more challenging because of everything that’s going on around us, right? So what’s some guidance that you would can give to people to help them find that inner peace, that mental calm, so that they can listen and do this work.

Christy Whitman (40m 34s):
Well, you have to put yourself in the place of doing that because, you know, we are energy. We are energy receivers. We are energy containers. We are energy transmitters. And most of the time, if we are not filling ourselves up deliberately consciously with the energy, our body needs energy. All of our Sceptre sites are all of our cells have receptor sites in taking energy all the time. If we just go about our day and go on the internet or go on social media or go to the grocery store, and we have not filled ourselves up deliberately with the energy we want to experience, we are going to be picking up and be under the influence of other outsides energies.

Christy Whitman (41m 14s):
And so now more than ever, it’s important to become an energy master because when you can call in just, it doesn’t take long, you don’t have to meditate for hours on end. Literally, you wake up, you realize, Oh, I’m awake. I have this fresh brand new day. I’ve got the divine breathing me. My heart is beating. I’m breathing. Okay. What do I want to experience today? You can. It’s like, you know, it it’s like a vending machine every day. You could have something different. It’s beautiful, like joy today, success, freedom. And you just ask, and your divine life partner fills you up. You just let yourself getting receiving mode and let yourself be that container of that freedom of that joy love, whatever it is, that’s what you’re sending out.

Christy Whitman (41m 57s):
So you’re now deliberately being an energy receiver, a container and a transmitter. And when you’re transmitting, what you deliberately want to feel out in the universe, that’s going to come back and that’s how the inner then creates the outer.

Christine Okezie (42m 10s):
Mm. Okay. Yeah. I love that. Starting the day, you know, immediately kind of recognizing, you know, what’s within your control. What setting do you want to put yourself in? I always say, right. You wouldn’t try to get in your car and, you know, go forward while you’re in reverse. Right? You wouldn’t want to get in your car and have no gas in the tank. So very similar,

Christy Whitman (42m 28s):
Well, same thing, Christine, it’s like, you know, we’re all human, right. And think about it. We don’t just get up in the morning and have a glass of water. And that’s all we drink for the day, right? We don’t just nibble on something and that’s all we each day, we don’t just go to the bathroom once when we get up in the morning and do it all day long, we as humans, we have to refuel ourselves with food, with water. We have to eliminate, you know, sometimes we have to blow our nose. Like there’s things that we have to do in the functioning of our physical body. And when you put the energy piece with it and you are just taking that little thing that I just said, just filling yourself up takes just not even a minute. Every time you drink a glass of water, you know, you stop and you just fill yourself back up.

Christy Whitman (43m 10s):
It’s like, if your body’s thirsty, allow your soul to just be filled up, let your body be filled up with your soul. Every time you go to the bathroom, you know, feel the what’s releasing, let any energy you’ve taken on, let it release two with it, bring in the energy that you want. When you make this an energetic flow in your day. This is really the application. It’s all about the applications, all about implementing this in your life. And when you do it just a little bit, all throughout the day, it makes a huge difference.

Christine Okezie (43m 40s):
Wow. I love that. Thank you. That is so doable, but is so practical. And it makes, again, it reinforces that a paradigm shift of how we see ourselves, you know, who and what are we are designed really is made of. And I love that. What’s one thing you learned about yourself in 2020,

Christy Whitman (43m 59s):
How resilient, you know, here’s, here’s what I learned about myself in 2020, that all the years of doing inner work paid off last year.

3 (44m 10s):
That’s what I say. It’s like, no wonder we’ve been in preparation for all this. This is it. This is the exam. This is the thesis. But it was just to grow my business or to make more money or improving my grades. I’m like, Oh, I got to be a leader to other people that were freaking out.

Christy Whitman (44m 29s):
Okay. Now I get it. You know, because did step up in a different way for a lot of people that even though, you know, they are spiritual consciously and are in personal development, they were freaking out. And to be that, I was like the Rock of Gibraltar, because I had the Council with me and it was like, nothing was swaying me. I just, you know, there were, there were a couple moments, but because I have those tools, I was able to just release it. And it was like, I felt like 2020 for me was like rock solid.

Christine Okezie (44m 60s):
Beautiful. Oh my gosh. Thank you. Yeah. And what a gift, you know, what a gift then too, for you to be able to share that in, in the world. Everything leads to everything. I’m going to ask you, what is the number one thing then that you want your readers to take away from the desire factor?

Christy Whitman (45m 21s):
Oh, just to play with your desires, allow yourself, give yourself permission. Even if you don’t know how you don’t need to know the, how, that’s not your part of it. Just allow yourself to be in the receiving of the good feeling of dreaming again, and desiring and feeling that, you know, just that connection with your divine, just letting yourself be in the receiving mode. And, Oh, it just tastes the juiciness of that desire. Don’t worry about the timing or the who or the, where any of that just, you know, work with the principals because it gets you in a place where if you’re that aligned the exact perfect timing to take that action will come.

Christy Whitman (46m 2s):
And you know, whether its exact form that manifests something that, or something better. Like I said, in the conclusion, it was like that exact thing that I was focusing on did not manifest, but the energy was not wasted. So it never is. Energy always turns into some type of form.

Christine Okezie (46m 21s):
Oh, thank you, my gosh. Is there anything that I haven’t asked that maybe I should have?

Christy Whitman (46m 27s):
No, I just want to tell everybody though, when you go to the, this is really cool. You get three processes that are out of this world. Like just one of them is called the hologram room and you go into this room with the Council and you literally are designing like every single aspect of your life. It is so powerful, so extraordinary. And there’s three like three powerful processes. And then in may we do a live four week session with the council and they’re going to go through each of the different processes or each of the different principles with processes in that are different from the book and you get to be with them. So it’s like a $900 value of all these bonuses that you get for a less than $15 book.

Christine Okezie (47m 12s):
Oh, okay. Well it’s a done deal. And so let us know again, where we can find you online connect with you and all your giveaways.

Christy Whitman (47m 19s):
Awesome. So the desire is where you would go for the book. You can go to, any way you spell it. You’re going to get there. Instagram: I’m @ChristyWhitman1 and I’m on Facebook as Christy Whitman international. Okay.

Christine Okezie (47m 34s):
Well you’re, you’re not, you’re not hard to find. Let’s just say that. So I am very, very excited to have you on the show. This has been just, I feel all juicy and uplifted right now. So it’s wonderful.

Christy Whitman (47m 47s):
Thank you so much, Christine. Thank you, Christie. And all the work that you do, you’re a blessing to the world. I appreciate it As are you. Thank you for all you’re doing here.

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