Evolving Your Life With Vibrational Medicine – Ep #058 With Dr. Alison J. Kay, PhD

Today’s special guest is a well established expert in vibrational healing who has made it her mission in life to teach people how evolving our consciousness is critical to creating the life we desire. She is Dr. Alison J. Kay, PhD, an Award Winning, #1 International Best Selling Author and the Founder of the Vibrational UPgrade™ System. Dr. Alison is considered one of the leading experts in the fields of New Thought, subtle energy and energy medicine, and the Human Potential field.

With over 20 years teaching Yoga, Meditation, Energy Medicine with a specialized focus on the Chakra System, Dr. Alison brings a unique perspective that facilitates dramatic personal transformation. Her holistic approach brings together the best of eastern healing wisdom, intertwining her yoga, meditation and mindfulness background with her energy medicine training into a system designed for lasting behavioral change.

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Podcast Transcript

0 (1s):
Welcome to the Soul Science Nutrition Podcast, where you’ll discover that when it comes to your health, you’re so much more powerful than you’ve been led to believe. And now your host, she’s a holistic nutrition and lifestyle coach, chef author, and Yogi, Christine Okezie.

Christine Okezie (23s):
Hello, and welcome to the Soul Science Nutrition podcast. I’m Christine Okezie. Thanks so much for listening today. So the basis of vibrational healing is a view of the human body as a dynamic energy system and that stress consciousness and the beliefs we have about life, all play key roles in our health and wellbeing. Ancient approaches to healing view the body and mind from the perspective of the body’s life force energy. It sees illness, unwanted physical symptom, behavioral, or psychological challenges. As the result of chronic dysfunctional, emotional or subtle energy patterns.

Christine Okezie (1m 3s):
Today’s special guest is a well-established expert in vibrational healing. Who’s made it her mission in life to teaching people how consciousness and the human soul itself are critical to creating the health and happiness. We desire. She has Dr. Alison J. Kay PhD and award-winning number one, international bestselling author, and the founder of the vibrational upgrade system. Dr. Alison is considered one of the leading experts in the field of new thought, subtle energy, energy medicine, and the human potential field. With over 20 years, teaching yoga meditation energy medicine with a specialized focused on the chakra system.

Christine Okezie (1m 45s):
Dr. Alison brings a unique perspective that facilitates dramatic personal transformation. Her holistic approach brings together the best of Eastern healing wisdom, intertwining her yoga, meditation, and mindfulness background with her energy medicine training into a system that’s designed for lasting behavioral change. I can’t wait for you to listen in on this thought provoking conversation. And if you like the show, I’d be grateful if you could leave a rating and review, and if you haven’t already hit that subscribe button, please do so. It helps me keep these empowering messages growing in the world. Thanks so much. Enjoy the episode. Hello, Alison, and welcome to the podcast.

Christine Okezie (2m 26s):
It’s so great to have you here today.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (2m 28s):
Hi, Christine. I’m happy to be here with you. Thank you. So I would just want

Christine Okezie (2m 33s):
To dive in, when did you first become so passionate about energy medicine and natural healing?

Dr. Alison J. Kay (2m 42s):
I almost want to just say, dude, I’ve always been passionate. You came into it, right? The core As a core aspect to being me is passionate. And if I’m not, if I look back at this moment, I just had a reflection. If I’m not passionate about what I’m doing, not doing it deed.

Christine Okezie (3m 2s):
That’s so great. Yeah. Yeah. So what was your path?

Dr. Alison J. Kay (3m 7s):
So the short of it is that you grew up going outside in nature with my older brother and really feeling like as he tromped on the dead wood in front of me, I was connecting with the now notice it was Deadwood. I didn’t say he’d break live trees, but I would be like connecting in with all the elementals. When I came to learn later, the name for them were elementals. And just the sense of being totally connected to everything and not having any sense of separation or just like all of life was there alive, and I’m a part of it. And so then that became as a teen, I got to write in, I chose to write in a journal.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (3m 48s):
I have a trunk full of them now where I started to cultivate my connection even more so particularly with my own higher self and guidance. And so my mom who’s highly intuitive. I think I was like 17 or something, maybe younger. I don’t know. She said to me, Alison, you have such a great sense of people. Naturally, she considered going into psychology and it felt right. So I did, but the third semester in, I was horrified because I was like, you’re not teaching me anything about how to be the most thriving version of myself and the happiest, joyous version of ourselves. You’re, you know, it was busy trying to prove itself as a hard science. It was all about like the hard wiring and industrial use of in capitalistic use of psychological understandings.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (4m 34s):
And so, yeah, it wasn’t, it wasn’t helpful. And so from there on, in, I’ve been asking that question basically, I guess you could say while living my life and so fast forward, I’ve moved to San Francisco off the east coast and I became a political consultant out of some synchronicities, but I had moved there to go for my BA my master’s rather in creative writing, which is ultimately English lit and creative writing was my, I ended up studying humans and society as my major throughout. So when I got to San Francisco synchronicities happened, I wrote the stories instead of taking the GREs to get in and waited to hear from them in ultimately ended up as a political consultant and stroke.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (5m 17s):
I hit my stride immediately had loads of success moved on up really quickly. And the organization I was with so that they placed me in these pretty intense campaigns. So I had some, I had some stress because I was so successful. They, they used that capacity of mine and threw me into like the most intense race in the state. And so I was walking through a bookstore and I had a book fall off the shelf right in front of my, on meditate, literally. Yeah. On meditation. And so I just started meditating and pretty soon thereafter began teaching because it was such a natural fit for me. Okay. So now fast forward. So the campaign season at the time was over with successful outcomes.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (5m 58s):
I helped get the first Latino woman elected to the California state assembly. She saved the last green space and LA basin. Great stuff. Yeah. So I ended up going for my master’s in public administration with a focus on environmental policy to protect the environment. As I was graduating though, I picked up my first modality, which was Usui Reiki in energy medicine. So, so I had, was teaching adults of the community education center meditation alongside my masters. And I was also a naturals interpreter for the Audubon society, taking people out on boat tours out in Tampa bay to his nesting site that migratory birds came down to beautiful, this really cool book, because it was so shallow designed for Tampa bay, but the dolphins love the sound of it that they would come up and play.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (6m 48s):
So I’m still staying connected with nature. And yeah. And so what I ended up doing ultimately though, is when I get out and started to do the job placement thing with my masters, and I was asking the question, how can I affect the most change from within the system or outside of the system, meaning from within like a political appointee as an EPA local or national or outside, like with a nonprofit typically environment. And I was aware that like, you know, that feeling when you’re going for something and doors don’t open. Yep. Yep. You’re

Christine Okezie (7m 21s):
Trying to make something happen. And you’re just, it’s, it’s, there’s a lot of friction.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (7m 25s):
Yeah. I knew to read that by that point for what it was. And I sat back and asked my guidance intuitively understood that, you know, the big machine isn’t ready to shift yet. There’s just still so much investment in fossil fuels and in the market economy, the way it shaped around the dis the use, let’s just use that neutral word of fossil fuels that it’s just not time yet. So why don’t you go for change one person at a time by working with consciousness? So at that point I shifted out of using my master’s and went back into using my bachelor’s in English literature and went to teach in the classroom while having picked up other energy medicine modalities, running energy medicine sessions alongside as a second revenue stream.

Christine Okezie (8m 12s):
I love this. Okay.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (8m 14s):
Okay. Yeah. Cool. Is one of the coolest touch points, turning points, rather in the plot line here, I’m now in the public school system for two and a half years, and I’m teaching meditation to kids. Now I have an after school club, I developed with a male colleague of mine for mostly boys who were attention deficit disorder, labeled kids and meditation, playing with them when she’d gone. Cause I was already doing some few gong at that time. And, and it was really fun too, because I actually relied on something. I learned as a girl, Christine, it’s funny. Cause this doesn’t usually come out in interviews. I was actually showing the boys how to interact with the trees and have their field, have the trees field respond to them.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (8m 57s):
And they were hooked at that point. Oh my goodness. Fun to show them like more of their, what existed them beyond their mind thoughts and the way that they were getting labeled. And so, wow. Yeah, it was a while. Thank you for that. So I was, I’d already been traveling overseas quite a few times. I was 17 and a senior in high school when I was an exchange student down in Venezuela. And that started my love of international travel. So I haven’t mentioned that yet, but I always have had the sense of adventure and fun and, and you know, life is meant to be lived and planes are meant to be jumped out of as well, long to get to destinations And all right, I love playing And tromping around the planet.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (9m 44s):
So two and a half years in with this teacher’s degree running the energy medicine, holistic health and wellness sessions on the side. And honestly, two things converge at this time. I was, one of them was I had my hands over the solar plexus and sacral of a client. And she was like in her third of a package of 10 sessions and she was really getting great results. There was no complaints. It was just all joy and excitement about what was coming. Yeah. I sat there in my neighbor. I said, okay, how can I get even more robust results for my clients and asking my higher self and guidance in the universe. Yeah. And then right around that same time on a Saturday morning pre digital banking, I was balancing my checkbook and wasn’t pleased with what I saw here.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (10m 29s):
I was with a master’s I only had basic needs, like a basic Ford escort, basic housing. Yes. I wanted a Ganek food and yes, I wanted a massage per week. Cause I consider those both preventative health one oh one. But other than that, I wasn’t like there was no luxury items I was buying and I wasn’t having an easy time making ends meet and I was feeling caged like, oh my God, is this my life for the next three, four decades? No, not acceptable. How does it get any better than this universe? What else is possible here? So those two aspects converge the tightness that I wasn’t appreciating and then wanting to get more robust results for my clients. And so within a month’s time, probably like two weeks, I got introduced to the international school system. I from a colleague of mine and I did what had to be done to attend the convention that year and all the heads of different schools from all over the world flew in.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (11m 16s):
And we all had our interviews in hotel rooms throughout the hotel. So like I’d be interviewing like in the middle east in the morning and then the afternoon I’d be in central America. And then later on in the afternoon I’d be in Asia. So I, yeah, it was fun. It was a whirlwind. So I chose to go with the job offer from the far east, from where I sit it’s the far east to Taiwan, the democratics island nation of where the traditional Chinese practices can be practiced persecution. So I became an administrator and a department chair there as well and continued the energy medicine and holistic health and wellness sessions outside and alongside my classroom, teaching and administration career for local Chinese and ex-pats wow.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (12m 1s):
And taught meditation to the students, especially the kids because we were, there were varying degrees of westernized or Taiwanese defied, traditional Taiwanese, depending on when their parents came back with them from the sticks. So they’re all tracked to go back to the states for college Ivy leagues, most of them. And so I particularly remember while I taught, I created a course called global psychology, bringing in the Dalai Lama’s texts when he met with Western psychologists and scientists every other year. And then also I then taught AP psych using, you know, typical Western one-on-one psych for the colleges use. But prior to that, I was also teaching meditation to my students.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (12m 45s):
I was kind of sliding it in there as a, a club after school, but then I started to use it with my, the juniors who were getting ready to apply for college and the seniors who were in their application process. And so many of them were like, oh my God, miss Kay, if you hadn’t taught me how to meditate, I don’t know how it would have gotten through this process. Sure. It was fun to see that appreciation. So yeah, I evolved reviewing different stuff from the Western psychology background I had now with the mind understanding consciousness and energy medicine and the shockers and she gong, I became a chigong teacher. I also flew to India and became a yoga teacher, formally trained in India as well as the meditation teacher certification.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (13m 25s):
But I had already been teaching meditation. So I also like every Sunday I’d go and get reflexology and TuiNa traditional Chinese massage and I’d sit there and ask them with like, with the chart that was in front of me at ease with my, whatever Chinese I had at that point, I’d ask them like, what did this mean? What did that mean? And so I was learning about energy flows and then I would travel the monasteries and I actually, where ran a lot of the time I would run behind this monastery. There was this beautiful path behind one of the monasteries close by to where I lived. And I would end up talking to the monks, I’d walk around the monasteries around the island and, and learn. I was fascinated to find that there’s more study rooms than the world, like a main chanting room or meditation room.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (14m 9s):
So meaning there was more dialogue going on in the monasteries about the teachings in about meditation practice. Then there was like a place to meditate or chant that was fascinating to me. So I was just increasing my learning curve. I would travel in between the semesters during Chinese new year. Instead of coming back to the west, I would go throughout Southeast Asia. A lot of the time I ended up in Thailand on an island called Kosta movie, cause it was in a vortex and the Gulf of Thailand, but I would be learning and I’d go to Buddhist monasteries there. And I talked to them about the holistic practices and I get them, like I got my first coffee enema. I got all kinds of clearing and purging done on my body while I was there while asking ridiculous amounts of questions in gearing my vacations towards this kind of holistic and wellness and my weekends.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (14m 54s):
So I put it together myself returning back to the states eventually in 2010. Like I remember when I would go around Asia, like I’d be in Bangkok and there’d be a monk. And they have the bright orange robes in Thailand and he would have, he had a cell phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other hand. And I was like, holy cow. Wow, That happened. Wow. And then I was in Taiwan, you know, my daily life and I’d be driving on my scooter in the morning to get my fresh produce and veggies. And I see a month, they have, some of them have gray robes there and that monk would be in full monk guard, getting on their school to drive away with their veggies and produce. Okay. So they do that. See that.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (15m 34s):
And then when I gas up, like in front of that specific monastery where I would run on the trails that I mentioned, I would run on the trails behind your visit right in front of that monastery as a part of it, which was behind a gas station. I would gas my scooter up in was like this, I would say at least, but seven to 10 story, high Guamanian statue. And there’s Buddhist statues everywhere there that are just gargantuan there’s duke, especially in Taiwan, Guan, yin statues of all sizes everywhere. And so just this constant reminder of what that function for me was like work within, go within that’s where your power is. So with my eyes already having taught meditation already having the energy medicine sessions, a part of who I was in in am I viewed that as, wow.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (16m 22s):
We just have no sense of the west of the power available and accessible to us in the reduction of unnecessary stress, strife and struggle and suffering if we would only go within. So I came back to the states with that understanding that we will be thrive. So it was like kind of the answer to my question as a psych major, back in my bachelor’s program, my first major, you know, like how do we become the most happy thriving version of ourselves? And I’ve been sharing that ever since. Oh my gosh.

Christine Okezie (16m 48s):
That’s amazing. Thank you for sharing all of that. Just beautiful organic unfolding evolution, it’s it all unfolded exactly how it needed to, you know, just you, again, listening to your intuition. I love the fact that the running theme is to really kind of it’s all about, you know, that, that interconnectedness, that I think you are always, you know, looking to bring together, whether that was the internal environment, the external environment, the learning, the, the knowing the intuiting. I love just the fact that everything always seemed to kind of, you know, really come from your, your, your most authentic self in that regard. So beautiful. So beautiful.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (17m 27s):
Yeah. I don’t really know how to live in authentically because I’d be lying to myself in some way. And I don’t know how to do that. I tried it like once or twice, not my guidance, like in my late teens and so much bullshit and sued. I was like, okay, that’s not weren’t There. Well, that’s a really early the lesson to

Christine Okezie (17m 43s):
Learn. So you’re very blessed to learn that, but I can see. So coming back from your travels specifically, you’re I guess almost a decade, pretty much in Asia, the, the, the knowing, you know, and the, the perspective that you wanted to share with, you know, that that really is, you know, health wellbeing is an inside job and we need tools and practices to help navigate that internal journey, right. Sorely lacking, but slowly growing more and more thankfully, thankfully. So what types of challenges I’d love for you to share, because you have all these wonderful skillsets and the interconnectedness of all of them in helping people get to the root cause, which is what we like to talk about on this show.

Christine Okezie (18m 25s):
So what types of health challenges have you had success with? Maybe you want to share an example of a client success story that came to you?

Dr. Alison J. Kay (18m 33s):
Well, one’s fresh off the mind. And then I just had a report. I just came off of another interview. And prior to that, I was with a person coming out of my signature program, magic manifestation, and money flow. And she was, I invite about a third of the people into my mastermind. And that’s where they get trained in vibration upgrade system to become a Christian upgrade practitioners all with her. And she was telling me how excited she is to have found somebody who can teach her, who understands her herself uniquely and sees her and wants to help take what I understand as the suffering she went through in her youth because of her own inherent powers that is actually being allowed from working with me to come forward now, to live from her powers rather than the traumas that happen.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (19m 25s):
Because people trying to control that freedom and that light that she has. And so there is a success story in and of itself at a level of non-physical lies challenges, but she had just commented between hanging up with her and Wolf and down my protein drink before the interview, I checked in, on my free Facebook group, vibrational upgrade. And in it, she had the woman I’m talking about had just responded to another client of mine who went through magic manifestation and money flow. And now she came out of it, it’s a three-month program. And as she came out of it, she was noticing something on her breast.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (20m 6s):
And she went to the doctors and ultimately became a question of breast cancer. I stayed tracking with her through the diagnosis and I gave her, she paid for a one-on-one. I don’t know how to do one-off one-on-ones anymore. Never really have. And ultimately the news that came in today was Alison, you were right. The, there was nothing going on in my other breast. It was only where they surgically removed what had already been identified. So I had the bottom line was as she was going through this process, she was in there posting, talking about like, I’m doing my best to hold off. All of the fear-based thinking that’s getting projected at me, the doctor’s office and what it means with a cancer diagnosis and all of this around the radiation and the cancer.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (20m 52s):
And I’m knowing that I can move through this. And I’m holding on to knowing that this is just coming up from all the old that I purged and working with your doctor, Alison in a contained controlled way, and just get surgically removed this little bump, this little lump, and it did. And that’s what happened ultimately. And so, yeah, it’s I used to Christine and everyone, I used to work with health issues a lot more cause I could. And like by 2014, being back in the states for about four years, I was like, this is heavy, man. I had to go because if you look at matter, like you look at a cyst or a lump or chronic back pain, a chronic blockage, I would, the way I understand energy to be is once something has become physicalized, it takes a lot more subtle energy to break down something physicalized.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (21m 44s):
So if I can get to it, when it’s only at a mental level or emotional level or spiritual level, then it takes much less clearings and pounding of energy medicine, frankly, subtle energy while it works well with like the central nervous system. And it works really well with the hormonal system. It works really well with beliefs and spiritual crises or spiritual growth and spiritual development and emotional cloggage or emotional mayhem. It, when something becomes physicalized, it’s almost like the person’s let it go for too long in those other realms. So it has no choice because the person hasn’t been listening yes.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (22m 27s):
Who then physicalized to cause the person to listen and what’s coming. I see us coming out in a huge proponent for us coming out of those days when it’s needed, where people are so checked out from the internal that, and the focus is so physical and external, that that will no longer be needed. A physical crisis, like even a crisis of like bankruptcy or a crisis of job loss or crisis of divorce or a crisis of some nature. I see so many cause maybe you can aluminate me with this because my mind has never been the same since Asia I’ve become, I have had the worst culture shock of my life was returning to the states.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (23m 8s):
Wow. None of the other, I mean, I lived in Istanbul. I was a teacher and administrator there too in between Taiwan for six months and my mom got diagnosed with a brain tumor. And so I resigned from that position and came back and actually use my energy medicine on a brain tumor and got a wiped off of her brain. Amazing. And then I returned to Taiwan once she was stabilized. So maybe you can help me with this because I just, I, I find that like the crisis, like even COVID like, I, I have been talking about us going through a cleansing process in a purging processes, the old paradigm down from three, yeah. In the 20 year window of 2012, 2032.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (23m 50s):
And so I understand that now we’re more in the, we just came into the building stage of the new paradigm, but like this idea of just going along with things until they get so out of control, you have to address it. Right. I don’t relate to it. I don’t, I don’t understand that mentality. And I feel like COVID was needed and lasted so long because there are so many people who are that lazy.

Christine Okezie (24m 13s):
Oh, there are so many lessons in, in, in, in, in the, in the paradigm that you’re talking about. I love this. Yeah. So absolutely. You know, and you know, we can use words like root cause we can, you use, you know, the words, you know, somatization is the one that I think you’re talking about when by the, by the time everything gets somatizing, you know, you’re dealing with a much denser situation. And therefore the, the work that you know, is you’re a little bit behind the eight ball. Now, that being said, everything’s, you know, in an evolution. But I think what I, what I celebrate is your passion for having people understand that it’s like I say on the show all the time that you’re, you’re so much more powerful than you’ve been led to believe, you know, that when it comes to the health of this organism, that when we work with the UN at the subtle level, we work with the menthol, we work with the emotional, the spiritual, right.

Christine Okezie (25m 8s):
We have so much more capacity available before things get to crisis mode, you know? And so I’d love that. And I think, I think we’re learning. I think there’s more and more integration and acceptance in the last 10 years. I think there’s been an accelerated acceptance around that. And even, you know, your path, right? You came through psychology initially anyway. Right. Very interesting. Because I find that people end up in the holistic health field, you know, either through, you can come in so many different ways, these days you can come in through psychology, you can come in through spiritual practice and spiritual teaching. Right. But you can even come now through neurology and neuroscience, you know?

Christine Okezie (25m 49s):
And, and I think that overall is what it’s saying is like, there are all these pathways into understanding what’s really going on, you know, how the design and the, and the, and just how this incredible organism works. And you can’t be in this work and not be passionate about the intersection of what’s going on in the mind and the body and the emotions and all of it. Right. I mean, this is what we’re in the whole intersection. It’s just fascinating.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (26m 16s):
You guys can’t, but we’re doing videos. It’s really fun to see their body language. Fascinating.

Christine Okezie (26m 23s):
Yeah. Yeah. It’s fascinating. It is fascinating. Yeah. So looking for better ways to take care of ourselves is really what I think, you know, this gets to is. Okay. So if we know that we can get ahead of the game, right. If we can understand what sign and symptom are, but first of all, I guess, let me back it up, you brought up, how do we get people to turn their awareness inside? How do we get people to pay attention and really deeply listen? Right? So if you could share with us, you know, talk to us about that. What are some guidance? What are some tips not everybody’s going to sit and chance home for 20 minutes a day, right? We don’t, but they don’t need to. So, so I would love for you to share because you, you have very grounded practices, you know, in the work that you do.

Christine Okezie (27m 4s):
So how can we get people to listen? Cause that’s really the beginning of taking control of their health.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (27m 11s):
Okay. So I’m going to go beyond health and I’m going to go into, if you look at the story that emerged out of my mouth to you today, Christina, in a way that’s different than any other interview. My, my background, my story, you could hear the, the theme in there too, of having fun and, and, and living up to my fullest, potential celebrating, being in my body, celebrating, being on planet earth, celebrating all the fun that can be had all the adventure that can be had. So my understanding is I want to answer your question approach from this way, the brain, the mind, the different levels of consciousness that we have at our conscious mind level, the thoughts that we hear.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (27m 54s):
So if we do have a meditation practice and we’re looking at our thoughts, creating increasing detachment, and increasingly strengthening the observer through our practice, that is the conscious mind. And those are the thoughts only that we hear. And that’s at most 15% of where we make our daily choices from yes, 85%. I think it’s more than this from working with the tens of thousands of people I have at this point. Yes. Much higher. I think I look at it as at least 90 you’re right. You’re right. Yes. They’re coming from the unconscious and subconscious. So I always give the example of like, if you’re driving a car, when you’re learning to drive you safe with the car in reverse, put the car in, drive for the foot on brake, put the foot on gas.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (28m 40s):
You say that out loud when you’re learning, but none of us do it anymore. Now that we’ve mastered it. So that’s back in the subconscious and unconscious. So in that area, there’s traumas at the subconscious level at the unconscious level is conditioning. It’s family, imprints, it’s beliefs. Like maybe that when it comes to my own growth, I don’t know best. Or when it comes to my own body, I don’t know best that’s right. And so that will cause you to look outside yourself, not for somebody like me, who can support and guide you in reattune you to your own, knowing that your back of my own knowing until they’re there.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (29m 25s):
But so render your authority, surrender your knowing, and go to an external authority figure who will tell you what’s going on. And we’ll tell you what to do. If you think back to the cancer example, the client who purged through it. So if the nature of the ego mind, the nature of our mind is to keep us protected. It doesn’t like the new, because then it has more work to do so. The basic wiring of fight or flight, my, I guess, embarrassed am I, as you’re in the jungle, you know, that’s still our wiring. We still have the adrenal cortex wired and it still has the stress response, but it’s in a very different context and wild jungle. So the majority of us now, why I’m saying that though, is the ego, therefore the structure of this ego mind that we do hear the thoughts of its nature has been given to us to not only keep us safe in navigating the physical plane, but also our five senses, physical five senses have limits put on them.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (30m 22s):
So we don’t perceive all that’s going on in the multidimensional realms or Metta beyond the physical metaphysical realms, because it’s just so much that’s actually going on. We go crazy keeping track of all of it. Yes. So if the nature of the structure of the ego mind whose thoughts we are, are the ones that we actually hear the front of the mind conscious mind to keep us safe and protected against the unknown. It is inherently resistant to change. Yes, it’s inherently protective of the new, which means when we have a new sensation coming into our five physical senses, I use this example a lot, like when I’m in Asia and I see you at a fruit stand and exotic fruit new to me, I don’t know what to call it.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (31m 3s):
My mind goes, okay. It looks like something I already know. It has to go through it’s data. Based on my visual sense, picking up something goes through its files to label it finds peer cause this is the closest to what it already knows. And because I’m in Asia, it then concludes Asian pear. So if every, if that’s the nature of our machinery, that means that all of this back to the house consciousnesses, I’ve come to call the sub and unconscious that isn’t worked with rather than the front of the head. Literally that’s where it’s located. The conscious mind, the, the moral regulator, so to speak, which is the last part of our brain to develop as teens, which is always a fun trip Because our reactive, emotional limbic system developed way before that the more Regulator does.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (31m 47s):
So if all this back of the house consciousness content is we’re choosing an average of, as we agreed upon more like 90% of our daily choices, then that means all we’re doing is perpetuating the past. So vibrational upgrade system, the way I’ve designed it is to get at that back of the house consciousness kind of matter. It’s its source to release it from its blockage. So that not only do you have more fresh, vital life force energy at the front of the conscious mind to access and have more presence and more mindfulness and more capacity to choose something new. The other half of the vibrational grade system I’ve created takes then mindfulness in an applied way, not in a I’m so mindful as I eat my peach and I have presence as the juice drips down my chin, but in a more advanced application of mindfulness where, okay, so now you have this freed up.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (32m 39s):
The block is no longer there. Now you have more consciousness at your disposal. So you have more presence in the moment to make new choices. So with the neurological redirect and the creation of new neurological pathways and the making of new choices, therefore we’re going to create a new behavioral pattern, right? They also have certification as a behavioral change specialist. So I combine the energy medicine component of the clearing out the back of the house consciousness, along with the applied mindfulness component, to engage in new behaviors and have new choices available and create a new life. But all of that is based on let’s live up to our potential. Let’s get all that late in potential that 90% of what we’re not using except using it against ourselves, right.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (33m 20s):
Let’s flip that in and flush our systems with us. So not only is it everything I already described, but you talked about, so metallization or the somatic body, I, as a personal trainer and yoga teacher, I very much approach the body. And I do it through the Shakur column because it is the single most reliable diagnostic tool. Once you understand the shockers as a roadmap to what’s going on, because every Shaq recovers a major domain of life. Right. And so if I have certain beliefs about, let’s say that I was born into a family and I didn’t feel accepted, I felt like a black sheep because that’s common for a lot of people who listen to holistic.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (33m 60s):
That’s right. Yes, yes. Yeah. So I’m different. I’m black sheep. I don’t fit in, or they’re still in the spiritual closet and haven’t yet acceptable to come out. So there’s in the root, there’s going to be a sense of rejection. And so you’re going to carry that around in the root shocker, the root checker also relates to your ability to be embodied. It relates to your vitality levels. It relates to your immunity levels. It relates to your set, your spine. It really covers your legs all the way down to the tips of your toes. So your feet as well and your ankles, and it covers somewhat money. It, it covers feeling like you don’t fit in feeling like you don’t belong, obviously. Cause that’s where its root is in the dysfunction of the blockage.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (34m 41s):
So if I clear that out, that means I’m also going to be clearing out the Reaper, the lower reproductive glands, because every shocker is related to a major endocrine gland. And then there’s also the biggest gathering of nerve ganglia that have the neuro receptors receiving messaging from the brain gathered along the spine at each of the shakra shockers. So that means that I’m also going to be improving my central nervous systems functioning and messaging. Okay. So there’s then also in that area, like they’d have less tight glutes or let’s say that you have had a foot problem. You’re likely because the Shakur S wheel, which is what shocker means is turning out more of that vital life force, energy or cheer prana in the region it’s responsible for, which is tailbone down to toes.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (35m 25s):
Then that means where there’s been chronic blockage tissues or musculature has been tight as the vital life force energy is more able to get to it. Yeah. There might be a sense of blockage as a sense of her pain. The blockage is now having for the first time in a long time, if ever fresh, vital life force energy, hitting it to break open that chronic blockage. So more energy flows throughout that musculature and tissue. So it’s affecting your body too. So when I say it’s the back of the head consciousness, it also corresponds to all over the body.

Christine Okezie (35m 54s):
Okay. Thank you. Okay. So Vibrational Upgrade Energy Medicine. This is your system. So many components of it working with the chakra as the roadmap, you know, the, the roadmap to consciousness, to, you know, sort of mind body, you know, everything going on. And then, but I love the way that you frame that this unused capacity. I’d never quite heard that frame before. I’ve heard kind of in the negative, oh, we only use, you know, 5% of our conscious mind and everything else. That’s unconscious, therefore, where it become habitual creatures. And it’s really hard to change. Right. But I love the frame that you start with, which is that’s your potential. You have 90 to 95% unused, literally unused energy, untapped energy to create a life of your dreams essentially.

Christine Okezie (36m 41s):
Right. To create. So everything that you really deeply desire. I love that. So that’s just the first thing that’s coming at me is that I’ve never really heard it that way before, you know, it’s it’s yeah. Well, one of your books, I can’t remember which book cause you’ve written so many, but the first one was, is there something, what if there’s nothing wrong? Right. That was the title of that. And I think that goes a little bit to that is, you know, so when we have pain and we have suffering, we have emotional blockages. These are actually opportunities in your system. And he looked at about this today. Yeah. Okay. Yeah.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (37m 14s):
Where, so what if it’s coming back to what I asked you before? Like why is it that people seem to require some kind of limitation or crisis or suffering in order to work with themselves internally and then even possibly get to the understanding that there’s more potential there, depending on who they’re working with. Cause somebody might never go there typically they’ll just help solve the problem. I want to actually hold on a second and go back to what if there’s nothing wrong? Because you mentioned neurological approaches in neuroscience understanding this. And I, I wrote, that’s what I created global psychology, the course mate, Don was the, what actually in the Dalai Lama’s meetings with Western scientists, neuroscientists, psychologists, he that’s actually where it emerged from the measurement.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (38m 1s):
Like, I don’t know if you ever saw the picture of the monk with electrodes on its head. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Very from the Dalai Lama’s biannual summits that I use, his text-based basing my global studies course on. So there was a professor out of UC San Diego and a professor at the university of Wisconsin Madison. So they conducted the test there to test the, the effects of meditation on the brainwave state. So that’s where it starts. So the whole, and then I know that while I was working with my mom’s brain tumor, I was actually programming. I was asking the cells around the non damaged cells that sat around the damaged cells with a brain tumor headset. I asked them to adopt the tasks of the damaged brain cells.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (38m 44s):
I somehow intuitively knew with the programming that I could do with a heart-based Tibetan energy medicine modality. I learned to command this at a cellular level, what to have happen. And that’s what I did. And this was before they came out with neuroplasticity.

Christine Okezie (38m 58s):
Wow. Okay. Yes. Okay.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (39m 2s):
Yeah. So in what if there’s a thing wrong? I’m talking about some of these groundbreaking things, but then I discovered myself before and without relying on science, I loved the scientific measurement and validation of it. Sure. But I also appreciate from seeing all of the people I’ve worked with through the years, how much I just trust my intuition and know what to trustable voice and how many people tell me it’s a trusted voice and reflect me. You were right Dr. Alison about such and such. You know, I mean, I wouldn’t be out here doing this work one, if it didn’t work in two, if the intuition wasn’t proven reliable, because then I’d be hurting people. So I love that. You’re really bringing to my consciousness today and I think it was already happening as well, but you’re so perfectly timed and, and helping me just appreciate a at a higher level, like some of the basics that I still, because I’m operating at the level I’m operating at that I don’t necessarily acknowledge anyone, but just that basic learning of relying on your own intuition.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (39m 59s):
I mean, if you read what it says, nothing wrong, my first book, you get the texts of the mind body connection. And that’s what we were talking about. But then when you go into the second book in the third book and even the fourth, which is the most advanced, they’re all talking about more and more increasingly the spiritual development and the spiritual path and the metaphysical. And part of that, frankly, is because the marketing on Facebook, in marketing in the west, it doesn’t even know how to respond to me. You know, like I had a fight with hay house to be labeled as new thought instead of new age. Talk about how I’m talking about potential. Yeah. You don’t, people used to going to hint at energy healing or energy and I don’t ever call it energy healing, but people used to using this field to solve a problem that Western medicine Hasn’t solved.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (40m 41s):
Yeah. Yes. Going to it as a means to open up to your entire potential. I mean, what do you think the yoga path it is. Exactly.

Christine Okezie (40m 48s):
Exactly. Yes. No, thank you. And again, that’s, that’s, that’s the big paradigm change, you know, that you noticed when you came here and again, it’s, it’s, it’s certainly taking, you know, route more and more, there is an evolutionary system at work, right. And there’s an intelligent system at work and our job, I think more and more is to find just, you know, these tools, these practices, essentially to connect with that intelligence because that’s, it’s always coming through, this is the other thing you talked about intuition, what is intuition in your own words?

Dr. Alison J. Kay (41m 20s):
All right. So let me, let me speak to what you just said, because one of the things that I teach my vibrational upgrade practitioners, when they’re first learning about how to work with and channeling energy. When I said chili, I mean, bringing it through their body, how to connect with it, how to contact and how to more of a doubt and onto somebody else for their behalf or their own behalf, that it has a divine intelligence, the nature of light, the nature of energy, the nature, cheer prana, or life force or key has a divine intelligence of its own. And so, thankfully it’s not up to me so that when somebody is laying on a table in front of me as a client, I’m not which I don’t do a lot of nowadays. So when somebody comes in on, on my group program and I’m listening to them, I’m not having to, when I’m flowing energy to them, I’m not having to decide what gets priority.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (42m 6s):
Because if they, I can’t say I’ve seen this so many times they’ll come to me with, let’s say chronic back pain and the light will go to the knees and they’ll be like, oh my God. In the midst of a session, my knees are on fire. What’s happening. And I’ll understand it to be that’s where the light decided to go to boost your back because that’s the first place that needs the boosting. Cause it took the most from your chronic back pain, your knees have been used more, right? So this light has an intelligence of its own and you can surrender to it. And it’s in the end of my second book, I was actually approaching a yoga guru because I was coming out of doing so many. One-on-ones wanting to understand, Hey, I have become more Spacey. I don’t feel as grounded as I normally do. Hey, what are the effects of channeling this much Pronto or life force achieved day in and day out for other people.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (42m 49s):
And I went to him to find out that answer. And in the end of the second book of my vibration, upgraded conspiracy for your bliss, easing humanity’s evolutionary transition, it was me and a discussion with this yoga guru. One of the main ones who brought yoga from the east to the America saying, Hey, GERD dev, is it accurate to say that life force prana is the same thing as saying so force he smiled at me nodding and is it even appropriate to say unconditional love? And he smiled at me nodding. So if you go back to my story as a child connecting in with nature all around me, I sensed it then.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (43m 36s):
Yes. Yeah. So when you ask, what is the definition of intuition, it’s being able to yield to that higher intelligence? Beautiful,

Christine Okezie (43m 48s):
You know, energy work really is. It’s like facilitation work, helping people, you know, find the flow you keep talking about, you know, you know, unblocking reaching back here. We’re going behind the head here and, and opening up so that things can come through, you know, in, in, in better harmony and better balance. So it’s beautiful. So this goes to heart and we got to wrap up here cause I could talk to you for a

Dr. Alison J. Kay (44m 11s):
Very long time. I can do part Two. A lot of hosts asked me to come back on.

Christine Okezie (44m 18s):
I think we might have to do that. I’m going to ask you what’s what inspires you about this unique time we’re living in?

Dr. Alison J. Kay (44m 24s):
Well, you yourself have been saying it repeated that you repeated it probably three times and you said, yeah, but it’s changing, but it’s growing. And so I know that somewhere I’m Christine listeners, 2019, I was aware that all that I had been voicing since coming back to the states from 2010 on had begun. And I wasn’t the only one, there are other new thought leaders out there. Also speaking to it had hit threshold. This is way pre COVID. And so I was aware that, okay, okay, cool. Now what if people are aware of the law of attraction and they have a sense of there’s something bigger than just their thoughts and their minds going on.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (45m 4s):
Excellent. What’s the next stage in evolution? So what I have heard from people talking to me, my clients and students responding to me is I’ve given them the, how like is here, these pithy staying sayings, you know, like stay focused on your desire. Great. You know, how, how do you do that? How do I back this Between the clearings and activations of the energy medicine, half of vibrational upgrade system, then there’s the applied mindfulness about how do I learn? How to use my power of choice?

Christine Okezie (45m 37s):
Yes. Yes. Thank you so much. Okay. And so is there something that our listeners, you know, with special way for them to connect with you? Is there anything you’re working on right now you’d like to share so they can get a taste of the vibrational upgrade energy system you’ve developed.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (45m 52s):
So bye, great system has a really good taster that I want to extend to you guys. And this is there’s two different ways we can approach it. I’m gonna give you the freeway first. Okay. The easy way. Yeah. If you go to DRA the dragon master, create tricks.com. That’s the name of my latest book, dragon master to create tricks. If you need to look at my name and look up my books on Amazon and it’s the most recent release and then put that in the URL. Okay. We’ll put that in the show notes. Yes. So the hidden page on my website, but if you buy the dragon master create tricks.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (46m 32s):
So it’s not totally for free. You buy my book, you get my book and you then give your receipt info into the page there. My team will give you a free month of activate your magic for free. What that includes is that the new moon and full moon times, I’m doing a half an hour ish recording of sacred clearings and activations. After having done research from professional astrologers on what’s going on, then running appropriate clarities and activations to help your system cue in and take even more advantage of those alignments. Beautiful fruits too. Thank you. Yeah, it is really my favorite part. It’s a lot of output for me and it’s only $97 a month. So if you want to just go to activate your magic.com and just get in, now you’ll get access to what I’ve already done this month, including last week’s zoom event, which was for the eclipse and the full lunar full moon, super moon, lunar eclipse on Tuesday, the clearings, then I do two more live events.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (47m 25s):
One is an hour long clearings and activations call where you’re all on the call and I’m perceiving what’s in the field and what’s in your consciousnesses and I’m running clearance and activations. You’re all on mute. And I’m just dumping an hour long of Clarins and activations on you. And then there’s a fourth event, which is that live zoom event with me, where it was a bit of interaction and I’m doing more clearings and activations on you. So it’s four different deliverables. You get an activate, your magic.com. It’s more than getting your feet wet. You can simple what it’s like to have a highly recommended, which is why in great part. This is a free offer. If you buy the dragon master creatrix rather than, or not rather than, or if you want to just dive in, go and pay $97 and enter it.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (48m 8s):
It’s my mastermind is my most advanced people are, are receiving this as a part of their mastermind program. So it’s not beginner ish. It will give you a sense of lightness, increased lightness. It’ll give you a sense of living from beyond your current mindset and what else is possible more than get you’re dipping your toe in the deep end. That’s what I would love to extend to your listeners.

Christine Okezie (48m 30s):
Awesome. Okay. Oh my gosh. Well, thank you so much, Alison. There’s a lot there. I can’t wait for our listeners to dive in. I’ll make sure to include all the links and information. So thank you again. It’s been a pleasure having you and thank you for the work you’re doing in the world.

Dr. Alison J. Kay (48m 44s):
Well thank you for having me in the work you’re doing in the world. It’s really great. What you’re helping people see and perceive. Thank you. All right. Thank you. Take care. Say.

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