Getting Unstuck With Energy Medicine – Ep#025 Interview With Dr. Anne Deatly

There’s a revolution underway! Soon the future of medicine, bio-technology and wellness will be all about innovating new tools to optimize the human energy body. Because what indigenous medicine has long known for centuries is now being taking seriously by the medical and scientific community. To experience optimal health we need to take charge of our own well being and learn how to work with our Life Force Energy.

Dr. Anne Deatly is an Advanced Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner. Following a traumatic personal event, Anne left a long time corporate career as a research scientist in Big Pharma to launch her business, E Quantum Breakthroughs. She helps people remove the energetic blocks that are holding them back from living a high quality life and having a successful career.

Listen in on this enlightening conversation with Anne who walks us through the energetic connections between body, mind and emotions and gives us practical tools that you can begin using right now to experience more flow, balance and healing in your life.

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Podcast Transcript

0 (1s):
Welcome to the Soul Science Nutrition Podcast, where you’ll discover that when it comes to your health, you’re so much more powerful than you’ve been led to believe. And now your host, she’s a Holistic Nutrition and Llifestyle Coach, Chef, Author, and Yogi, Christine Okezie. Hello,

Christine Okezie (23s):
And welcome to the Soul Science Nutrition Podcast. I’m Christine Okezie. Thanks so much for listening in today and on today’s special show, we’re diving deep into the practice of energy medicine. So by way of background, let’s just outline that the basis of energy medicine is the root of all our health problems be it physical, emotional, or mental, including our self defeating behaviors and habits can be traced back to imbalances or blockages in the body’s energy system.

Christine Okezie (57s):
Now just like ancient healing modalities, such as Ayurveda, yoga, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, energy medicine is based on a model of the human body as an energy field where life force energy controls the complex processes of our bodies and our brains, thus health and healing come from manipulating the flow of this life energy that’s coursing through our bodies at specific energy points.

Christine Okezie (1m 27s):
There’s a real paradigm shift going on with more scientific researchers, whether that’s Harvard or NASA rapidly discovering that the body is indeed a complex biofield of electromagnetic frequencies and light waves that serve as a control center for our physical and mental and emotional wellbeing. So what indigenous medicine has long known for centuries is now being taken quite seriously by both the medical and scientific community.

Christine Okezie (1m 58s):
Indeed, the future of medicine, biotechnology and wellness itself will be all about innovating new tools to optimize the human energy body. Two points, energy medicine knows number one at health is more than just the absence of disease. In fact, while it is for treatment, it is the ultimate prevention medicine, and number two energy medicine recognizes that the body contains an innate capacity for healing itself to experience optimal health.

Christine Okezie (2m 35s):
We need to learn how to take charge of our own wellbeing and discover how to work with this life force energy. And this is why it’s so exciting. So energy medicine gives us a system of tools and self care practices that allow us to tap in to this extraordinary healing power that exists in all of us. So today’s guest is Dr. Anne Deatly. She is an Advanced Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner.

Christine Okezie (3m 6s):
You’ll learn how following a traumatic personal event some years ago, Anne left a successful corporate career as a research scientist, working at some of the largest pharmaceutical companies and is the founder and director of E Quantum Breakthroughs, her energy medicine practice, where she helps people remove the energetic blocks that are holding them back from living a high quality life and having a successful career through her business and offers one on one sessions as well as a number of life changing courses and programs designed for personal development, a healthy lifestyle, positive mental attitude, and increased success potential.

Christine Okezie (3m 49s):
You can learn more about Anne at I can’t wait for you to listen in on this enlightening conversation with Anne who walks us through this energetic connection between our body, mind and emotions. She’s going to give us practical tools that you can begin using right now to experience more calm balance and healing in your everyday life. And if you like the episode, please leave a rating and review. Thanks so much, hello, Anne Deatly and welcome to the podcast.

Christine Okezie (4m 20s):
It’s so wonderful to have you here.

Anne Deatly (4m 23s):
Hi, Christine. I’m so happy and so honored to be a part of your podcast.

Christine Okezie (4m 28s):
So beautiful. I love that your story. And I can’t wait to jump in and share our list with our listeners, all that you know, and have to enlighten us around the topic of energy healing and energy medicine. So Anne, how did you come to be an energy medicine practitioner?

Anne Deatly (4m 45s):
Okay. So this may be a sad story, but it’s actually very uplifting. And I want people to hear it from an empowering point of view because I believe that everything happens for a reason. So I had a significant other. So we were together about five years before he died of colon cancer. And right before he died, he said to me, I’m sorry, you can’t come with me, but I’m really excited about this next phase of my life.

Anne Deatly (5m 16s):
And I was like, Oh. And he said, so we, he wasn’t a scientist, but I was at the time. And we used to have really deep discussions about things, about how the world really worked. And he was really curious and he would, one thing he was really curious about was reality. But anyway, so he’s telling me I’m really excited because I’m going to get the answers to my questions. Wow. And, and then he said, I know it has something to do with the string theory.

Anne Deatly (5m 46s):
Oh my goodness. And so I’m like thinking, you know, he’s losing it cause it’s like three weeks when he’s telling me this is like three weeks before he actually died. So he’s definitely, he was definitely preparing and he, but he wanted to let us know, let me know specifically that he was going to be fine. You know, don’t worry about me. I’m going to be fine. I’m going to be, you know, I’m ready for this next, like, like a day after he died, I had this knowing that there was a modality out there that could have saved him.

Anne Deatly (6m 22s):
So where that knowing came from, I don’t know. So I set the intention to find out what it was and it, of course it ended up being energy healing. And I was really resistant. I mean, I was, you know, totally cut off from the rest of my head. I was, everything was intellectual and critical thinking and analyzing this and analyzing that and repeating, you know, like, you know, that’s kind of the mode you get in, like, you don’t believe anything to seen three or four times. Yes. You were a scientist. Yes.

Anne Deatly (6m 52s):
And so I wanted to find out about energy healing cause people were talking. So what had happened was like, everyone started talking about energy healing. I’m like, I don’t know what they’re talking about. So I had to go online and I found this kit is 20 bucks kit. The energy medicine kit was Donna Eden’s and, and I got it. And you know, like maybe the next week and there was a DVD, there was a CD, there was a guidebook and there was a flashcard with exercises and then this crystal on a red thread and I’m like, boy, is this, Oh, I’m not involved with that.

Anne Deatly (7m 34s):
No, I, you know, I didn’t know. And so I see people now and I’m like, they just don’t understand, you know, like I, cause I was there, you know, like fair enough. Yeah. So when I was throwing the kid away, know that night when I got it and you know, and I went to recycle the bigger package and I noticed there was this program announcement and the bigger package. And I took that out and I just happened to notice that Donna Eden, you know, the pioneer of energy medicine that I studied, she was going all over the world in the next six months to go into Australia.

Anne Deatly (8m 8s):
Norway was in Wales and I was like, what widespread?

Christine Okezie (8m 12s):

Anne Deatly (8m 17s):
And then I noticed right below that advertisement was Donna Eden was going to be doing a workshop, a weekend workshop through Omega, but in New York city that bear next Friday, starting Sunday, my body shook like I was shaking and I’m like, you know, I did not do that shake. What was that? Yeah. I was like, what the heck is that? And so then I was like, Oh my God. And I just stood there like, Oh my gosh, I know that my body doesn’t talk to me, but you know what?

Anne Deatly (8m 50s):
Just talk to me, you know, it’s like, I better believe my body, you know, because you know, the thing is so close to when, in my died. And I’m like, is he in bar? Cause I used to tell him, I said, Mike, if you can come back and talk to me, come back. Wow. Okay. Yeah. And so I’m like, Oh my gosh. Okay. So, so I’m like, if my body tells me to go to this, I better go to this. So like wind and the first thing I heard Donna say was energy medicine taps into the innate wisdom of the body to heal itself.

Anne Deatly (9m 24s):
Yes. So I was like, Oh my gosh, that’s what I’m looking for. And I had already started, you know, on a path that spiritual path. So, you know, it was kind of, I was like, Oh my gosh, wisdom, Oh, I’m looking for wisdom. And you know, I wouldn’t have said any of that, you know, could have come up with those words in that sentence, but I’m like, Oh my gosh, that’s exactly what I’m looking for. And I remember 10 years before that, or maybe even longer, I was listening, like when I was going back and forth to work, there’s like only in like when I had two small kids, the only time that I had like 10 or 15 minutes by myself was in the car.

Anne Deatly (10m 7s):
Right. And so I would listen to these inspirational tapes and this was Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra. And it was like, I think it was called path to enlightenment and they were talking about being enlightened. And I remember, I was like, Oh my gosh, that is what I want. I want to be on the path to enlightenment. Okay. Yeah. So like I was putting together a program, I don’t know about a year or two ago now. And I was like, and I was looking at this list. So it was like, I was including a David David Hawkins, clinically proven map of consciousness, you know, you know, that sort of looks like a ladder or a path that I’m like, Oh my God, I’m on a path to enlightenment.

Anne Deatly (10m 49s):
And I didn’t, so I didn’t do anything consciously, you know, I didn’t make a list. This is what I need to do to be on the path to enlightenment. But all of a sudden I found myself there. It was kind of like I woke up and realized I was doing that. And I remembered the exact moment in the car when I made that decision, I sort of claimed it. That’s what I want. I want to be on a path to enlightenment. And so you see the wisdom and enlightenment kind of ties together. So it’s like, you know, when you’re really, I don’t know when you’re really open.

Anne Deatly (11m 22s):
I think that’s when the magic and miracles kind of happen.

Christine Okezie (11m 26s):
Yeah. So, so many taps on the shoulder. So many kind of knowings who didn’t question that you actually decided to feel instead of analyze, I’m completely out of my head out of the habit that you, that you would develop as a scientific researcher, but it’s, it’s very profound when we just listen to those little intuitive hits. Right. And I love how you were able to kind of just say, I don’t really know about this, but I’m just going to keep following the breadcrumbs.

Christine Okezie (12m 1s):
And that’s really the essence of tuning into that innate wisdom. Right. Right. But can we connect to it today? Oh my gosh. Thank you. So you mentioned consciousness, you mentioned in a healing of the body, the force that, you know, made the body heals the body. You know, a lot of us, you know, in the holistic world definitely resonate with that core truth from an energy medicine perspective. And I know the training and expertise you have to Donna Eden, the pioneer, can you help us help our listeners understand?

Christine Okezie (12m 37s):
And as best way you can, how our body, our mind and our emotions are connected through energy.

Anne Deatly (12m 46s):
Okay. So everything is our energy. You know, like the body is all controlled by energy fields. So our physiology, our emotions, our psychology, our mentality, our spirituality, it’s all the same thing. It’s all. So you, we think that, you know, like we think of list saying about our brain, cause we think everything’s happening within the tissue of the brain and that’s not true. You know, your energy fields go out pretty far from your body, you know, strong aura because the aura is actually the outside.

Anne Deatly (13m 24s):
We call it like a space suit around our fields and that attracts, So if it’s strong, if it’s functional, it’ll attract what we desire. So what we’ve claimed the universe, what we want and it’ll filter out the things that really are not important to us, you know, that are negative or, you know, interfere with that desire. So we have nine different energy systems in these fields. So the, each system has a different function, but they’re all connected.

Anne Deatly (13m 57s):
So we talk about figure eight. So one of the energy systems is called the Celtic weave, which is that never ending, never beginning kind of figure eight. And that’s what we use all the different energy systems together. So that’s how the mind, body and spirit it’s all connected. Okay. Yeah, because it’s actually woven together and energetically.

Christine Okezie (14m 21s):
And what is therefore, what is your definition of health from an energetic perspective?

Anne Deatly (14m 30s):
Okay. My definition of health is when you feel really great, you know, that means that your fields are open. So you, so you don’t have any blockages in your fields. So you can, you can be so open, like kind of like a sieve, you know, like we, you know, not that we have holes, but we’re, we’re available to take in fresh energy. It’s available to get rid of energy. We’ve already used when we’re constantly being revitalized with this fresh energy.

Anne Deatly (15m 3s):
And we get energy up through our feet and down to our crown mostly, but it can come in all different sides and everything when we’re open. And when that energy is just flowing really well, that is what I call optimal health. That’s when your radiant circuits are turned on, that’s one of the energy systems and that’s all about joy. That’s all about, you know, like euphoria, like ecstasy, you know?

Christine Okezie (15m 31s):
Okay. So the emotional, emotional vitality and radiance comes from when there’s flowing, you know, natural flowing in through our energy fields and what interferes with our energy fields, what can cause blockages? Then

Anne Deatly (15m 49s):
The things that I mainly work on with people is stress and anxiety. So stuck emotional issues, like fear, anger, panic, worry, grief, letting go, you know, people want to hold on. Yeah. Not so that’s a major thing. I really try to help people let go

Christine Okezie (16m 11s):
So important.

Anne Deatly (16m 12s):
Yeah. And the other thing is the negative thought patterns. So negative mindsets and paradigms, you know, really been programmed incorrectly. You know, we’re, we’re programmed for lack and limitation, but if we understand the abundance of the universe and we can have anything that we want, as long as we can resonate with it, we can bring that in and have a desire for anything that means it’s already in our fields. We just have to take it from an energetic form to a physical form.

Anne Deatly (16m 48s):
Okay. Yeah.

Christine Okezie (16m 50s):
Toxic emotions, chronic stress and worry, which obviously manifest in physical symptom. Right. So they, they start on that E on that energetic layer. And then if on addressed, they take its toll and the body expresses, is that correct?

Anne Deatly (17m 10s):
That’s right. So it stops energy flow in certain areas, depending on where the issue is. But

Christine Okezie (17m 16s):
So there’s a map connected to the different organ systems that you use.

Anne Deatly (17m 23s):
Yes. I mean, you know, so that would be one system that would be like, you’re talking maybe about the Meridian system, then, you know, focus on the organs, getting energy to eat. There’s a, like, there’s probably one Meridian, but we think about it in segments, a little heart Meridian, the liver Meridian and the large intestine Meridian. So those parts of the Meridian are feeding those specific organs at different times during the day. So there’s a cycle that runs through the body and they also, they have special relationships and meridians have special relationships with each other, also help each other, or they can hinder each other.

Anne Deatly (18m 7s):
Yes. Yeah. But yeah, so energy can get congealed also in our energy field. So if we have like, like an emotional shock, something happens, you know, like energy can congeal in a part of your field and, and, you know, stay there until you clear it. We don’t even know what’s there of course, but, but it can be triggered. So if something happens, you know, today that was related to that situation where there’s that congealed energy, like we get heightened reaction cause this has already, Oh, so it adds to this mess and this blockage, you know, and then we’re really, you know, we really heightened response how heightened reactions,

Christine Okezie (18m 56s):
So people can understand why there’s triggered by certain situations, more than others from this energetic perspective, it’s blocked unexpressed energy or the emotion. Right. Unresolved trauma,

Anne Deatly (19m 10s):
Unresolved. Yeah. Yeah. So it gets stay stuck until we do something energetically to get rid of it.

Christine Okezie (19m 18s):
Okay. So let’s talk about then disease or, you know, health dysfunction in the body. Can you share some examples there?

Anne Deatly (19m 28s):
Okay. So dysfunction will happen as a, because of prolonged energy blockages. So if you, you know, you have these blockages, like the congealed energy, or you, you have a, so let’s say the heart Meridian isn’t working quite right. Not giving the heart enough energy. So it’s, so it’s fed by spleen Meridian. So spleen is related to worry and stress. And so if spleen is already deficient, it doesn’t have enough energy to just send to the heart Meridian.

Anne Deatly (20m 5s):
And you know, you know, prolonged deficient energy in the heart has to have an effect. Eventually I heart organ.

Christine Okezie (20m 16s):
Okay. By the time there’s something that’s expressed in the body, let’s say got a heart condition.

Anne Deatly (20m 25s):
How long?

Christine Okezie (20m 26s):
And in your, in, in, from an energetic lens has stuff been going on?

Anne Deatly (20m 31s):
Oh, it could be decades. Okay. Could be decades. Okay. So let me just say it this way. So an energetic, I’ll say it this way. If there’s an issue, like a disease, like a heart disease issues, there’s always an energetic imbalance associated with it. So, but the energetic imbalance could have started decades ago. And then it takes a while for it to develop into a symptom physical symptom, just because you don’t have symptoms doesn’t mean that you have balanced energy.

Christine Okezie (21m 8s):
Got it. Okay.

Anne Deatly (21m 10s):
So I want to empower people to think, but you can take care of that energetic imbalance way before into a disease or a sonically. So you have, you have an opportunity. So, and that is the thing that I would really like to stress for. People’s like, just because you don’t have a symptom doesn’t mean you don’t have a problem. That’s right.

Christine Okezie (21m 36s):
The ultimate preventative mindset when it comes to taking care of ourselves, right.

Anne Deatly (21m 42s):
Right here is really important.

Christine Okezie (21m 46s):
Really important. Okay. And therefore, one of the things that I know is so profound about energy work and energy medicine is the accelerated healing capacity that can happen. So while it may, to your point take decades or the physical symptom to be born out of an energetic imbalance s**t. Tell me how much more efficient energy healing is when it comes to healing the body.

Anne Deatly (22m 14s):
Yes. So, you know, Oh boy, there could be layers of it. That’s, that’s the only thing. And can take a, sometimes it happens instantaneously, but other times we have to get through each layer. Okay. So, and the body only shows us what’s available in that next layer. So like when I test for energetic and balances, you know, the body may say, okay, yeah, there’s fear here, but I’m not showing that to you because that’s not the next thing.

Anne Deatly (22m 46s):
That’s not the next layer.

Christine Okezie (22m 48s):
Hm. Okay. I’m not sure. I understand. Tell us a little bit more about the layers.

Anne Deatly (22m 52s):
Okay. Well, let’s, you know, let’s look at our lives, right. So we’ve had, you know, like his childhood was probably pretty stressful for most people when we learned a lot of things. So limiting beliefs went in before we’re seven, you know, like we’re not good enough or we don’t deserve that toy or whatever. So we think we’re not good children or, you know, we’re not lovable or whatever. I mean, our I’m unworthy. I, every person I’ve tested for being unworthy is, you know, they, they test positive on worthiness and I’m like, wow, how does it, you know, how do we get that message?

Christine Okezie (23m 30s):
And you get that message. And then we live in a society that’s built on making sure that we react to that message. Right. Absolutely. Okay. So we’re wired for, with, you know, again, we’re going back decades, literally, you know, into, you know, the early layers that are formed in our psyche or in our body, I guess.

Anne Deatly (23m 50s):
Well, I try to focus on, like, I tell people we want to get to the core issue. So, you know, when we start out or starting at this late, these higher levels and usually it’s stress. So when I can get that, then there’s like an emotional layer I find, okay. So that’s where, like I had a client and he’s like, I worry about everything. I worry, worry, worry about everything. And I’m like, you know, I’ve just thought, I’m just not seeing worry, worry is not coming up. But fear was coming up. And I said, do you think fear has anything to do with your worry?

Anne Deatly (24m 22s):
And he’s like, Oh my gosh. Yes. But the body was saying, you got to take care of the fear before I can take care of the worry. You know, we have to clear that fear. And so we did that and then worry did come up. Like the next session, it was like all about worry. And I was like, well, here it is. When you clear this, we didn’t clear the fear. Right. You know, I did talk about mindset and you know, I’m like in consciousness also, like think of things from a much bigger perspective and you know, like we’re not here alone.

Anne Deatly (24m 56s):
We’re not, you know, there’s, you know, I feel like there’s this divine energy flowing through us all the times, as long as we’re open to it. And we’re not in our energy fields are not closed. And so you feel disconnected. If you feel invisible, whatever, then you are closed off from the divine. And that, you know, there’s no room for fear, worry or doubt. If you know that you are be, you are an expression of the divine, you are a unique expression of the divine and you gotta be open and doing, do your best to give the divine the best expression of itself.

Anne Deatly (25m 34s):
Totally different way of looking at it. Right.

Christine Okezie (25m 36s):
Beautiful, beautiful. Well said. Yes. Yes. And it’s, it’s fascinating because in similarly, when folks show up to work with me, it might be, you know, in some physical symptom, like, you know, poor digestion or fatigue, right? Yeah. But if we keep, as you do, if you peel back the layers, the first layer you always work with is getting, you know, sort of the stress, right. So where can we create more calm and more vitality? And then at that point you have more ability to go even deeper as way it sounds like.

Christine Okezie (26m 9s):
Right. And, and from a behavioral standpoint, certainly if we’re less worried and less fearful and more trusting and comfortable in our bodies, we’re more apt to do some easy things, like take care of it a little better. Right, right. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Anne Deatly (26m 23s):
I think, yeah. So we believe so once, you know, when you feel really good, you have the energy to do what you want to do.

Christine Okezie (26m 30s):
Key. Yes. Everything. Yeah.

Anne Deatly (26m 34s):
And then everything else, you know, like the optimal flow is not just for your health. It’s also it’s for your relationships for your financial. And it’s like, can’t subdivide it. Like, Oh, so I start out with three months. And sometimes when people come up with a lot of issues, I said, I don’t think I can do all of it in three months. I don’t know. I mean, cause until I start testing, I don’t really know. So I said, you know, I’m going to guarantee that you will be in a better place three months from now where you are now.

Anne Deatly (27m 4s):
That’s all I can guarantee.

Christine Okezie (27m 6s):
Right. Totally get that. Yeah.

Anne Deatly (27m 8s):
And so I do have a lot of people coming back from more, more three months, more, three months more and some, you know, like I think one client is like, she’s on her third year with me, which is really great because she’s getting what she wants and she’s making the progress. Yes. But she wants a lot. But then you also started a very deficient state, a very depleted state she’s grounded. And now, you know, it’s like, things are just happening for her. But I was going to tell about a client who she was overwhelmed and she was, she was a part time nurse.

Anne Deatly (27m 43s):
And she really wanted to start this company on her own, as you do all these videos and she was overwhelmed. So we were working on the overwhelm. And then at the last session she told me, she said, I found my soulmate. So she was divorced. She didn’t even tell me she was looking for anybody. She said, and I know it has something I has everything to do with what the work we’ve been doing. And I said, absolutely. So even if you’re working on, so that’s the mind, body spirit guide, you know, we work on this, but all the others will also be effective.

Anne Deatly (28m 16s):

Christine Okezie (28m 16s):
I love that. I love that because you’re right. And, and that’s what resonates so much with me when it comes to any form or modality that works with the energy of our, of our being, because we think what we’re doing is working on one level, but it’s working on so many other levels at the same time, whether we see it or not, right. That’s the, the power of working

Anne Deatly (28m 40s):
And that’s, you know, that’s because we’re tapping into that innate wisdom of the bond,

Christine Okezie (28m 44s):
Which is so vast and so much more intelligent that we can comprehend

Anne Deatly (28m 49s):
Way beyond our Tran you know, transcends our wildest imagination. That’s how I tell it to people transcends your wildest imagination. So that’s where like, if you can get that, you have to trust, you know, like you have to surrender and trust and that’s where you can let go. Like, okay. So everything that happened in the past got me here. So I don’t have to hold onto that because I’m going different places. You know, I’ve got different desires and different visions right now.

Christine Okezie (29m 19s):
Okay. Now, and one of the things I want to clarify for our listeners is because so much of our, so much of our health is related to our thoughts and our emotions, right? How do we not keep from thinking that well, when I get sick or when bad things happen to me, my life, that it’s not my fault, I guess it’s,

Anne Deatly (29m 46s):
We should not judge what’s happening to us. You know, it’s really the aura bringing in this is, you know, you need this challenge to grow. So the ultimate goodness is the growth. And I feel like, you know, the spiritual life is so magnificent. None of us would come our spirits wouldn’t choose to come into this physical form unless we had a bigger desire, which is to grow and evolve our souls. So we can think I’m here to grow and evolve my soul.

Christine Okezie (30m 19s):
Okay. Yeah. So, so going back to the example, then let’s say someone who’s, who’s faced with a diagnosis of heart disease, and it’s very similar because you know, again, in certain circles it’s hard to overcome. Well, you know, you didn’t take care of your body and you know, I should have eaten better. I should have taken better care of my health and all of it. And there’s this, there’s this sort of shadow side, you know, to getting healthy, which is we come with a lot of guilt and we come with a lot of shame.

Christine Okezie (30m 55s):
Yeah. Talk to me about that. How do you help people overcome that?

Anne Deatly (30m 59s):
Okay. So I, I usually say any of these physical symptoms are just messages from the body. God, your body’s talking to you. If you didn’t have this, you wouldn’t know that you could do something about it at this point. Yes. So it’s, you know, so if you take it from that, like everything that happens to me is for my best and highest good. So if I get this message or, you know, like go to the doctor and they do the stress test and they find out that something’s going on with my heart, I know I can do something about it.

Anne Deatly (31m 31s):
So I can listen to the medical doctor and I can do all this holistic healing as well. Like I know there’s some people that do you know, both just in case this doesn’t work.

Christine Okezie (31m 43s):
Why not a lot of options on the menu, right? Whatever resonates with you. Yeah.

Anne Deatly (31m 49s):
More people are really seeing that the holistic healing that we can do is really powerful and really helps. And maybe in combination,

Christine Okezie (31m 59s):
That’s the healing.

Anne Deatly (31m 60s):
So I don’t ever tell people don’t do, you know, don’t do the medical stuff. If you believe it’s gonna work, it will work. You know, I call it level of consciousness of healing. Again, you can’t have doubts, fear or worry about it, that will interfere with it. So you have to be totally committed to like, you know, this, this is my choice. So I, I had a client who had, I think it was ovarian cancer. And I said, okay. So, so tell me, you know, how, when you go and get the chemo, how are you feeling?

Anne Deatly (32m 35s):
And she was like, Oh my gosh, I feel like there’s toxins going in my body. And I’m like, how do you, how well do you think your body’s going to accept that as a healing elixir, which is what you’ve chosen to do. Yes. How well do you think your body’s going to respond to that? I think your body’s going to resist it because you’re in your mind, you’re already resistant to it. Yes. How could that work? You know, you have to be in alignment with whatever the choices that you decide is the best thing for you. You have to believe it, like, you know, with unwavering faith.

Anne Deatly (33m 10s):
Yes. Right. And that’s the key

Christine Okezie (33m 15s):
Because that’s the energy, that’s the frequency that’s going to be running. Right. Do these things.

Anne Deatly (33m 21s):
And that’s what matters. And that’s how you can tap into the innate wisdom of the body. Through that energy. Not the fear, worry, guilt, shame. You no doubt know you’re only going to create more worry, fear, doubt, shame, guilt. When you put that out and what positive feelings like healing energy. Like I know this is going to work. I could just, you know, like, yeah, you can feel it in your body.

Anne Deatly (33m 53s):
I can feel it in my body. Like when there’s like this warm open flow, that is, yes. I resonate with whatever that concept is. I resonate with that. And there are the things that, you know, I feel I constricted, you know, like what’s this whole political situation. My body’s just, when I think about listening to a debate or whatever, my body just cringes, like I just would not put myself in that energy. And I may be putting my head in the ground, but I just don’t want to spend any moments of my day in that kind of energy, because I don’t want to create more of that low frequency to come back into my life.

Christine Okezie (34m 32s):
So managing our energy is a really deep form and a very conscious form of self care. And I love the way that you say is, you know, because it really puts the power back into our awareness, into our self awareness and, and puts us in a place of kind of, really kind of radical responsibility about our body. Like, what’s my relationship with my body. Am I feeling what’s going on? Am I in touch with it?

Christine Okezie (35m 2s):
Right. And most people who are living in their heads or these days, I’m sure you’re seeing it. It is anxiety. It is just anxiety through the roof. Right. Midst of uncertainty, challenging times, et cetera. Can you share with us, you know, let’s say that again. I know it’s not a one and done, but what’s a, what’s your go to like your must do energy practice for helping people with anxiety.

Anne Deatly (35m 32s):
So there’s these neurovascular points here. Okay. So put your index fingers on your thumbs, put your thumbs in your temples and put the other fingers on the, these are the main nerve asks

Christine Okezie (35m 47s):
On your forehead,

Anne Deatly (35m 48s):
The forehead. Yeah. So that’s how you get rid of heightened stress and anxiety.

Christine Okezie (35m 54s):
Now, what do we do? What do you instruct your clients to do with regard to their thoughts as they’re doing this practice,

Anne Deatly (36m 1s):
You bring up the anxiety. So the body knows what, what, you know, the intention of what we’re getting, what we’re releasing right now.

Christine Okezie (36m 9s):
Okay. So we can call it me say hello, anxiety. Yeah. I see you. Yeah. Okay.

Anne Deatly (36m 14s):
Yeah. So just let go. So you can be in this, like you’re letting go. You’re actually by these fingers. So let me just talk about the neurovascular. So there, there are these points that connect the nervous system in the blood system. So the physiological response of stress is that the blood and oxygen leaves the body. I mean, leaves the brain, as I said, and also the energy. So when you were holding these points, you’re opening up the channel.

Anne Deatly (36m 46s):
So basically you’re constricting those channels during stress. So when you’re holding them, so we have these electromagnetic points on our fingertips and we can just hold out those points, which will open up for that to flow better. So the nervous system and the blood system can actually communicate now. And just until then, and because we have this electromagnetic, the points, we can bring the blood and oxygen back into our brain because the, the center of hemoglobin, you know, blood is heat.

Anne Deatly (37m 21s):
So magnet brings back the heat.

Christine Okezie (37m 24s):
Oh my goodness. Yeah. Just got that. Yes. Amazing.

Anne Deatly (37m 28s):
So this index finger is the beginning point of large intestine, which is letting go. You’re putting your thumb, your index fingers are your thumbs, your thumbs down. I’m telling you, you’re saying, I want to let go of this stress.

Christine Okezie (37m 43s):
I want to let go of this stress. And my am I applying medium pressure or

Anne Deatly (37m 49s):
Nope. Basically no pressure because not, it’s not your, it’s not your pressure is the magnet magnetic ability for your fingertips to bring that there that’s one thing you can do. Thank you so much. And it’s called the triple warmer. So triple warmer, this is the triple warmer reactivity pose. When you put your fingers on your thumbs, thumbs in your temples and put the other fingers on your main neurovascular is on your forehead.

Anne Deatly (38m 20s):
And you may recognize, cause like when you say, Oh my God, we call them, Oh my God. Oh my God.

Christine Okezie (38m 26s):
Oh my God. We grabbed me, put our head hand on our forehead,

Anne Deatly (38m 30s):
But not just for 10 seconds, hold this for like five minutes. Okay. Thank you for that.

Christine Okezie (38m 36s):

Anne Deatly (38m 37s):
So when you, you know, you you’ll feel like, you know, like you’re like this tense balloon and then, Oh, like you feel the balloon is being deflated. That’s how I kind of describe it to people when you, you know, so keep holding this until that balloon around you is deflated.

Christine Okezie (38m 54s):
I love it. Because the process itself, the practice itself brings you into that deeper awareness for your body. And it’s that deeper awareness I’ve found that is what actually is needed for the healing to occur. Right? Yeah. Cause we kind of started to teach ourselves, wow. I can make myself better. I have within me more ability than I’ve been led to believe. Right? Yeah. That’s everything.

Anne Deatly (39m 21s):
These are the, these are the simple techniques that you can use. It’s not difficult side effects, right? No side of it, no negative side effects.

Christine Okezie (39m 32s):
How long and how often should we use these tools? I mean, there’s techniques in the moment, but let’s just say from, you know, ongoing maintenance, ongoing practice, because to your point where the weight we’re taking things in, we’re getting things out, it’s a continuous system, right. We’re never going to be, to be clear, right. We’re never going to be like, at least in this existence a hundred percent all the time am I set safe? Okay. So how do we kind of take care of ourselves?

Anne Deatly (39m 59s):
So Donna Eden shares a daily energy routine, which has about eight different exercises that you do, you know, like in the morning, you know, have to do it in the morning, but you know, like just start the day off with optimal energy. That would be a good time to do it. Right. And you know, we just like the first one is these four taps. One is tapping the cheekbones and your cheekbones. Yeah. One is getting into these K 27 points, which are equal from your collarbone about an app out and down about an inch.

Anne Deatly (40m 32s):
And there’s a little depression there. If they’re soreness, you’ve got them and that’s, the energy gets stuck there for some reason. And then the thymus, you know, we’re the only primates that don’t do this.

Christine Okezie (40m 46s):
And so we’re banging our chest and we’re banging the center of our chest,

Anne Deatly (40m 50s):
Great energy to our thymus, which produces T cells. So it’s very important for the immune system. And then spleen is like right underneath your breasts,

Christine Okezie (41m 0s):
Okay. In the front of our body or the back of our body in the front. So we’re just again, and we’re applying, we’re just, how long are we tapping? Or, or each part,

Anne Deatly (41m 12s):
I don’t know, 20 seconds. It doesn’t have to be a long time, but it’s the, it’s the repetitiveness I’m going to, if I do this every day, I’m just going to get it up to speed today. And then, you know, you might, everything is whatever happens during the day may deplete you a little bit and you just do it again the next day you feel better and, or you could do it multiple times a day. I mean, certainly that’s okay.

Christine Okezie (41m 35s):
Thank you. And is that your morning routine, part of your morning routine, are those eight sort of clearing exercises?

Anne Deatly (41m 41s):
Yes. And whatever else, you know, like if I’ve been to a practitioner and they tell me, you know, you really should strengthen your kidney Meridian, you know, hold these acupressure points. And I will do that. You know, I’ll add that to my daily energy routine

Christine Okezie (41m 54s):
Does is a compliment, you know, meditation, breath, work, nutrition. What’s the guidance there. How do you connect that for people when it comes to their self care?

Anne Deatly (42m 5s):
Oh, well again, I think when you feel energized and you feel really good, it’s easier to make changes to like what you’re eating and what, you know, what you’re doing. You know, like you have that activation energy to start something new, like take a new challenge on, you know, get through the day. You know, a lot of people say, you know, like I can’t get through this.

Christine Okezie (42m 28s):
I just don’t have time. It’s all that I can do just to get what I need to get done.

Anne Deatly (42m 32s):
Right. So it’s because they’re depleted in some place. So when, when the energy is flowing really well, you have enough energy, you have enough stamina to do everything you want. And even sometimes I say, well, I’m going to stretch today. So I have this I have to do. And what if I have time, if I still have energy, I’m going to read that book or I’m going to, you know, I’m going to study that, you know, so, you know, you can kind of challenge yourself. Am I limiting myself? Like I want to have all the energy possible for me to do everything I want to do.

Christine Okezie (43m 6s):
Yes. Yes. Energy energy is,

Anne Deatly (43m 9s):
You know, like not with the sour, you know, like I have to know, I get to, you know, I get to clean my house today. I get to clean the refrigerator refrigerator today, you know, but I had the energy to do it. So I’m going to do it right now.

Christine Okezie (43m 24s):
Wow. Okay. So energy, you know, comes from, you know, when we elevate, we move up that ladder, as you mentioned, we move up that ladder of emotions, right. We’re just, you know, clearing and elevating, literally elevating ourselves, as you said, it impacts every aspect of our life. When our energy is flowing our relationships, our career, how we interact with our family, how we take care of our bodies and move our bodies. Energy is fundamental.

Anne Deatly (43m 54s):
Yes. It is the core of all that we are. And that’s maybe something we should talk about because you know, that we’re energy beings. That’s the major thing I try to, you know, I teach

Christine Okezie (44m 6s):
How have to see it, how to feel it. Yeah.

Anne Deatly (44m 8s):
At a sense, it, because I really want people to connect to that and it’s not impossible, you know? And

Christine Okezie (44m 17s):
How can I get started, you know, thinking of myself as an energy being for someone who’s kind of really new to this. Okay.

Anne Deatly (44m 23s):
Okay. So I’m going to, okay. So let’s start with the big bang. Right. So what was available after, and it wasn’t really a bang because it, the, it was a subatomic particle that expanded. So there was, there wasn’t anything else, but this cosmic soup, which was energy. Yeah. So, so going back to the string theory, so subatomic particles come together to make Adams and Adams create molecules. And aren’t we just a bunch of molecules.

Anne Deatly (44m 55s):
Yes. Yeah. So they make cells and we’re like 100 trillion cells all with these strings of energy to actually very base. So that’s what I like. That’s. Yeah. And what’s beautiful though, is we have, you know, just in the last 15, 20 years, the science, you know, the instrumentation is able to record and document all of this. We have folks over at the heart math Institute, a lot of different sciences.

Anne Deatly (45m 29s):
Cause we’re, we’re understanding more and more. Oh. And also epigenetics. So genetics, you know, look, there is a dogma that our disease comes from our genes, which is not true. So, so then the whole field of epigenetics formed not too long ago saying that, you know, the control is above the gene. So that’s what epigenetics means above the genes, the control. And of course what the above the genes is, these energies.

Christine Okezie (46m 1s):
Yes. Amazing. And so has your journey been from the realm of scientific research to energy practitioner? So I’d love to know as you go forward on your path, what are you most curious about these days? What do you wonder about,

Anne Deatly (46m 17s):
Oh gosh. As I said, like we are, if we’re open, we allow the divine to be expressed through us. We allow the divine to help us. Co-create our lives. Then that’s the most magnificent life I think. So I wonder how I can, you know, how I can get closer to that. You know, how I could even be even more open. I feel like I’m open, but you know, maybe I’m not fully open, you know?

Anne Deatly (46m 48s):
So I wonder what are, what, what are the steps for that? You know, basically that may be the path to enlightenment, you know? So what else do I need to know? But the thing is I don’t get, I don’t get caught up in the worry about that. Right. Because I know that if something will happen, when I need to know it, something will come to me. Like somebody will tell me about a book to read, or somebody will tell me about a course to take or something, you know, or I’ll meet somebody like you, Christine, and I can talk to you.

Anne Deatly (47m 20s):
Yes, yes. Yes. I mean, there’s not a lot of people I can talk to about what I believe now. Yeah. Beautiful. No, it’s, it’s, it’s,

Christine Okezie (47m 31s):
That’s the beautiful thing about that is, so I get the sense that, you know, when you look through the lens of energy at the, at your being and at the world, it’s very vast, it’s very expensive. It’s always kind of in this. If you know your expression right now is one of wonder, no expectation, which I know is kind of important in this work. Yeah. So beautiful. That expectation is an energy.

Christine Okezie (48m 3s):
Tell me more about that. Expectation is an energy. So if you’re expecting what you desire to happen, you, you can create it. You don’t have to know how, but just to put that energy out because that’s what the universe is. Job is you transmit those energy thoughts, let’s say, and it’s, and it, it always has to come back to the original origin of that source. So whenever energy I put out by thoughts, feelings, beliefs comes back to me cause that’s, that’s a universal law.

Christine Okezie (48m 38s):
I can’t go anywhere else and go somewhere else. And Einstein, right. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Okay. And at the same time, are we conscious? Right? Because we’re constantly broadcasting, we’re constantly putting our thoughts, emotions, and desires, and worries to your point out into this field of energy that surrounds us. Right. So help us understand again, how not to fall prey to the dogma that tends to be out there sometimes in spiritual circles.

Christine Okezie (49m 9s):
Right? Oh, I created this mess, you know? Oh, I don’t want to think there’s thoughts cause bad things will happen. How do you clarify that for folks? It’s important? You know, what did I say to myself as like, you know, I, I kind of have this intention that when I go into a downward spiral, I kind of like, okay, wait a minute. I better check on this. Is that a message that I want to send to the world to come back to me? So I kind of like put it into like a higher buy, you know, like a higher level of consciousness.

Christine Okezie (49m 42s):
In other words, like, you know, if I’m really in worry, fear, doubt, whatever. Like you can’t find the solution there cause you’re so focused on there. So you have to kind of bring yourself out and think at a higher level, is this real, you know, like understanding what I’m doing here, do you really want to do this? And I’m like, no, no I don’t. And so that will help me to get back on track choice. So it’s choice. So power of choice, we have the choice, definitely, really an important knowing.

Christine Okezie (50m 16s):
Right. We always have choice if we can. I like to use the pause, hit that pause button. Right. And as you said, ask an important question. Yeah. I want to be feeling this way. Is this something I want to continue to stay stuck in, right? Yeah. Yeah. That’s really powerful. Thank you. So, and you have so many wonderful programs going on. Tell us about, you know, how our listeners can find you online, get to work with you, check out some of your very powerful programs.

Christine Okezie (50m 52s):
I have a Facebook page, Quantum Breakthroughs by dr. Anne Deatly Actually, I just created a new course called Energy Is All There Is, Masters the Flow To Enhance Your Life. And I’m launching that in November. Great. So I’ll make sure that’s all in the show notes and people can sign up and start to get on the list for, you know, more information about that. Yes. Awesome. Okay. Well, and this has been such a gift to our listeners. Thank you so much for empowering us and sharing with us all your wisdom on health and healing.

Christine Okezie (51m 29s):
Okay. Thanks so much, Anne.

Anne Deatly (51m 30s):
Thank you.

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