Getting To The Root Cause Working With A Medical Intuitive – Ep#035 Interview With Healer and Spiritual Counselor Jenny Israel , CPC, CECP

When difficult emotions like anger, guilt, and unworthiness go repressed and unhealed, the side effects impact our overall well-being by blocking the flow of vital energy in our life. In essence, emotional blocks are energy blocks, they’re below our level of conscious awareness. Common symptoms of emotional blocks are self sabotaging patterns, feelings of stagnation, frequent procrastination about the same issue, or repeating themes of conflict or drama in our lives.

Emotional blocks can also affect our physical well-being and show up in chronic and often debilitating symptoms such as headaches, chronic pain, digestive issues, immune challenges. Clearing emotional blocks requires healing at the root cause and since our bodies are energy systems, this means healing at the energetic level, in order to release the unhealthy bonds to past situations.

In this episode, I speak with Jenny Israel, a Medical Intuitive, Certified Energy Therapist and Spiritual Wellness Counselor. She is a Certified Life Coach and has been attuned in Reiki I, II and III and Levels 1-6 of the Seraphim Blueprint System. .Jenny started developing her intuitive and healing gifts in 2009. After dealing with her own health crisis a few years ago, she dove deeper into her healing profession. The ability to see her client’s energy blocks began to strengthen and she soon realized that she was channeling information directly related to physical, emotional and mental illness.

Join me for a deep and captivating conversation about the energy body, spirituality, the role of consciousness in healing and how to understand and navigate these turbulent times through a metaphysical lens.

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Instagram: @jennyisraelcpc

Jenny’s Recommended Resources:

The Emotion Code, Dr. Bradley Nelson
The Seraphim Blueprint

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Podcast Transcript

0 (1s):
Welcome to the Soul Science Nutrition Podcast, where you’ll discover that when it comes to your health, you’re so much more powerful than you’ve been led to believe. And now your host, she’s a holistic nutrition and lifestyle coach, chef author, and Yogi, Christine Okezie.

Christine Okezie (23s):
Hello, and welcome to the Soul Science Nutrition Podcast. I’m Christine Okezie. Thanks so much for tuning in today. So if you embrace a holistic view of health, you view the human body, mind and emotions as an integrated entity, you see the brain, the immune system, all the bodily organs has one dynamic intelligence system. Now ancient healing traditions have long understood the way our mental and spiritual bodies inform our physical nature. Western science too, has begun to understand this interdependence between the emotional and physical body. In fact, with exciting fields of study now like psycho neuro immunology,the area of the study of the gut brain connection and epigenetics.

Christine Okezie (1m 9s):
Now, when you work with the psycho-emotional roots of disease, you understand that when difficult emotions like anger, guilt, or unworthiness go repressed and unhealed, the side effects are affect our overall wellbeing by blocking the flow of vital energy in our life. In essence, emotional blocks are energy blocks. They’re below our level of conscious awareness. Now unhealed emotional wounds, trauma shapes our perceptions, our behaviors, and our biology. Common symptoms of emotional blocks are self-sabotaging patterns, feelings of stagnation, frequent procrastination about the same issue or repeating themes of conflict or drama in our lives.

Christine Okezie (1m 59s):
Emotional blocks can also affect our physical wellbeing and show up in chronic and often debilitating symptoms such as headaches, chronic pain, digestive issues, or immune challenges. Clearing emotional blocks requires healing them at the root cause. And since our bodies, our energy systems, this means healing at the energetic level. In order to release the unhealthy bonds to past situations, there are various modalities to clear emotional blocks. Working with an energy healer can address these emotional blocks at the root. Working with a medical intuitive is also another healing modality.

Christine Okezie (2m 38s):
A medical intuitive is someone who connects with spirit guides to tap into your energy, providing you with some Intel about those underlying emotional and physical situations that they see. And today we speak with an expert in these two healing modalities, Jenny Israel, Jenny Israel is a medical certified

Jenny Israel (3m 1s):
Energy therapist and spiritual wellness counselor. She’s a certified life coach has been attuned in Reiki, one, two and three, as well as levels. One through six of the Serafin Blueprint system. Jenny started developing her intuitive and healing gifts back in 2009. And after dealing with her own health crisis a few years ago, she dove deeper into her healing profession. The ability to see her client’s energy blocks began to strengthen. And she soon realized that she was channeling information directly related to physical, emotional, and mental illness. She began collaborating with holistic doctors on special cases to test information that was coming through and found that she was experiencing a bout a 90 to 94% rate of accuracy.

Christine Okezie (3m 46s):
I can’t wait for you to listen in on this captivating conversation. And if you like the show, please feel free to leave a rating and review. And as always, please remember to hit that subscribe button to help me keep these empowering messages on the podcast growing. Thanks again, and enjoy the show. Hi, Jenny, welcome to the podcast. So great to have you here today.

Jenny Israel (4m 7s):
I’m so excited. I can’t wait for this conversation to unfold. Beautiful.

Christine Okezie (4m 13s):
I would love to know what led you to become a medical, intuitive energy healer and spiritual.

Jenny Israel (4m 22s):
Well, I think that, you know, actually as I look back now into my childhood, I think it’s always been there, but it never in a million years, did I ever think that I would be here doing this? You know, I, I say it happened in my previous life, which is going back about 11 years now. I was in corporate retail and, you know, that’s, that’s where I made my career. I was doing that for about a decade and, you know, I had been introduced to the, the metaphysical realm at a very young age. My mom was a Reiki master. I think by the time I was about 13, my dad was a pastor, a Presbyterian pastor, but he also is a natural hands-on healer.

Jenny Israel (5m 8s):
And, you know, at that point in time, it was, you know, like the only point of reference I had was Mr. Miyagi from the karate kid, like slap your hands together and make, and that’s kinda how my dad would roll with it. But yeah, I grew up, you know, in that, in the era of the eighties, when, you know, it was the time of Shirley MacLaine and UFO’s, and you know, Reiki was, was really, really coming in. You know, a lot of that spiritual work was, was reaching a crescendo at that time and my mom was into all of it. And so this was the coffee table material in the house where I grew up.

Jenny Israel (5m 50s):
So I’m very fortunate in that aspect, you know, in 2009, the, when the economy kind of tanked, I was actually laid off from my job. And I remember waking up the next morning and thinking to myself, waiting for the panic to hit me. And it didn’t instead, I felt complete freedom and peace and anticipation for what I would do next. And at the time, just as a hobby, I was making jewelry and I decided that, you know, I would just go into that and that not just making jewelry, but I would start making empowerment jewelry for women out of real crystals and gemstones.

Jenny Israel (6m 36s):
So I started with nature’s energetics. That’s really where it started for me connecting with the stones and the messages and the healing. And then it was, well, you know, I don’t know where these things are coming from and I can’t pass them on to someone with healing intentions, unless I’ve cleared them or done something, you know? And so I asked my mom at that point to, to open my hands for me and that’s, that was the rabbit hole. And so it started there and over the progression of years of the different things that I came in contact with getting certified for Reiki, learning about essential oils, you know, doing the crystals, learning how to channel, starting working with taro, you know, all of these different things, becoming a certified life coach.

Jenny Israel (7m 26s):
I ended up running into the Serafin Blueprint, which is, I mean, that has, that’s one of the, the, the healing system. The, the majority of what I do inside of my sessions is angelic healing. I do still use the Reiki here and there. And when people ask me what the difference is, the, the angelic killing is like Reiki on steroids. I mean, it just comes in those strong, but so gentle at the same time. And it’s like a spiritual Draino. So, you know, it’s like, it just comes in, does its job switches your brain into this beautiful place of problem solving clarity and peace cleans the body out, expands your light body and on your way, you know, so when I found the Sarah from blueprint, I was like, actually very ill.

Jenny Israel (8m 14s):
And I had been practicing Reiki for a couple of years. I was an active Reiki master. I think that’s where the medical intuition started to come in. I was working with an integrative doctor at the time, and I really drank the Kool-Aid with her. I learned about food as medicine. I learned about the, the essential oils. I, you know, I learned a lot about the balance of what I had already started to bring in this connection of thought energy, to emotional energy, to how that manifests inside the physical body. And so working with her, her name is Dr. Christine blanche. And I was working with a lot of cancer patients because that was the majority of the people that she was with.

Jenny Israel (8m 57s):
And I just kept getting sicker and sicker. And my doctor’s telling me there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re everything looks fine, but you could look at me and clearly see that there was something not right. And so happenstance, one day I was working at a spa and one of the clients came out from one of her sessions and she said, Oh, you must be Jenny. The new Reiki master. I said, yeah, I am. She’s like, you know, I’m also practicing or I used to practice Reiki, but now I’m a psychic medium. And her name is Meagan sand. Steads she and I, this, even to this day, this was back in 2000 and early 2014. She’s one of my closest friends. And she had said to me, you know, the, the angels have been talking to you and you’re ignoring them.

Jenny Israel (9m 41s):
I said, actually, you’re right. The Sarah, Sarah from blueprint book had been sitting on my shelf for about a year. And I thought I had everything I needed with the Reiki, but it turned out that I was, my empathic abilities were opening I’m way past what Reiki was offering me as far as structure and protection and, and all of that. And so, you know, the, the Sarah from blueprint was the next step. And the minute I went home that day and open, cracked, open that book, it was, I want to go through this entire, there are six levels in the surface blueprint. I’m going to go through all six levels and I want to teach this. And I just knew it instantly. And that was, that happened like a month after I met again.

Jenny Israel (10m 26s):
So it was instant. I was like, I’m going for this. And whereas most people spread the Sarah from blueprint out, you know, like one level a month or more. I, my mom’s best friend was my team teacher. And so she put me on the VIP track and I did all six levels as a student, and then got my certification as a teacher between March and November of the same year. Wow. And it was in that time that the medical intuition really dropped in the Serafin blueprint basically goes into your DNA, cleans out your channel, cleans out all of the stop gaps in our, in our DNA that are, we had as an original, pure human, you know, like they talk about the original 144,000 beings that, you know, came to populate the earth with all of their gifts intact and the Serafin blueprint, repairs, all of that damage and lifts trauma out of the body lifts the illusion of separateness with God and really gets you in touch with all of your gifts.

Jenny Israel (11m 31s):
And me being a double Aries with a Virgo rising I’m like head, head and Morehead, and very, very medically based in, in my, the way that I think. And so this is how spirit started to communicate with me through being able to, I guess, from that, that psychic vision place of being able to see people’s energy bodies, but starting to link it into different organs systems, nervous system, endocrine system, you know, showing me how these emotional traumas and old psychic traumas were sitting inside the body and stopping the flow of energy and, and making the, the central channel of our body not able to run the way that it’s supposed to and interconnect the way it’s supposed to and being a Kundalini person, you know, like we’re not just talking about

2 (12m 31s):
Woo-hoo stearic stuff like

Jenny Israel (12m 32s):
We’re talking about nerve ganglia.

Christine Okezie (12m 35s):
That’s right. Yeah. This is real anatomy. This is real, you know, neuro endocrine anatomy going on. Absolutely.

Jenny Israel (12m 43s):
And so when we have disconnects on that level, it starts in that thought body moves into the emotional body and then eventually starts breaking down the, the physical systems inside of our body. And so this is where I really started to understand how my gift was coming in. But the, the irony of it is that as I was driving harder and harder towards this high vibrational path, my entire life fell apart. My marriage fell apart. My friendships fell apart. My, my business fell apart. My finance part, my health completely deteriorated again.

Jenny Israel (13m 26s):
I was back in this place and it turned out that I, I had chronic Lyme’s. Okay. And I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme’s disease and, you know, the, I went conventional first and they gave me the doxycycline. And I, you know, I did, I was a good little soldier and did what the conventional doctor told me to do. And I came back from my blood check. This was 2015. I came back from my blood check and I ha I was 800% worse than the first time I went. And I can’t even describe what that’s like, it’s it was like living in Vaseline, everything hurt, everything slowed down.

Jenny Israel (14m 7s):
I had disassociated from my body disassociated from my relationships, like it was like being suspended in this other dimension and watching life happen around you without being able to participate and being in constant pain in the process. And so I, you know, this is when I really dove back in to the holistic perspective of medical treatment. So what do I need first of all, to, to shift me into a higher vibrational place inside my head, because I was suffering so badly in my head, but how am I going to get this out of my body? If the antibiotics aren’t working, where do I go? And so I did end up finding my, my chiropractors, my naturopath doctors, my knee, my nutritionists, you know, and it, and I ended up healing my body through more of an Eastern medicine approach and arithmetic medicine with food and going more of a paleo, you know, really cleaning everything out.

Jenny Israel (15m 14s):
And it was inside that process of healing, my own body, that I learned that medical perspective of Eastern medicine and how organs were generating emotional vibrations and you know, how things can get stuck in the body in that way. And it was like that piece of the puzzle that my, my psychic vision was trying to show me, but I didn’t have the knowledge base to understand what I was seeing. And that led me to the emotion code by Dr. Bradley Nelson, the Body code, which I also use inside of my sessions. It, it really brought everything full circle.

Jenny Israel (15m 56s):
And so now when a person walks in my door, it’s like, okay, you know, tell me what your intention is for being here. And then we’re going to jump right down the rabbit hole. You know, it’s like, okay, what’s your body showing me as far as energy systems, what’s not working. Where’s the flow stuck, you know, w where, where they are mentally, where they are emotionally, the different things their body is doing. And so it, it is a channeling in the beginning. And then through that open conversation with my client and spirit coming in, which can happen in all kinds of really interesting ways.

Jenny Israel (16m 39s):
Hm. Sometimes I’ll go ahead.

2 (16m 42s):
What do you mean by that? Like, for example, you know, share, describe for us, like what a typical session would look like. Let’s say working with you, someone comes in for our first time, initial time. What, what’s the process?

Jenny Israel (16m 56s):
So inside that new client discovery session, it is 90 minutes. So we get enough time to really have a comprehensive view of what’s going on. It’s like being able to get a baseline inside the body. Sure. So the body will speak to me and show me like the major centers that aren’t working. And so we start to talk about that. There’s always, probably a little bit of an education in the beginning, because not everybody that’s walking in the door understands what their shockers are doing, or, you know, the personality of the different organs and, you know, those kinds of things. But when we start to talk about the energy breakdown, they’re like, Oh my God, yes, I am experiencing that.

Jenny Israel (17m 38s):
And that, and that, you know, inside my, my physical body. Yes. And so this is where we start. And then I do use my pendulum. My pendulum is my, my main divination tool that helps me kind of sort out the information that spirit is dropping in to my head. And it is a, it’s a process in between clairesentience, which is being able to feel things inside my body and claircognizance, which is that knowingness, that stream of consciousness that comes in where you’re being given images or information that is not yours, you know, it’s coming from someplace else. And then I can confirm it with my client and it, depending on what they bring in with them, because they’re coming in with their own team, right.

Jenny Israel (18m 24s):
Their own angelic healing team, all of their guides, you know, their family members, whoever it is that they’re bringing in with them, it’s all part of the energy bubble that is being read and shown. And so sometimes I do get a little bit of mediumship that comes in, they’ll have family members that come in. And so all of that is part of the channeling, which is about the first 30 minutes. Okay. And I have intake sheets that, you know, I’m writing everything down and drawing diagrams on their body and, you know, kind of getting this idea for where we need movement, where we need expansion and where we need clearing. And then we go into using that information.

Jenny Israel (19m 5s):
I use the Emotion Ccode and the Body Code, and I still, you know, it, it was when I started, I was doing it all via kinesiology, which is the muscle testing and the idea of the muscle testing, you know, being able to talk to your central nervous system. And for those who don’t know what that is, it’s, it’s just simply using an arm of the body for strength resistance. So you stick out your arm. If you have a nice strong arm, when you’re pushing down on the arm, that’s a yes. From your central nervous system. If your arm can’t stay up and it’s falling down, then that’s your no. And the central nervous system doesn’t lie. You know, it’s going to tell you what’s going on, on, even on that subconscious quantum field level.

Jenny Israel (19m 50s):
And so the Emotion Code works in that realm, and it is going through different divination charts that are included in the program and, and intuition mixed in with that to figure out what the negative thought form is. What is that statement that is being repeated inside the subconscious. I’m not good enough. I’m, you know, I, I have no will to go on. I am not smart enough. I am, you know, w whatever that looks like that, what I call it and coaching, we learned as the gremlin statement. So that thought energy, what emotions are attached to that.

Jenny Israel (20m 31s):
So what kind of trauma experience has been held inside the body? That’s supporting the subconscious in repeating this, this trauma cycle of that heard us once. So now we’re going to throw up all these walls. So we never have to, to feel that or experience that again. But all that does is, is put us in an energetic box. Can’t move. We can’t slow. We can’t grow. We can’t heal. It keeps us in that past cycle of thought, which then triggers ongoing emotions. And after the body holds those vibrations for a certain amount of time inside the physical body, because it’s all being managed in our body, then this on a cellular level, the cells are supposed to be vibrating at a certain health frequency.

Jenny Israel (21m 24s):
And a lot of these emotions and thoughts are coming in at a lower frequency than where our cells should be vibrating. Yes. And the body isn’t saying this is good, or this is bad. All it’s trying to do is find balance, right? And so it’s going to go down or up to whatever the loudest vibration is that’s coming in. Right? And so the cells will bring themselves down to that level. That’s constantly, it’s like tuning forks, sticking out all over your body, and you’re constantly hitting the same tuning fork over and over again. Then that’s where the magnetism is going to go in body.

Jenny Israel (22m 5s):
And so your vibration starts to drop on a cellular level in those places in the body. And this is usually where we see the physical breakdown in some way. And so the Emotion Code goes in, finds those things, and then we clear them out of the central nervous.

Christine Okezie (22m 21s):
And so how do you do caring? Is it, are these, are there treatments that are hands on hands off? Do you give follow-up protocols for people to administer on themselves?

Jenny Israel (22m 31s):
Well, the, the beautiful thing about the Emotion Code is that you don’t have to be a certified practitioner to use the tool. Dr. Bradley Nelson put everything out. It was like a gift to humanity. Like you can Google the Emotion Code and the ability to muscle test yourself, clear emotions from yourself. It’s all via the governing meridian in the body, which is the main nerve vessel that starts at the base of the nose and travels up the, up the center of the head, around the center of the head and down the spine. And we’re using that governing vessel to clear the energy from the central nervous system. And so I use a high powered medical grade magnet, and he can magnet to do it.

Jenny Israel (23m 16s):
And the only reason why is because it actually magnifies your intention. Interesting. So it makes it really, really powerful, but you can use your hand. You don’t need a special tool to do it. We have polarity magnetism coming out of the palms of our hands, so anybody can learn how to do it if they feel driven to do so, but inside the session, it’s first identifying what the issue is, what emotion is underneath, all of that or mental pattern is underneath all of that, finding what a body system is connected to those imbalances. And then it’s swiping down the spine with the intention of clearing and balancing those systems.

Jenny Israel (23m 58s):
Okay. And it sounds so like, wait, so there’s no medicine on popping in my mouth. There’s no, like, you know, it, it seems too good to be true, but it is literally that simple and it’s quantum level healing. So I put them on the table and, you know, I, I have my magnet and I swipe it down the spine to get rid of all of the things that we’ve gathered, you know, through the, the divination process. And, and then they’re gone. Okay. And that’s it like, it, it, not to say that there might not be another layer of the onion that exposes itself at that point, because this is, this is how we are, we are giant onions, very good for Lotus flowers.

Jenny Israel (24m 45s):
However you want to look at it. There’s always more. Yes. And so it is, you know, one layer at a time revealing these things that are causing the disruption in our bodies. And so once you remove those codes that have been discovered, they’re gone forever. And then I think it’s, post-treatment, it is understanding, understanding the cognitive behavioral connections to those things. And having people tap into that and kind of coaching them through being very consciously aware of their thoughts and their emotions choosing in that moment, what am I going to focus on?

Jenny Israel (25m 27s):
What am I going to feed energy into setting very small achievable goals for them to be able to do new things, because the ego is going to get very upset when you take away its survival mechanisms, right? And so the minute that you start to threaten the ego’s structure, which is these limiting beliefs, and, you know, all of these things that we have going on, it’s going to have a giant temper tantrum. And it’s going to see how committed you are to this new path of health. And so it is trying to retrain the brain and because the brain does actually have to create new neural pathways to start a new reality, which is, you know, why we here?

Jenny Israel (26m 13s):
Well, it’s a minimum of 21 or 28 days to start a new lifestyle, start a new routine. And it’s because the brain is actually creating new neural pathways for impulses to move. So we can see a different way. We can hear deeper, we can sense things on a different level. It’s amazing how our bodies are designed to be highly intuitive and spiritual in nature. But we’re not really some of us aren’t tapping into that yet. Right,

Christine Okezie (26m 48s):
Right. Right. Well, we’re caught up, you know, very much using the five senses. We were, we were probed and conditioned to, to, you know, see it and then I’ll believe it. Right. So it is a very, you know, kind of conditioning way. We use our senses and our perspective. So thank you so much. That is a beautiful, very complete description of how you work with your clients and, and actually how everything else works around it at the root of all physical conditions or health challenges is the mental and emotional, energetic, root, essentially the core of it. So when people come to you, at what point are you working just with, are you working with chronic conditions?

Christine Okezie (27m 29s):
Are you working with physical symptom in the body? And then you’re in, you’re going into the emotional and potential, the trauma behind it. You know, you see all the entanglements, you see all the imbalances. So what’s, how do you know what the pathway in is? I guess that’s what I’m really curious.

Jenny Israel (27m 48s):
Intention is very, very powerful. And it really depends on what intention my client is coming in with that, that rules the process. And so if they’re in excruciating physical pain, that’s where we start. And if, you know, if they’re, if they’re coming in with anxiety, then that’s where we start. So it is a very, very powerfully driven process by the person’s energy and what they’re bringing in. And that’s how the body is going to direct me what to do for it.

Christine Okezie (28m 22s):
Okay. Thank you. Thank you. How much are they aware of a kind of holistic healing? Have they I’m just really do people, do they come to you because they’ve just reached the end of conventional work and treatment?

Jenny Israel (28m 36s):
I would say that I get a few that are coming in just from a level of desperation and somebody, you know, a friend of them, friend of theirs, they said, you have to go do this. Right. And so they walk in the door and they’re like, I’m here because someone told me to come. But I would say about 90% of the people that are walking through my door are looking for, to go deeper and they’ve started their spiritual path in some way, and they’ve hit a wall. And so it’s time for the, their next level up. And, you know, this is something that I’ve known about myself for some time that I am a spiritual activator.

Jenny Israel (29m 17s):
And so inside of the process of healing, when people are coming in, inevitably what’s going to happen is they are going to get activated on a deeper level because we’re cleaning their channel out. We’re getting them in touch with themselves. We’re getting them in touch with their internal spirit connection. We are starting to focus on their patterns of sabotage, which generally come into those cycles where we aren’t recognizing our worth, that we do deserve happiness and we deserve love. And we are worthy of those things. We are worthy of success.

Jenny Israel (29m 58s):
We, we, we have gifts. The world needs us and, and they have started to scratch the surface with those things. But we have all of these blocks that, you know, are built inside of whether it’s our childhood experience, whether we came in with them genetically and we’re clearing stuff for ancestral line. And, and this is why, you know, Mastin KIPP used the word. I’m a big Mastin KIPP fan. I absolutely adore him. He used a word that was like a bomb going off in my brain. He used the word neuro-diversity.

Jenny Israel (30m 39s):
Yeah. And I was like, yes, because when we think about where we’re going and how important unity and community are going to be so much more, it’s like, we’re going back to the village. That’s where we started. Right. We started in these little tribes and these little villages where everybody understood that the network was where survival was without the tribe they would die. And so, you know, I think we’re starting to move back in that direction now and starting to really understand that everybody’s central nervous system works in a different way.

Jenny Israel (31m 20s):
And this is, this is the beauty of the collective is because we’re all coming in with different gifts and different ways of approaching different ways of thinking, different ways of problem solving, different ways of feeling things. And really starting to understand that if we were supposed to solve all of our own problems and do it all by ourselves, that we would be the only one walking around on the face of the earth. And we’re not, we’re all here together. And, you know, it’s like being able to get out of your own head and realize that sometimes we can’t see the solution because we are the problem. So, you know, and isn’t that an Einstein quote, like trying to try and

Christine Okezie (31m 57s):
From the same consciousness that created the problem. Yeah. I love that quote. Yeah.

Jenny Israel (32m 1s):
So I think that that’s, that’s where I’m getting the majority of the people coming in. And I do think that the Sarah from blueprint created that magnet because that’s really, that’s an evolutionary upgrade system for spiritual activation. And because I am so intentionally committed to that, I feel like I am magnetizing people in, you know, that potentially would be receptive to that kind of evolution.

Christine Okezie (32m 25s):
Yeah. Yeah. I mean, and that’s really kind of how this work also, if we, and that’s, what’s so beautiful about it is that that’s the, that’s the authenticity behind it, I think is that this might not be for somebody, but for the people who it is, they will get what they will absolutely get what they need, you know, from that it’s a self-selecting process in that regard. So I think that’s wonderful from an energetic perspective, you know, you do a lot of channeling and some energy about what’s going on in the collective. What do you think the relationship today is between all the emotional challenges we’re facing and the very specific kind of, you know, time that we’re living in?

Jenny Israel (33m 7s):
Well, I go back to, you know, the, at that time that I was describing in my life where everything kind of fell apart, you know, it was like, I set this intention to level up and go into this new high vibrational path. And even though I can look back at it now and completely understand why it all happened, because there is, it’s the hermetic principle of polarity. We can only experience this thing over here if we’ve also experienced the opposite side of the spectrum. So we need to be able to swing that pendulum both ways.

Jenny Israel (33m 47s):
So there’s no way for you to climb the ladder up into the clouds. If you, aren’t also experiencing going down into the earth, you know, the, at the, the same, the same direction and same polarity strength as trying to constantly go up. And so this is what we call the dark night of the soul. The dark night of the soul is when your tower falls, it’s everything falls apart because there’s something bigger coming, but we don’t have space for it right now because there’s all of this stuff. It’s like standing in the middle of rubble, right? You can’t, you can’t build a new house until you clean that foundation off.

Jenny Israel (34m 32s):
Yes. And so, but when you’re standing in the middle of that destruction, you don’t even know where to start. And it is so overwhelming. And I, this is, this is what 2020 was. This is, it was 2020 was the tower falling. And I think that, you know, depending on your individual path and, and the self work that you’ve done, have you gone through your own dark night of the soul is going to depend on what level you’re coming in, you know, for what we’re going through right now, but it’s never been on a global scale like this.

Jenny Israel (35m 14s):
I mean, we are truly talking about collective movement and with a global pandemic where we were all fighting the same invisible terrorist, whatever you want to call it, you know, we’re, we were all experiencing situations that brought us different levels of destruction. Yeah. And globally we’re facing this vibration of ending and this vibration of death, I think more than we have in generations. I mean, we’re, it’s, our earth is purging thousands of years worth of pain and suffering.

Jenny Israel (36m 3s):
I mean, we’re talking about, you know, Wars, genocides, plagues, you know, civil Wars, you know, environmental destruction, you know, these things that we have gotten ourselves further and further separated from our mother earth, from one another and ultimately from God. And so this 2020 was a true, you know, for, for those who are Christian based, it’s that the statement is a come to Jesus, right? It’s like a dark night of the soul is a moment where you fall to your knees. And the only place you can look is up beautiful.

Jenny Israel (36m 44s):
Yeah. And this is, this is what’s going on. And so, you know, we can look at it on that collective level. And for those of, you know, those people who are in pathic transmitters are really, really feeling it because we’re absorbing all that the earth is trying to shed at the same time going through it in our own lives. But each individual is having a very personal experience inside of this collective shift. And what that’s doing is it’s driving people to their knees, looking up, and then looking inward and trying to figure out where, where is that inside?

Jenny Israel (37m 30s):
Where it’s like all of the things that I’ve been looking outside of myself for, for my whole life, for acknowledgement, validation and cues that I’m okay, those are disappearing. And we’re having to be driven inward, to look for new ways to support ourselves. That is based on a personal level of truth and an internal support versus trying to get something or someone from the outside to tell us where to go and how to be happy and what brings joy and where is our purpose and where are, where are our people? You know, it’s like being driven to look for your soul tribe and that vibration, that matches on the inside.

Jenny Israel (38m 17s):
So it is a collective and individual at the same time, death of our old selves, our old identities and inside of those identities, it’s old truths, old belief systems, old jobs, old relationships, old structures, all of it is crashing to the ground. Right. But for those who follow astrology, we’ve been hearing this theme all throughout 2020 about like literally everything burning to the ground. So the Phoenix can rise. And so this is, this is what’s happening right now. It’s like, I think we’re in the smoking Ash.

Christine Okezie (38m 58s):
Yeah. Yeah. Good point. It is. It is in process for sure. Thank you for connecting all that. And it makes the case for now more than ever, how we look to take care of ourselves is critical. You know, you know, in terms of looking for the underlying causes, really understanding what is, well, what are the components of wellbeing and what are the powers that, you know, I need to step into with regard to honoring what’s happening in my body. What’s happening in myself. I think far too long, you know, we’ve been kind of cushy, you know, and kind of asleep with regard to looking for quick fixes and looking for immediate gratification and, and really getting caught up in just the, you know, in, in all the stuff that really doesn’t matter.

Christine Okezie (39m 49s):
So yeah, I, I appreciate you tying that together for us. I think there’s, we’re all having an individual experience of, you know, what needs to be clear. That’s no longer serving us. And when you magnify that on the scale that’s been happening and they’ll just in the last year, we can understand, you know, why it’s been so disruptive, why it’s, why we’re seeing just the health statistics, you know, in mental health and emotional health, you know, where they’re going. So it helps kind of tie it all together. But I think the beautiful thing in the work that you do in supporting people to step into their power is that an and you probably resonate with this as well. You know, I’ve realized I’m here to guide, you know, I’m here to guide and facilitate.

Christine Okezie (40m 32s):
And I always joke with my clients. I said, if anybody claims, you know, I’m the healer run as fast. Yes. Right? Yes. Because again, that’s another palpable lesson that’s come through. I think in this year, is that the only person, you know, who’s going to save you is you and your connection to who you really are, which is spirit, which is divine intelligence and Supreme love really. And so right. Isn’t that just what it comes down to. So I’d love to ask you being a spiritual activator, and I love the language that you use around that. What is the role, how do you educate people or inspire people to think about the role of cultivating a spiritual connection, cultivating their intuition, stepping in to an experience of their more subtle body, more subtle nature.

Jenny Israel (41m 31s):
Again, I, I guess it starts with where at, you know, one day when they walk in and, you know, I love what you were saying about like the, the displaced power, right. Of like walking into someone’s office and thinking that they’re the savior, and then they’re going to fix it all. And there’s this miracle button that they can push and they’re going to walk out and it’s going to be all better. And I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve had come in and sit down in the chair and be like, fixed me. I’m like, boy.

3 (41m 58s):
Oh, okay. So let’s have a conversation.

Jenny Israel (42m 3s):
As I tell all of my clients, I’m doing my job. If one day I don’t see you again. Yes, exactly. That, you know, so it’s basically as a, as a being someone who is being called into service as a healer of some sort, you are just a bridge, that’s it, you are a bridge and you get to hold the person’s hand for a little while, while they get there, their legs, it’s like walking a baby full, you know, that’s where it’s wobbly, wobbly for a little while. And as they gain confidence and strengthen themselves and, you know, and their environment and, and all of those things that they can stand on their own.

Jenny Israel (42m 48s):
And, you know, I think that one of the things that a lot of people get caught up in is that they’re, they’re trapped inside the compare and despair conversation. So they’re looking at someone who they know who has already made that journey has connected with themselves on this, you know, subtle energy bodily level and, and has a spiritual path. You know, they’re, they’re saying, well, I don’t have that. I don’t, I don’t do that. Or I can’t hear things or I don’t see things, or, you know, and I think that in, in the beginning stages, we all do that. There isn’t a single person that is coming in and saying, well, I’m completely secure with all of my gifts and how they come in.

Jenny Israel (43m 29s):
Then they probably aren’t walking in my door at all. They’re taking clients somewhere else, but it, there, there is this recognition of where you are strong. And instead of focusing on all the things that you’re lacking and all the things that are broken, it’s shifting the focus on to, well, what do you know? And, and what have you found that you really resonate with and where are your strengths and your successes inside that area of your life. And then they can connect because otherwise they’re just the person standing in the pile of rubble, right.

Jenny Israel (44m 12s):
And they don’t know where to clean first and they don’t know how to get out, but meanwhile, they have a history of being able to clean up messes and rebuild. And so, you know, this is the coaching process of taking them back into those places where there’s already confidence and starting there and teaching people how to, I think that the first thing that I always usually go to is the ability to start connecting with your emotional body, like how to feel things. Because I think that’s something that we’re, we’re, our growth is, is somewhat stunted and that, because we trust more the product of the mind, we, we trust that more than we do our own feelings.

Jenny Israel (44m 59s):
And so really teaching people, the relationship between emotions, emotional energy and their body’s responses, they can actually start to cue in to, I feel anxious right now. And my body is responding by, I have a migraine, or I have heart palpitations, or my digestion is off and teaching them about, okay, so let’s go into that area of the body of your digestion is off. And then we’re looking at upper digestion, we’re looking at solar plexus. So right now we need to figure out, you know, why are you feeling powerless inside of your own life? You know, so it is, it’s, it’s a little bit of a, well, I’ve always been a puzzle lover.

Jenny Israel (45m 40s):
It’s probably part of the reason why I do what I do now, but I, it is, it is a puzzle. It’s just trying to figure out inside that labyrinth of self, which is the right entrance to start and to, to get them going in a direction where they, they do feel some level of calm.

Christine Okezie (45m 58s):
That’s wonderful. That’s wonderful. You know, again, connecting the somatic experience, connecting the emotional and the physical sensations. Yeah. It’s very different. We’re all living above the neck, you know, in modern day living. So that’s a very powerful place for them to start to see the whole of who they are this. And I’d like to say the whole organism right. Which is just so powerful and best, you know, in terms of our own capacities that we are, you know, just trying to figure out. So that’s beautiful. What are your best tips then, you know, for self care, you know, that you find yourself saying over and over again, regardless of the health condition or health issue that you’re working with in today’s world,

Jenny Israel (46m 43s):
I say it again, and again, recently get in your body, get down in your body. And you said it perfectly, we’re all living from the neck up, or like floating heads, you know, like bumping into each other, like balloons, helium balloons. And you know, like we’re not, we’re on the untethered soul, right? Yes. So it is a process of learning how to do that. And that’s going to be different for everybody. You know, you really have to know yourself. And again, it’s exactly what I was saying before. Just because somebody else is having success, doing it one way doesn’t mean that that’s your path. And I had to know that too.

Jenny Israel (47m 24s):
People ask me all the time. Well, you must be a Yogi. You must sit in meditation for 45 minutes. No, no, no, no. I know myself. I am really, I’m an active meditator. I’m a type a personality, you know, like I know that there’s a way that I’m going to be able to successfully connect and release. And if I try to do it another way, I’m just going to get frustrated and quit. So knowing yourself is a really big part of that.

Christine Okezie (47m 54s):
Absolutely. Oh my gosh. Thank you for saying that. That gives permission to so many people that we get caught up again, more dogma, you know, whether it’s nutrition, dogma, or meditation or yoga, dogma, right. It all takes us away from the core essence of your message. I think, which is you have to know yourself. Yes. You have to get into what is working, what is not working for your beautiful, unique body or your beautiful, unique soul.

Jenny Israel (48m 18s):
And a lot of people are, I’m struggling right now with like, I don’t know what my body is doing. I don’t know. I don’t know what to, like, what kind of support does it need right now? You know, it’s like, I wake up in the morning, you know, my adrenals need a boost. I get halfway through. I get to my mid morning, afternoon, and I need to bring my adrenals down. And then I get into my late afternoon. I have to bring my adrenals back up again. You know, it’s, our bodies are doing some crazy things right now. And

Christine Okezie (48m 49s):
One second. Yeah. If comes to mind, do you use your medical intuitive capacities on your own self? Are there limitations? Yeah.

Jenny Israel (49m 0s):
Oh yes. There are. There are definitely blocks when trying to tune in. If what I do find though is that I’ll have a message being repeated in my mind over and over again. And like the first three times it drops in, I dismiss it. It’s like, no, that’s not it. And then it ends up coming back around that. Yup. That was it. And being able to really listen is something that is a, that’s a never ending journey, not doubting what’s coming in, you know, for yourself, it comes through because there’s still that piece of me. That’s like, I need to call Meagan. You know, like I need, I need someone to tell me what’s wrong with me.

Jenny Israel (49m 43s):
And when really your body’s giving you all of the signals and then trying to figure out, you know, w where, where the root cause of all of this is. And so getting down in your body and really listening to what’s happening is, is going to take you out of the hamster wheel of, of thought for even just a minute, you know, like really getting in your body. And that’s where these physical practices like yoga. And you know, that these kinds of things are minutes where you have to be listening to your body, moving your body, connecting mind and body using your breath.

Jenny Israel (50m 25s):
You know, these kinds of things that are very physical in nature. And we have no idea what kind of amazing bridge that, that can create to our spirituality, because we’re just thinking, but this is just about my body. Oh, no, it’s never just about your body because God created these miraculous mechanisms that were built inside of our five senses and nervous systems to have divine experiences. But, you know, unless you’re trained in Kundalini or, or you have these things, it’s like, Oh, I didn’t understand. I didn’t realize that I could actually create a divine transcendent experience inside of my human body.

Christine Okezie (51m 4s):
Yeah. It’s found it’s profound. And again, nature, I, I, as I talk to people, you know, be universal activator for that part of ourselves is really nature. You know, in any form, again, any form that resonates with you being outside, you know, feeling the wind, the sun on your face, you know, jumping in the ocean, whatever it is, which again speaks to, you know, what you know, which is that we are nature. Yes. You know, nature is within and around and we are interconnected to it. So, and like the body nature is always in balance. So the body’s always trying to be in balance. Right. It is beautiful.

2 (51m 45s):
It’s beautiful.

Jenny Israel (51m 46s):
Oh, go ahead. Well, the, I was going to say inside of that, the connection to the earth, you know, and not really knowing like what our bodies are doing right now, you know, it, it’s science like you can go on and look at what’s happening with the Schumann’s resonance of, of the earth itself, which is the vibration that’s coming out of the core of the planet. And then, you know, us being polarity built beings with negative and positive charges in our body that directly match with the ionic field and magnetic pulses coming off of our earth and our sun and the Schumann’s resonance is all over the place right now, where we have solar storms and flares that are, that are provoking the planet.

Jenny Israel (52m 29s):
And, and you know, all of these magnetic shifts and the Hertz frequency of the earth is supposed to sit somewhere between seven and eight Hertz, right? Like that’s its natural position on the 11, 11 gateway in November. Someone like posted the Schumann’s resonance. And like couple times during the day, it had spiked up to like 52 Hertz. That’s insane. 47 Hertz. I mean, what is our body’s supposed to do with that? Exactly. It is. It’s like people are having migraines, dizzy, spells, crazy fatigue and heart palpitations, like all kinds of crazy things happening in response to this.

Jenny Israel (53m 12s):
So, you know, you get in your body, you, you also need a team like fine, you’re fine. Your healing team. Beautiful. What does that look like? Do you have a yoga instructor? You have a Pilates instructor, you have a massage therapist. Do you have an healer? You have an acupuncturist. Do you have a nutritionist? You find your team to be able to help read your body as once you’re down in it. And you’re understanding all of the crazy things that are going on. It’s like, okay, now what do I do with that

Christine Okezie (53m 40s):
Right now? What’s the plan, right? Yeah. No, exactly. Thank you. And again, I think it’s very empowering when people take that greater perspective that it’s not. Yeah. Because when we’re in struggle with symptom or health or unwanted, you know, stuff around health, there’s a tendency to blame ourselves and there’s a tendency to feel isolated and not recognize that you’re not the only one experiencing this and you didn’t create this for yourself in that, you know, kind of where there’s, that that’s a whole other discussion, but, but to understand that there are greater forces around us and when we can acknowledge that, I think that actually helps.

Christine Okezie (54m 25s):
That actually says, yeah. Okay. And if nothing else, it brings more compassion for ourselves, you know, and more patients in the process. So many people going through, you know, a lot of health issues right now, who’ve been super healthy most of their lives. And it’s a huge comeuppance for people to say, well, what I do wrong or what, you know, something’s wrong with me? You know? And I think if, if we can, if you have again, taking a more metaphysical perspective or more, you know, soulful perspective to say, I think it’s helpful to understand, you know, what we’re going through. It’s a very unique time and everybody’s doing the best that they can.

Jenny Israel (55m 8s):
Well, yeah. One of my first teachers, there was something that she had said that was so profound. And I, and I still to this day, it is like a key phrase and mantra in my mind, which is we’re all doing the best we can within our current level of awareness. And that came from Karen, Karen Garvey. She’s she’s here on long Island. And, you know, I think that ultimately what we need to understand is that the key to shift is inside of our consciousness. And it’s about illuminating those things that have been buried in the subconscious for so long. And this is what happens inside of shadow work, which is what we’re all doing right now. We’re illuminating those things that have been invisible to this point.

Jenny Israel (55m 49s):
And it’s the monster in the closet. It’s that dark place that we don’t want to go cause it’s scary. And we can create all of these crazy things in our mind about what’s going to be there and what it’s going to look like when we meet this thing face to face. And, and then we throw the light on and it’s this little tiny thing standing in the corner. And we’re like, wait, that, that’s what I’ve been afraid of this whole time is that little thing there that once it, once you shed light on it and you understand what that thing is that you can start to make very conscious choices about the way that you’re living. And I mean, this is, I have a lot of my, my students that ask me, well, I don’t understand we’re going into the five D what does that mean?

Jenny Israel (56m 33s):
What does 5g mean? And it is, this is essentially the, the age of Aquarius. This is, you know, what we’ve been talking about for decades, decades, you know, that this was coming this time of it’s, it’s the age of truth. It’s the age of Godself, it’s the age of understanding that I am you and you are me that’s right. But that we are always going to have different experiences. We’re going to have different truths based on our filters. We’re going to have different belief systems, but that’s okay because I have compassion for you. And I respect where you come from, because I know I’ve had my own experiences and I have compassion for myself inside of that.

Jenny Israel (57m 19s):
And so this, this is, this comes from being conscious. It becomes from being emotionally intelligent. And so we have to go through that, that experience of digging drudging, exposing and clearing the things that we need to be able to find in order to be able to see a bigger truth. Okay,

Christine Okezie (57m 44s):
This is the definition of wellbeing, and this is the path to health, right? And that’s the whole thing. I think we’re all being invited to appreciate that. That is what help it. Health is the whole self health is emotional intelligence, mental awareness, right? Heart, heart, open compassion, all of it. And we got to get, we that’s the grand invitation, I think, is to step into a, a new, you know, deeper and deeper levels of awareness as I always like to say. So I’m looking forward, Jenny, what are you most curious about? You know, what are you actively researching these days?

Jenny Israel (58m 23s):
Oh gosh. I think I’m like everyone else where I’m like, I’m a spectator and strapped into this rollercoaster ride that we’re all on and waiting to see what’s next. I think that honestly, a lot of my, and I’m just, I’m going to go way out there. I, you know, I think that where my, a lot of my intention attention and intention has been drawn toward is more on the galactic level. It’s earth, not being the, the end all be all. And that, you know, the, the I’ve been working with the angelic realm and ascended masters, and, you know, all of these high vibrational beings that are somehow accepted inside of our spiritual circles.

Jenny Israel (59m 11s):
But the minute you start talking about ETS or galactic stuff, it’s like, people are like, ah, no, none of that. Right. And so I, you know, I think that this is, and this isn’t just me, this isn’t like just things that I’ve been receiving. These are thing. These are commonalities. I’d have my little spiritual circles of like the people that I’m talking to. I understand it’s it’s is that next? Like,

Christine Okezie (59m 39s):
You know, but it’s kind of myopic in my opinion, to believe that we are the only, you know, this is it’s, it’s, it’s planet earth, it’s human, you know, human being, you know, three dimensional existence. That’s all there is, it’s kind of my OPIC, you know what I mean? Really? Who are we to decide that, that, that that’s, we’re at the top of the heap and, you know, so I I’m right with you. I think it’s, it’s just the next level of expansion, you know, it’s the next level of, of, of, you know, where can we go to really know the nature of what is life, you know? So I think it’s beautiful. I think it’s awesome. Is there something that I should have asked you, but I didn’t know enough to ask something that maybe you want to share or it’s coming through, or maybe just, you know, your show will be airing at the, you know, last week of this incredible year, any parting words that I don’t know that come up for you right now?

Jenny Israel (1h 0m 39s):
Well, I do think that next week is very profound on an energetic level and next week talking about the 21st, which is our winter solstice, the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn and, and then moving into a week of Christmas. And, you know, I, I think that one of the, the spiritual divisions that we have is created by religion and, and, and the structures of, you know, those belief systems of, well, you know, I don’t believe in, you know, Jesus as the son of God or, you know, I learned that Jesus was a prophet, you know, or like whatever that looks like and getting in, we’ve got, you know, Hanukkah stacked, right on top of Christmas this year inside of this glorious eclipse season, that’s blowing the top off of everything.

Jenny Israel (1h 1m 34s):
But I think that there is there’s some myths and limitational structures around the phrase that I’ll use as Christ consciousness. And so Christ consciousness really being this beautiful emergence of what I would call divine masculine energy and divine masculine energy is masculine energy that shows and supports the connection of intellect and emotion and where it is truly the union of head and heart. Beautiful. And all of the things that we’ve talked about inside of this conversation about moving down this path of owning, understanding that we are not just floating heads, that we have emotions inside of our body, that can be navigational campuses that teach us about ourselves, teach us about our environments, teach us about our, our true North and what is, what, where our beliefs, our values are grounded.

Jenny Israel (1h 2m 38s):
You know, there’s there’s ideas and mental constructs. Then when you drop that down into your heart center, everything starts to come into focus and in a way that has grace and love and strength, there’s so much courage inside of that. And this is the divine masculine. This is, this is Christ consciousness. So, you know, when we, we look at this really interesting position of our winter solstice coming into the great conjunction that we haven’t experienced for hundreds and hundreds of years, and they’re calling it the Bethlehem star.

Jenny Israel (1h 3m 21s):
Yes, exactly. Yeah. You know, there’s, there’s something really important about this, this experience that we’re getting ready to go into on an energetic level. And so I would encourage everyone to open themselves up to what the, what I would say. It’s the Christmas spirit. You know, we all always think of that. The giving, you know, the, the going into to wanting to pay it forward and provide for others to come together as man, you know, all of these kinds of things there is there’s Christ consciousness, energy inside of that, regardless of whether you are a practicing Christian or not.

Jenny Israel (1h 4m 2s):
So there’s a little bit of myth energy around that. I think that, you know, needs to be dispelled where we start to look at this as more of a divine, divine, masculine, emergence, and awakening, and to just be just to pay attention, you know, like next week, just pay attention as we’re going into this really profound week of shift to, to really be paying attention. But I mean, otherwise, gosh, Oh my gosh, we’ve, we’ve covered so much.

Christine Okezie (1h 4m 30s):
We have thank you so much. And so Jenny, you know, please share with us, you know, your website and any upcoming programs that, you know, would you know, you’re working on right now?

Jenny Israel (1h 4m 41s):
Well, yes, you can. My, my website is Jenny You can always get me through that. My class schedule is there for Sarah, from blueprint and other, you know, spiritual development classes. You can also contact me there if you’re interested in learning more about how to work with me, one-on-one inside of sessions, but I’m also, you know, like I’m a big proponent like you are of, of just getting information out there and giving people resources to learn. And so I do a lot of that. I have my own podcast called soul speak with Jenny Israel. I do a lot IETV I, you know, I try to put out as much information as I can, you know, so you can come and find me on Instagram at Jenny Israel, CPC.

Jenny Israel (1h 5m 29s):
It’s the same handle on Facebook. A lot of my events are posted on Facebook as well, so there’s lots of ways to get me, but the simplest way to connect to all of it is probably either through my Instagram site or through my website.

Christine Okezie (1h 5m 45s):
You got it. That’s awesome. Well, thank you so much. This has been a gift having you here. I appreciate your time and I just can’t wait for everybody to go and learn more about you. So thank you so much.

Jenny Israel (1h 5m 57s):
Thank you for having me. This. This was wonderful. I really appreciate it.

Christine Okezie (1h 6m 1s):

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