Ep#126 Change Your Life Not Just Your Symptoms, Angel V. Shannon Integrative Health Practitioner

Life gives us plenty of chances to wake up and notice when we’re living out of integrity with our core essence. But it takes great courage to pause long enough to listen to the longing in our soul and dig deep enough to find the self compassion that becomes the inner fuel for making our dreams a reality.

My guest today is a beautiful example of someone who took that leap to listen to her inner wisdom to create a congruent life by recognizing that she was simply one choice and one reinvention away from the life that she desired and deserved.

I spoke with Angel V. Shannon, a personal development keynote speaker, board certified nurse practitioner and founder of Seva Health and The Seva Institute.

Drawing upon nearly three decades of experience in chronic disease care and personal study of mind-body medicine, Angel teaches others how to break free from burnout, overcome emotional roadblocks, strengthen their confidence and design the life they really deserve. Using the tools of functional medicine and mindfulness based practices, Angel’s patients uncover root causes of their conditions, developing strategies that change their lives, not just their symptoms.

In addition to managing her busy clinical and coaching practice, Angel is the host of Healthy House Calls With Angel, a podcast filled with tips, tools and strategies that help listeners live longer and live better with lifestyle medicine.

To learn about Angel visit her website: https://sevahealthgroup.com and her podcast: https://sevahealthgroup.com/podcast-2/

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